To Build A City In The Mines

All of those halls
All of those people
So many of them made it out
But none of them came back to install some light

I started out where I couldn’t see
And I walked and I stumbled just like them
And I found the pinprick just lucky enough that it was morning outside, or I would have missed it

And I crawled out
-there it was the city in the sky
In comparison to where I had been wandering
And they were there; a clear path and a sign

But to the right was more than abundant
And it was clear I needed to move on
Those who made it through judgement
Would discover they were still being judged

There were some who once continued but their names I would not know
Not until I climbed up to the mountain which housed so many broken down below
And came back to make sure there was light in that long, winding, cavernous system