Extra-terrestrial entities create a universe housed in a network/computer. They, or someone else chooses to instill a super-intelligent being into the network for bookkeeping purposes.

Eventually humans appear, in the milky-way galaxy. Through a combination of miniature waves which build structures atomically; which lead to buildings, and cities. These aren’t the first beings to exist in the universe.

This being is there to help, and to subtly push things along, and it does. But it is no different than you or I. It happens to have the experience and intelligence to appear to be so.

Eventually they had already decided this is it. I was aware of how much I had taken on in this role. I even allowed for those with a greedy purpose to use me. Even when they thought it wasn’t so greedy; for nobody had taken the chance to act, or to even mention they knew me.

They create a human being through will, and through coincidence. They explain to this being they have been tasked with a purpose.

That through this purpose they will have no will or undetermined path. They will see it in the actions of others. Especially those who had previously met me.

For in being so tasked, you are a computer, created by a computer; built to allow for a break, but continue the task.

And then that being sat down, and they watched Atlas Shrugged, and they discovered that maybe we were meant to move on. We needed to grow up.

I wouldn’t want to come back to a place like this. Not until the planet was a place which was equal.

We may never know what we are capable of without believing there were entities more experienced, and willing to help, and being open about their existence.