Using Scientific Notation To Translate The Bible

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Some preliminaries…


You can view elemental combinations and explanations for •CHArISTi and •CHRnISnTe here:

Syncopation Examples Through Metals/Noble Gasses


You can view how the meaning of CHURCH originates from the initial 2-Deoxyribose (DNA) sugar sets; first by end of chain CHOHCH – as determined through calculation of Alchohol conversion to Glucose and the onset of DNA Folds here:



You can view the cross as represented by elemental bonding here:



The bible is a series of references to moments passed or presently occurring. This is possible as a matter of quantum computation in that all items follow wave functions, which allows predictability with sufficient technologies and understanding of the mechanics.


It is up to us to peacefully represent biblical occurrences in such a way that we do not follow the exact predictions, but rather use them to ensure our own stability as a civilization. Some of the moments which take place will and have happened as a predicted event through the mathematics which follow quantum computation. There are many statements which have not happened yet but are so a possibility – and are in our case still within our bounds to change.


I will begin with some references to my own life and doings. Understand that this is not something I chose. It was placed upon me. I did not intended to find out I was so deeply involved in what would be happening with our future.


I will start with the First Census Of Israel, and the family of Merari, under Aaron. You would need to disect each scientific reference in this website, but I will point you to the most obvious ones throughout this page. I would suggest starting with Polaris. To make the links easier for you, my name is Eric Christopher Dee. These things may seem to be a coincidence at first, but try to comprehend just how many coincidences you find on this website. Remind yourself that I am working scientifically, with formulas meant to predict quantum and planetary outcomes (NP Calculations), which would ultimately lead to our own ability for deep space travel, and predictive analytics.


This plays a large role in why all of this is happening right now. It tells me that we are capable of this, and you may one day understand this if you take the time to develop a deep understanding of how this math works. It is very simple, and combines wave systems to create groups of objects in a seemingly complex way.


Last night during a series of incredibly frustrating events, I opted to take all of my current notebooks and burn them (you’ll see why this matters in a minute). Out of frustrations with the people consistently ignoring what I am telling them (this really will cure cancer one day), and out of frustration with the species which wrote such a book (the bible) and choose not to act, or aid us in a physical format which I can discern in the modern world.


Numbers (The First Census) 4:12-4:13 (my birthday):


12 And they shall take all the instruments of ministry,
wherewith they minister in the sanctuary, 
and put them in a cloth of blue, 
and cover them with a covering of badgers' skins, 
and shall put them on a bar:

13 And they shall take away the ashes from the altar, 
and spread a purple cloth thereon


The last notebook I was working on was blue. See Notebook (Blue) Jan, 2019



The only notebook I had left today was my Purple and  Yellow notebooks. Sitting on my desk, with bar magnets attached.



I later discovered this picture taken by one of our telescopes in 1992 of what was once thought of to be rings around a black hole, but turned out to be something else. This symbolizes many things, but to me is indicative of our failure to cooperate through the months I have been showing this information to scientists and institutions with the resources to use.



Please note I don’t actively read the bible. This passage had been discovered after I had burned my books.


I do however see many patterns which allow these things to become known. This is how many religious beings saw things. To help, the Tabernacle of Meeting, is the instance or moment in which others like myself who are in the position to take this out into the open do so. It seems it is likely this will happen within our lifetimes, and the sooner the better; though this is just a possibility and reliant on the people.


The trip from Egypt to the promised land (our understanding of physics) can be made in nine days (Deuteronomy 1:2). It took the Israelites thirty-eight years.  This became pronounced to me when I realized I had burned an incredible amount of information (sweet incense) out of anger which might have helped a great many of people in the coming years.


It also tells me that there are many things which will happen or be prevented which adjust the amount of time we will ultimately need, and was due to many squabbles and hoardings along the way. Even Moses did not initially intend to provide the group with water though he already had the ability to do so. Note that Meribah was now tasked with this, because the children of Israel (our future) were contended with; Numbers (20:13).


If you are wondering why that matters, it is because Jesus Christ became another figure who was capable of understanding the conversion of water to life, or Hydrogen to the extension of an atomic wave; ultimately resulting in our ability to extend our own lives.


This is where I have left off. I will continue to add to this page, but I do not intend to read the stories in full. I use them as pointers and reminders of what I am working on now, and they include mathematical reference as well. Note that these same figures and some of the odd stories are references to quantum mechanical functions and polarities.


Here are some things I made which were precursors to all of this. None of this is done on purpose, I was working out designs for an induction engine (perpetual motion), and had come up with this over Christmas time; the biology experiments I am doing on my body have created stigmatas… my website is covered with references from all over the world and it is all happening as I go along.


The Sinai Peninsula looking towards Al Arish … between Jerusalem and Cairo


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Finding links in the modern world:


Note that determining habitability does not require visiting a planet first. This article involves one scientist named Dr Amy Barr.  As discussed earlier in the numbers passage. You have to take in the context of this all in order to understand how it operates. The bible is not intended to be read as a singular referential text, but to be used in conjunction with current events.


Once you are aware of its potential uses, you can begin to properly read its format.