Societal Issues

People wear hardships like a badge of entry; it’s not impressive that you were once homeless. It’s not impressive how hard you were forced to work to afford school. It’s not impressive that you overcame jaded odds.

It is conditioning and the biggest indicator of a broken society.

We group up to ensure others are in agreement because they went through it too, and so many issues are completely ignored because of it. There are no rites of passage. It is our responsibility to allow this to become the truth for future generations.

And then it’s written about, and happily placed into poetry, music, and art as if it’s necessary. As if it is not a money grab having been through it yourself. It is destruction of any possibility for individuality and true freedom for our future.

There is no grand artistic message if you are not yourself enacting all possible outcomes in which you are capable of; and pulling from yourself the ideation to overcome your limits to become something greater than the laziness which is a successful human being.

It is not until all people are proven to be, and treated with equal intent that we can ever obtain a society which is rightfully capable of enjoying such endeavors.

I would like to see banks de-privatized, and placed into a central system; where all bank employees work under a salary cap, with no exponential increase based on position. Nobody should be making money off holding money to the extent at which we have allowed. I would like to see excess profits put towards people in need, and universal income, and healthcare, and education.

I would like to see incentives for living in dilapidated areas such as universal income, and paid for schooling, tax breaks for companies to move back in, tax waivers for those living in such areas, free food.

I would like to see a better regulated housing market, where monopolies are stifled, and corporations are limited in the extent at which they can purchase properties, where we find a way to consume failed projects, and disallow the over-purchasing of land to create likely to fail malls, or unnecessary projects as such things.

It is clear to me now that the public should be in control of not only our space programs, but the discussion of all scientific endeavors; to such an extent that there is to be no information left out, or withheld from the initiative of the human race.

We are not on the correct course. We have NASA proposing sending magnetic fields to mars to make inhabitable when we can’t even fix global warming; let alone control a planets core, which is required to make a planet inhabitable.

This will end in military dominated space, and singular outcomes which are not wholly beneficial.