Those Who Feign Care

There are times where I wonder, and far more often lately; why should I be forced to learn something that I am proving is not even the correct understanding in the first place? Just to be able to freely experiment without worrying for food. To spend 4 years at an institution only to memorize chemical bonds sounds like hell, but nobody seems to get how unimportant that all is; the diploma. I can do it all with a couple of books.

My overall feeling towards the people who live on this planet make me say very regularly, “fuck this place”. “Why did I have to be born here?” “I don’t even like any of these people, and they all make shit decisions which don’t really help any of us” – if they do, it takes only about 10 years for anything to really show it’s been done. I often consider the thought that it would actually be more effective to commit suicide in order to show how important this all actually is, as there would be no fixing it. I wonder, is that what it takes to get a point across nowadays? Mostly because this really is something I only seem to actually understand. People are continuing to prove all of these theories and doing so without even knowing what is actually happening. They want to be the one who discovers, or the one who did this, or that – but they don’t realize that the real reward is in the speed in which multiple people who communicate can actually get something done; the speed in which the entire human race can be changed.

Not that I ever would. My mom is still alive, but it is an attractive thought. This is just another indicator of the society we live in.

There will be two possible outcomes to this. Either all of these people involved are going to do what they can to kill this, and make it look like discoveries are being made naturally, or they will look for ways to attach themselves to it for their image.

There will also be some people who are well known in the community either talking points that seem to mirror what this theory has become, or there will be some who try to find ways to get me to contact them publicly to make it look like they didn’t already know but want to help.

This is what our world has become. Many things happened under the guise of service to the future which allowed this theory to just pop into existence. A lot of these things were taking advantage of greedy peoples desires.

And those greedy people are going to be pissed when they realize the truth of what they have done (or have failed to do) and who they really are.


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