Creating Spacial Structures With Waves

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Creating Spacial Structures With Waves



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Societal Growth And Fetishism As A Result Of Forced Acceptance

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Societal Growth And Fetishism As A Result Of Forced Acceptance (Page 27)

Regarding evolution towards a bipedal/more humane state:

May have started with monkey which was capable of pleasurable sexual stimulation (orgasm). Would lead to increased will for sex and more birth/creation of a society in which birth/sex rates compounded. More monkeys equals new societal needs > equals innovation. Our ability to stand/use tools would have been in part the result of sexual competence/intelligence/compatibility where growth results would have benefited from male size both sexually and for physical dominance; where the desire for stimulation lead to increasing size of the pack. Even more desirable would have then been males which had levels of emotional or stimulus understanding.

This was also dependent on outside factors such as atomic structures; diet, and conditions. It may not have been the main deciding factor, but would have played a large role when involved with the freedom to exponentially increase growth of the herd.

Part of the issue with society at the moment is that we are still using these primitive mental structures to actuate what we believe are our needs as a society; when in truth it will take not just emotional and positional equality, but also the pursuit of physical equality for both male compared to male, and female compared to female in order to evolve as a society.

Not a single person chooses their body or to be here. They should be allowed to change themselves as they see fit, and expect that the equality given by such capabilities generate a well balanced state within the herd. Competition turns more towards that of the mental state over all others.

We are a herd. We aren’t able to become a truly equal group within the mental state if there are unobtainable differences from person to person because we will ultimately seek others in an unbalanced manner.

This is also made apparent by the sexual fetishes a society may develop during a given period. There is nothing wrong with sexual desires, but the society should keep in touch with the understanding of where each desire or fetish comes from, that being that a fetish typically results from an attempt to block things unobtainable, or unavoidable from the mind.

For example: cuckholding. This can be seen through many American social media sites, and was even used as an insult during our recent election. This is a prevalent indicator that far too many people have begun to feel or are in a place of desire for something which they cannot physically obtain, or did not have available to them as a circumstance of their birth. This does not lead to a form of acceptance, but only that of complacency due to the non-understanding that it is their birth which was not their choice.

There is no equality in sharing unless the consenting parties are truly equal. This ties in with societies current obsession with voyuerism, fortune, and the size and shapes of both male and female genitalia; where the benefits of natural selection are no longer totally benefiting the evolution of the species.

Many will indicate that you get what you are given when the reality of it is that we were given the ability to change all of this. We have begun to use our inequalities as a means of forced acceptance or ways to make money.

There is no uniqueness without choice.

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Some New Questions And Information About Space As A Wave Function

How do varying weights tie into this? The combination of atomic group wave states and the wave state of space should not differ depending on weight, but rather the wave function of the group; As made apparent in this article.

H. Katsuragi and J. Blum, Phys. Rev. Lett. (2018)

Why are discs created so natural as a function of sines in space? (not all waves are sine). It seems that particles, and groups tend to drift towards the equators of the overall sphere of the group wave function.

This has completed my understanding of gravitational lensing, and removes the need for space or time from the equation. Please note pictured for easy understanding.

I realized that the limiting function of the NP formula I was working on might be used to determine Lagrange points without the weights and velocities, as it works with divisors; just like space and sine waves do. I’ve just started working on it and will continue over the next few weeks until I finish it/will be trying to write a code for it to test. This is further proof that most of our math can be looked at differently. It already looks like it’s close to solving it, might just need some small changes.

This is further proof that there are no particle points, only waves; where the peak amplitudes are what we are perceiving to be as particles. Think about the sine wave function of faradays law for particles/field points as phase points along the circuit. This is where when we view an electron we view a peak point in the wave-cycle for the electron wave. The point of the electron or peak is determined based on the surrounding factors and atoms. We can pull electrons out of a wave, or believe that we are, because we have ways to rectify the wave in such a way that it follows the format of the objects we are using to rectify it. Think sending an electron elsewhere through the use of a variant charge location. The wave itself acts out a point of its cycle, and the electron follows the phase path (wave) to the next point of opposite charge. There are no positive or negative charges, rather there are opposing phases. Sending an electron to a new location is a form of FFT. This may be further provable by including magnetic fields or same type atoms at a non excited state, or state of specific excitement in the path of the electron. It could wind up combing with, or creating a timed orbit between the two instead of completing the circuit to the final screen, there is also the possibility you could result in creating a circuit with rectification at the center of the path; increasing timing.

The aurora borealis is a mixture of wave functions and faradays law. This is shown here:


It is clear that the excitation is coming from the phase points; as they alternate over time. This is what is known as a wave-cycle.

You can also tell that this is true due to the fact that the state of gas can be reduced to the wave state of a liquid through rectification (cold) much like rectification to create a superconductive state.

This also means that dark matter is not a necessary force. The universe can maintain itself through phase balances as shown in the galaxy creation video I made a while back using a water droplet. None of this is done with particles; just waves. I would also suggest thinking about endothermic and exothermic reactions and how it ties into this. It is a good practice.

This should also prove that the universe is spherical, in that it will expand until a point where it reaches a wave limit, and pulls apart or rectifies into a second wave, keeping an overall wave function (just like cells – this isn’t a coincidence that so many things are so similar). It is possible that big bangs may be the over-satiated states of black holes; where a reaction occurs just like splitting an atom on a magnificent scale; where the state/function of space is effected, and it had become possible due to the radiation leak around the hole putting the external structures in a state in which they could be reacted with; like arc lightning, or a jacobs ladder. Due to a beginning split in function of the wave because it has exceeded the possible threshold; or it could be possible that it occurs when the universe reaches a threshold it can’t maintain anymore. Cells divide like this too.

This also explains why the background radiation is visible everywhere. The noisy state of radiation is going to travel along all readable waves. Higher wave-states such as light and radiation do not easily rectify groups, and will travel along the wave function of the group instead. See light lensing picture above.

This is also apparent in this experiment; where the scientists believe the electron is affecting the current, when really it is the wave function being highlighted by the laser. The electron doesn’t interfere with itself, they are just seeing the wave-cycle in real time. It is the many possible points for the wave; and the opposing phase. The phase is also the result of the altered current. I don’t have a subscription so I can’t read the full article, but if they are only seeing the current reversal at a set point of timing, it still just only proves wave-cycles are being read. It doesn’t really mean anything to physics with pulses if we have to stage the timing manually, but it does if the wave-cycle is being read and staying in the new state if the pulsed timing becomes a constant wave state (pulses are halted/left always on), because it proves the light wave is rectifying the atomic wave. The issue is that it can only really be done on small scales, and becomes harder to do as the scale increases without cold (super-conduction).

What this points to is the fact that atoms are made up of DC current fed back into the circuit to create overamplification or pulse timing in order to rectify the wave format and produce alternating current. Other atoms act as limiters, but can connect together based on potential phase states. We see these events taking place all the time in systems of nature. It also allows for mirrored structures to be created. The pulse timing is now important, because it has become a natural occurrence which can be replicated. This also proves that it will be applicable to the double slit experiment where the pulse is applied to the emitter; or just simply opening a stream and interrupting it on set timings to show the cycle timing for the wave.

Christian Heide, Takuya Higuchi, Heiko B. Weber, and Peter Hommelhoff
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 207401 – Published 14 November 2018

This also ties in with the T-handle swapping locations (described in an earlier post) having to do with the wave-cycle state for earth, or the crossover for the phase, in that it enacts a tug on the state for the free-floating group wave of the t-handle, which causes the shift.

This also explains why neutrinos combine; they are functions of waves.

Anti-mater is just phasing/rectification

Expansion = less combative wave-form

There is no gravity particle, only combinations of waves; where the center function is the over-all determinant relative to external functions and locations.

Items such as Higgs are amplitude changes in addition to phase interaction. It seems to me that the higgs is really just a portion of zero phase interaction being read, where the field collapses as other objects (waves) move into place, which were compatible with the outlying phase-points.

Here is some tangible proof of these effects at the cellular level, where the timing of division is relative to the excitement of the cell group; and individual cells as a part of the group function where rectification or cell division occurs:

C. Imperial College Of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Just for fun, I thought it was a neat coincidence that the image up top was so close to this one I had done a few months ago for a song. There’s a lot to learn here. I hope you’re paying attention.

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In order to preserve individualism of the species (if a species is found but still undeveloped) contact would need to be made in such a way that it does not affect the culture of that species other than allowing for scientific discovery at an accelerated rate. Where the contact is made and impounded upon using the already existing aspects of that culture. Where there is no seepage between the already advanced (teacher) culture/species and the underdeveloped.

This is true only if you do not wish to affect the culture. Some species may prove to not care. It is likely that most will not be willing to show their interactions until we are at an equal and free state; or on the verge of such an event. Some interactions may be used strictly as a reminder of presence.

This is where the unknown variable or presence indicates that there is an absence of culture seepage and serves only as a reminder that you are not alone. You would not need to allow each individual to draw their own conclusions in order for this to remain true. All that the “hidden” or non interactive form of contact represents is the fact that there are other beings present in the universe.

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To Correct Our Understanding Of Space

If space is the function of a wave; which is known as a fact, due to the measured properties of atoms and their structures, it seems likely that things will eventually come to a stop. This means that the vacuum of space itself may not ultimately come to be determined as the superconductive state for light, but rather that light travels through the vacuum at alternating speeds dependent on the excitement of objects around it – this is also known and has been observed. As theorized in my notebook some couple of months ago, this is the final proof that space-time is not existent. This is due to the calculable state of all waves once the initial point has been determined. All objects are functions of wave properties. Their state is deterministic based on the initial wave-cycle, and all subsequent points thereafter.

This is especially true when you begin to introduce competing forces. Any sound technician or designer could easily understand this. Unfortunately, it was missed because we did not pay enough attention to wave states. This may also one day prove to show that things will come to a slow, but that there are many consecutive big bangs, and that we are not the first point of creation in this universe.

We must also remember at all times that we have discovered superconductive forces. This state has proven that the third law of thermo-dynamics is incorrect.

We must consider that the perceivable universe is that of visible light from our known big-bang point, and that there are in fact other points of creation which may have sent items towards our own galaxy, that there may be much older objects than ever conceived. This is further defined in my notebook as the possible explanation to gravitational lensing of light independent of space-time. Later I realized it was mostly due to overall rectification through multiple group processes.

The main thing to take away from this and a key indicator of the wave state is that throughout the universe all known galaxies are found in disc formats. Solar systems also tend to appear in disc format. This being true, is a visual representation of sine waves. I have included a video to show this. This is the suitable phase state for motion of a sine in order to maintain its amplitude balance. This further implicates that the state of space itself is that of a dormant wave, or wave which allows ease of amplification, rectification, or influence. This also explains the recent confusion surrounding the Oumuamua comet which will be explained later in this page. This is found to explain and satisfy issues with CPT physics theory. This is also another proof that string theory is not correct, but was so very close to what this is.

What do I mean about the explanation of CPT? What is happening with electron pathways is the appropriation along the combined positional state between all atoms, the state of the wave format in which our planet is found, and all other phase states within the planet. Objects created in one atmosphere may behave differently when in the vicinity of other atmospheres; large or small, solar or atomic.

What this means is that there is an overall direction in which currents will appropriate in any system large or small; as proven through superconductivity, in that once the ideal phase state is found, there is a desired direction. — much like wrapping a switch wire around the secondary wire in a circuit in order to induce a phase cancellation.

This is further proven through the dancing T-handle in space. And very apparent in the changing tilt of the earths axis.

One must understand and consider that the state of vacuum is not inherently different than the superconductive state; as witnessed in the levitation of superconductive objects relative to the phase state of the atmosphere which has produced the superconductive state itself. This is the standing wave, or perfectly phased wave group.

The alternation of axis, or perceived moments of inertia are not inertia, but rather the influence of the wave state of the planet earth along with the state of surrounding space.

The wave state of space is what allows for appropriation of gravitational waves; which are themselves an amplification of the state of space and the objects within. This also shows that it is possible to have a low decay state in vacuums, or longer release, allowing for travel of a wave. Reminder, we do already know this to be true at atomic levels. All objects are interaction no different from each-other, but only based on the combination of states on the smaller scale, leading to larger group wave states on solar, galactic, and greater scales.

Amplifications lead to opening and closing of “natural” circuits. You will need to rethink your conception of space, and see it as an undefined circuit, or very easily influenced circuit. Where we witness low conductivity in the vacuum itself due to its low base wave state. You also find light to be rectified down to a specific level of interaction when passing out of an atmosphere into the state of the vacuum; however, the state within our own galaxy is an amplified, and excited state itself. This is why Oumuamua was able to speed up as it moved through our galaxy. As it exits, it reaches the final stages of decay for the overall wave function of our own galaxy; and the material make-up, and wave function of the comet itself is inherently different based on where it had been created.

These drawings are somewhat crude, but they produce a coherent representation of what is actually occurring outside of the earths atmosphere. Overall a balance is ultimately found through consistent, alternating of phase states. This is comparable to understanding that a program on a computer is the function of an electrical circuit.

Please also note that the video above is a visual calculation done through the combination of systems written in the synth, and DAW format. What you are seeing is a series of numbers.

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Proof That There Is No Superposition (Dual State)

Please note that this is done through combinations of waves. The waves themselves are calculations within a system. Defined by mathematic equations; where the state is pre-determined based on the parameters set within.

This is represented with visual, tested, quantifiable proof here:

“Artwork made with JILA’s new imaging technique, which rapidly and precisely measures quantum behavior in an atomic clock. The images are false-color representations of atoms detected in the ground state (blue) or excited state (red). The white region represents a fine mixture of atoms in the two states, which creates quantum “noise” in the image. This occurs because all the atoms were initially prepared in a quantum state of superposition, or both ground and excited states simultaneously, and the imaging measurement prompts a collapse into one of the two states. The imaging technique will help improve clock precision, add new atomic-level detail to studies of phenomena such as magnetism and superconductivity and, in the future, perhaps allow scientists to “see” new physics. Credit: Marti/JILA”

What the youtube videos show, is that the state of “Superposition” is an at rest state. It is not a state of simultaneous excitation and ground state, but a state of specific excitation; which is based solely on the adherence to parameters set within the outside bounds of the atomic structure; where the state itself is different in a location which is reliant on all other excitations around it.

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Re-creating Photosynthesis (CO2 Cleaning)

We’ve recently discovered something which proves we can reduce CO2 to a non-carbonate state, and that it can be done inorganically.

What makes this important? It shows that there are ways to affect electron counts somewhat easily (that is, once you get the tunings and materials correct).


What will it take?

It might be possible with Sodium Carbonate, Sodium, Charcoal (for confinement/ionization) (It needs to be tested.)

Confinement tubes



Geiger counters

A laser, or more likely a natural light source (to cover more spectrum locations)

Some magnifying glasses

Some small spherical pieces

Knowledge of the kelvin water dropper


I am proposing that CO2 can be altered through simply running CO2 up into a kelvin water mechanism. The initial state of CO2 can be altered, or excited at points through the use of an electron probe mechanism used to read radiation levels (geiger counter); where the probe itself is used to enact a path in which electrons follow throughout the process. Along the way, this leads to quantum confinement through small secretion points from air (CO2) to water (CO2 being passed into H2O), with light or laser being directed towards the input, and output points between each process; with sodium or sodium carbonate being used to further ionize, and pull apart the electron counts; in turn changing the state of CO2. This works because there are materials included throughout the process which allow for attachments and change in structure. Each water tank can include spherical pieces used to further contain (through exclusion) both electrons, and adjust the phasing, and strength of direction for light. Where even the charge of the water helps to pull things apart.

This is essentially a form of electron osmosis done through the same mechanisms found in a plant. Light could be further rectified using silver reflectors leading up to the point of entry into the H2O. Sugar may also be something to consider as a material to include.

Update (11/26/18) More new proof that this is feasible:

Light-activated, single-ion catalyst breaks down carbon dioxide:

The catalyst article proves without a doubt that this theory had been correct.

Here is an explanation of photosynthesis

Here is how the spheres in water would help

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What is superconductivity?

Superconductive materials (cold) materials, act in such a way because there is no inherent blockage of path (electricity). It is comparable to a standing wave; or a series of atomic waves which are at such a state in which vibration rates are non-interferent. This allows for electrical interfacing; or better phased current paths (vibration). It is entirely based on transfer through wave (phase) states. In the natural world; more excitement leads to more vibration; and a longer overall path in which to follow. In some cases, no path (phase possibility) at all. Cold is a rectifier, in that is affects excitement states. The rectification is the alignment, or ease of path. Similar to turning a winding wave into a straight line.

Here is a video (wave) representation of what is happening. This is a brief visualization of what causes superconductivity. Think of lower frequency as the less excited electron state (cold). Note the waveform is a representation of a combination of atomic structures (group function). It is similar to building a wall out of moving bricks. It is going to be easier to find the appropriate path between all bricks if you were to slow down their movement. The size of the brick (structure of the atom) will affect how the path is found.

We should be able to use combinations of materials which are both superconductive at higher and lower temperatures in order to transfer with consistency the superconductive states; without the use of excessive coolant; an expulsive liquid membrane would be required (just like how heat is released through our bodies); as it would act as an insulator, and conductor itself, in which it would allow electron flow through all of the combined materials; or the electrons to find the most conductive path as each conductive state alternates. There should in time be a discover-able way to do so without the use of coolant at all, but strictly through the use of feedback circuits.

To add, superconductivity is the 0hz equivalent to conversion from AC, to DC current; where the current threshold has reached a point in which all current points are a positive value in relation to the currents ability to pass through. Here is additional proof of this:

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Please note these are questions leading to links we are missing. This is a self run website, which contains more than just scientific reference. This post itself is that which is not presently intended for self promotion; rather the dissertation of theoretical information. It is in-so-far an attempt to connect with, and aid a community which has up until this point proven to keep far too tight a closed door, and insurmountable threshold for acceptance of new information.

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Societal Issues

People wear hardships like a badge of entry; it’s not impressive that you were once homeless. It’s not impressive how hard you were forced to work to afford school. It’s not impressive that you overcame jaded odds.

It is conditioning and the biggest indicator of a broken society.

We group up to ensure others are in agreement because they went through it too, and so many issues are completely ignored because of it. There are no rites of passage. It is our responsibility to allow this to become the truth for future generations.

And then it’s written about, and happily placed into poetry, music, and art as if it’s necessary. As if it is not a money grab having been through it yourself. It is destruction of any possibility for individuality and true freedom for our future.

There is no grand artistic message if you are not yourself enacting all possible outcomes in which you are capable of; and pulling from yourself the ideation to overcome your limits to become something greater than the laziness which is a successful human being.

It is not until all people are proven to be, and treated with equal intent that we can ever obtain a society which is rightfully capable of enjoying such endeavors.

I would like to see banks de-privatized, and placed into a central system; where all bank employees work under a salary cap, with no exponential increase based on position. Nobody should be making money off holding money to the extent at which we have allowed. I would like to see excess profits put towards people in need, and universal income, and healthcare, and education.

I would like to see incentives for living in dilapidated areas such as universal income, and paid for schooling, tax breaks for companies to move back in, tax waivers for those living in such areas, free food.

I would like to see a better regulated housing market, where monopolies are stifled, and corporations are limited in the extent at which they can purchase properties, where we find a way to consume failed projects, and disallow the over-purchasing of land to create likely to fail malls, or unnecessary projects as such things.

It is clear to me now that the public should be in control of not only our space programs, but the discussion of all scientific endeavors; to such an extent that there is to be no information left out, or withheld from the initiative of the human race.

We are not on the correct course. We have NASA proposing sending magnetic fields to mars to make inhabitable when we can’t even fix global warming; let alone control a planets core, which is required to make a planet inhabitable.

This will end in military dominated space, and singular outcomes which are not wholly beneficial.

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