Wave Formats Continued


Splitting Wave Patterns – Visualizing Ionization & Why Radiation Is Effective Against Cancer (Brief Visualization)

Splitting Wave Patterns – Visualizing Ionization & Why Radiation Is Effective Against Cancer (Full Video)

This video also shows the importance of Vortices

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Those Who Feign Care

There are times where I wonder, and far more often lately; why should I be forced to learn something that I am proving is not even the correct understanding in the first place? Just to be able to freely experiment without worrying for food. To spend 4 years at an institution only to memorize chemical bonds sounds like hell, but nobody seems to get how unimportant that all is; the diploma. I can do it all with a couple of books.

My overall feeling towards the people who live on this planet make me say very regularly, “fuck this place”. “Why did I have to be born here?” “I don’t even like any of these people, and they all make shit decisions which don’t really help any of us” – if they do, it takes only about 10 years for anything to really show it’s been done. I often consider the thought that it would actually be more effective to commit suicide in order to show how important this all actually is, as there would be no fixing it. I wonder, is that what it takes to get a point across nowadays? Mostly because this really is something I only seem to actually understand. People are continuing to prove all of these theories and doing so without even knowing what is actually happening. They want to be the one who discovers, or the one who did this, or that – but they don’t realize that the real reward is in the speed in which multiple people who communicate can actually get something done; the speed in which the entire human race can be changed.

Not that I ever would. My mom is still alive, but it is an attractive thought. This is just another indicator of the society we live in.

There will be two possible outcomes to this. Either all of these people involved are going to do what they can to kill this, and make it look like discoveries are being made naturally, or they will look for ways to attach themselves to it for their image.

There will also be some people who are well known in the community either talking points that seem to mirror what this theory has become, or there will be some who try to find ways to get me to contact them publicly to make it look like they didn’t already know but want to help.

This is what our world has become. Many things happened under the guise of service to the future which allowed this theory to just pop into existence. A lot of these things were taking advantage of greedy peoples desires.

And those greedy people are going to be pissed when they realize the truth of what they have done (or have failed to do) and who they really are.

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Wave Formats

Square formats in nature are found due to phase interactions (cancellations) at peak cycle points for atomic structure; ionized interactions – why you find salt in squares. This is also why ionizations tend to lead to either attachment or dispersal of atomic states. Why CO2 can be cleaned.

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The Social Act Of Change

I have come to a point where I have seen some inklings of unsustainable misdirection as a whole within our science, and political community.

Something which has grown apparent to me is the competitive nature of our professional system, which has lead us to a path of self-destructive behavior towards the species.

One might consider why I have continued to even post scientific endeavors with such a strong wall placed against me. When there are clear indications that the information I have been giving has been and will continue to be placed under the mirage of having been ignored by the community, when in fact the information is being used without credit to the source; as has become apparent in the countless news articles which will be posted and are being posted using these theories (even though there is a continued attempt to apply old physics to why it works).

If one could prove that is not true, I would be excited to know that there is hope in our system yet.

In so doing (the act of posting theory – proven at this point), I have discovered that the competitive nature is tunable, or direct-able. Which allows me to ensure the outcome of our future regardless of the belief of the group. As the competitive need – though disillusioned drives the race for discovery. Having said that, it would be just as exigent to include all beings; and set up a system in which to openly discuss all issues and theory as lab experiments are completed; as we do have the resources (network) to do so. There are likely many brilliant minds out there who do not have the access to our gated community, one which I am standing outside of myself.

Something of which to be said about that; this information is not something which will not come out at some point. Regardless of how many discoveries are made without reference to this, it has now been engrained into the minds of those I have sent it to, regardless of whether they believe it or not, there are small parts of it which will come out when the right question is introduced. — our technology has also led us to the point of impossibility for this not to be found by future communities.

This does too add to the behavior of the community in part that it has now become known to our future who has chosen to misappropriate this information. It has become a teaching method in what not to do as a society, as all publications are becoming permanent, and this will one day be found. Where there will become specific examples of incorrect behavior – or what not to do in such a situation.

This is true due to the fact that this information will soon cause a great shift in scientific, social, and political understandings, in such that it entirely changes our physical vision of the universe. To such an extent that it proves atomic wave patterns can one day be pulled apart (measured) to determine exact instances of occurrence for both past and future. It proves paralyzation is curable, cancer is curable, global warming can be stopped, and that we are in control of our kingdom; that we ourselves are those who will create it, and we ourselves can choose whether or not to do so. It proves that we are not alone, and if for whatever reason we are the only living species now, we will not be for long. This is comparable to pulling a society from the middle ages straight into the information age in one day. It will scare you when you have the first moment of comprehension for what this subject actually entails if you are a scientist who is still using the old system when it happens for you.

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Double Slit Questions Answerable

You have just proven that light is in fact a wave. The reason that this doesn’t work for different spectrums is because you are enacting upwards rectification (excitement) of the wave state of the atoms. The higher spectrums don’t interact, or have a compatible phase (frequency) with the atomic wave states of the material. This is just like how we can’t see higher spectrums. It is a wave, and the higher frequency propagation points are due to the wave-cycle for the emitter, where the phase points, or locations in cycle show up on the sheet just as you would expect a sine wave, or similar wave to behave.

This is provable with sound waves, where they stop interacting once you reach higher frequencies, because the combined, or interacting phase states allow the waves to as perception would have it pass through each-other; the truth is we don’t even know if they even really fully pass through each-other without interaction yet. Regardless, the frequency intervals are too high, or incompatible to really do anything with regards to measurable interaction. Here is a video representation of this, proving that light is in-fact a wave.

You can skip to about 1:20 in that link to watch the same non-phase interaction occur because the channel has been switched to a higher frequency interval (octave), but I would suggest that you watch the whole video.

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Wolf-Rayet/A Sine

This is writing of the fowl so many have heard before – on a cold night, in Idaho.
When the breaker flips, and in the hallway rattles during a season you’d rather give up on – because it is cold, so our bodies would like us to believe.

Those drift with resemblance to something so far out there, and up there too with a shimmering green cycle, if you are willing to travel.
But the light is off, so you can only imagine.

In the wilderness where the space is only an extension, and you wonder about the transition from atmosphere to delay, where there is rectification.

And you are floating on a Rayet bubble, or in if words play.
On a wave as all has come before. If words play.

And you discover that it was you who you’d been listening to – in all those books… in all those poems, and you understand it would never be necessary to forget who taught you how to get here.

It was only necessary you helped them discover who they are.
And that you were willing to explain to the world; we are not alone.

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Some Added Understandings Regarding Lagrange/Orbital Calculations

Some questions I have been asked answered:


Rewrite for Lagrange point calculations (without weights or velocities), along with large body orbital distances. (Python code included) from r/math

A New Formula For Calculating Lagrange And Large Body Orbital Points

Note: This doesn’t change what zero is. This is where the issue is, and why nobody understands what I mean. This is completely new to everyone besides me. I am literally the only person who gets it at this point, because I am the only person who has ever done it. This calculation (again, look at the numbers, they prove it) shows that the real zero is far below anything we can actually measure. The only base zero in this universe is the point in which nothing exists. This only defines the scale of the system, where you don’t actually use zero at all. There is no reason we should ever be using that real zero when we are making quantifiable measurements.

To fully grasp how this works, I would suggest watching the videos I’ve made showing sine-sine, and other wave-shape relationships. This is a ratio system, which does not use zero at all. It is entirely new to mathematics in this format; but something which is already understood through Fourier transforms, and it does not make any numbers meaningless. It is built to mimic real atomic and spacial functions taking place in our universe through the use of sub-dividers – as both the ratio of the input, and a chosen ratio; in this case, 1/2, which is the ratio defining the switch from negative to positive poles, or plot points.

There are so many questions coming up in science right now, because nobody is willing to just do away with old ideas. Everyone is too attached to old systems. It’s ok to change the system when that system is math, because there are no definitive laws besides what the numbers are capable of, and when the system you create is more efficient, and it works – it should be paid attention to instead of erroneously insulted with no real grounded understanding of what it is doing. It is also necessary to become concerned with the system when that system is science and something like this comes along. Ultimately, this just provides a better explanation of what is actually going on atomically, and with spacial structures. We took it too far when we started teaching theories as fact.

It is on the path to using (sine) wave ratios to plot points in systems. What I discovered was that when we start stretching numbers over to 1 to make up for the singularity (infinite zero) point in a true zero system we begin to show overcomplications, and large groups of entropy (why the Birch and Swinnerton conjecture is so hard to figure out).

By turning 0 into 1/2, it allows for linear movement through all xyz plots, as there is no longer an infinite zero to work with. It’s just like how we recently changed the way we measure the kilogram. It’s defined atomically now instead of based on what all of the atoms weigh as a group.

This is actually closer to solving the Birch and Swinnerton conjecture now, because it is calculating orbits using only the ratios of the system, point A and B are entered, and it determines the radius, or diameter (ellipses), and it works because you can combine sine waves in such a way as seen in these videos I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S3rRI6eaB0&list=PLcfuEHD26MBS3llzRK9VFTWqVTpG1w5-4&index=3 Make sure you watch both generating ellispes videos to see what I mean.

This is also very close to completing Navier stokes, as it won’t need velocities to enact the compressing function that is required to show viscosities/stress or pressure, but instead just needs to know how the (sine) waves are acting.

Really, Riemann answers itself once you know that zero is equal to 1/2. This is a surprise when you think about it, we spent so many years not trying it that way, it just sits between -1, and 1 on the graph. So 1/2, but it can become more complex than that when you really start to think about it.

Think of it like this

Fahrenheit has a 0, which is measure-able only in Fahrenheit. 0°F is equal to -17.78° Celsius. 0° Celsius is equal to 273.15 Kelvin.

That means that we turn the zero point for each measurement scale into an actual number or ratio by there existing another scale outside of it. All objects in this universe are on a scale outside of the exact point in which our universe went from nothing to the big bang. No zero is a zero, but can be defined using ratios.

This means that by creating a scale using the ratio input, you can now measure things like 0 mph over 0 distance, or 0 miles over 0 seconds. It closes the system, by putting it into a fully defined state and allows for measurement of all things.

I tried to explain this to mathematicians before, but it didn’t have as much definition as it does now, so it just got ignored.

My aim is to turn this into something you can enter plot points for to begin to plot out solar systems. It should prove you can also calculate body masses using the ratios of the system. Neither is much more important over the other, as doing so should eventually prove all 3, and consequentially potentially knock the other questions off the board in the process.

Oh, and the statement in there, I realized that the ratio was compressing itself, you can see that when the numbers drop to 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0. That’s the over-all ratio of what is used to bring things down and back up. It does that using the inputs, and the ratio of 1/2, so I just need to work out a way to plot it, and refine it a bit. I came close, but lost interest for a while.

Here’s the code for the limiter without the Lagrange stuff. It’s fun to put numbers into it, and watch the output always come out to the input.


Some people seem to think that tuning the numbers down to 1 like that is “cheating”, but in the sense of completing the Navier-Stokes question it’s probably going to be necessary to use such a function. It’s done in a way that I perceive to be how atomics work, as you essentially should have a dual input system (open circuit) which acts like a closed circuit until something is introduced. This is meant to act out a limit on a larger formula for a feedback system, something I haven’t written yet. These are all modular components. I’m not even using that limitconverto1 portion in this Lagrange formula for those who are questioning all of this, and it really is probably needed to act out the Navier-Stokes question anyways, it doesn’t need to stay at a ratio of 1/1 though. Mostly it is something I want to use one day for electrical feedback systems.

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A New Formula For Calculating Lagrange And Large Body Orbital Points

Python code for Lagrange calculations, and large body orbits

Note this is the same formula as listed in my letter for science. This website format makes it somewhat difficult to read. Please use the text file here for easiest reading.


IN = float(input(“Enter IN: “))
N = float(input(“Enter N: “))
NP = float(input(“Enter NP: “))

IN = 0.5 if IN == 0 else IN
N = 0.5 if N == 0 else N
NP = 0.5 if NP == 0 else NP

init = IN * 1/2
baselimiter = N*1/2 + (IN*1/2*NP*1/2 / IN)
lset = init – baselimiter
easepoint = lset / 100
subdivide = lset / IN
limitconverto1 = (lset / init) * (init / lset)
infalatetoinput = (((init * float(IN))) / init )
forwardlimit = limitconverto1 * infalatetoinput
lpoint1 = init / lset * 1000000
lpoint1balance = lpoint1 – 1000000

result = init, baselimiter, lset, easepoint, subdivide, lset / init, init / lset, limitconverto1, infalatetoinput, forwardlimit, lpoint1, lpoint1balance
result = 0 if result == 0.5 else result

End of code*********

baselimiter will calculate for ***L3 , lpointbalance or init / lset will calculate for ***L1
L2 is not yet defined

noteable ratios = .85714


300000000 – sun to earth diameter, radius 150000000
3000000 – L2 diameter, radius 1500000
768000- earth to moon diameter, radius 384400

Known calculations for earth to moon:
652800 – L1 – 326400 km
897800 – L2 – 448900 km
763400 – L3 – 381700 km

Calculations made by this formula for earth to moon:
L1 – 337916.9286208069 km
L2 –
L3 – 37785554.56 km

384472.282  is current measured distance from Earth to Moon in km
Calculated distance for moon in km by this formula = 37401154.56

Calculating Earth to moon Lagrange points, starting with Sun to earth, earth to moon, and sun to earth radius. Please remember that these numbers vary in the real world as orbits are completed. They are not supposed to be static numbers.
At some point this will lead to being able to calculate the over time numbers. It can be done with perfect accuracy, that will take time to figure out.

Enter IN: 299209236.48 – Sun to earth diameter
Enter N: 768800 – Earth to moon diameter
Enter NP: 149604618.24 – Sun to earth radius/distance from center points
(149604618.24, 37785554.56, 111819063.68, 1118190.6368, 0.37371528030176404, 0.7474305606035281, 1.3379169286208068, 1.0, 299209236.48, 299209236.48, 1337916.928620807, 337916.9286208069, 419060.55529411766)
***L3 calculated as 37785554.56 ***L1 calculated as 337916.9286208069

Calculating best distance of moon (easepoint): Sun to earth, to moon

Enter IN: 299209236.48
Enter N: 149604618.24
Enter NP: 149604618.24
(149604618.24, 112203463.68, 37401154.56, 374011.5456, 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0, 299209236.48, 299209236.48, 4000000.0, 3000000.0, 419060.55529411766)

***384472.282 – current measured distance for moon in km

Calculated distance for moon in km by this formula = 37401154.56


Note that this does not include the ratios for planets between the sun and earth. I am still working out how to do that. This is plenty to show that I am on the right path.

Enter IN: 185920000
Enter N: 92900000
Enter NP: 92900000
(92960000.0, 69675000.0, 23285000.0, 232850.0, 0.1252420395869191, 0.2504840791738382, 3.9922697015245867, 1.0, 185920000.0, 185920000.0)

***238900 – current measured distance for moon in miles

Calculated distance for moon in miles by this formula = 232850.0,


Reminder: Please download the text file. It is MUCH easier to read.

Calculating best distance for Jupiters moons Sun to Jupiter, to moon

1557201254.4 diameter around sun (perfect circle)
778600627.2 (radius from sun)

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 778600627.2
Enter NP: 778600627.2
(778600627.2, 583950470.4000001, 194650156.79999995, 1946501.5679999995, 0.12499999999999996, 0.24999999999999992, 4.000000000000001, 0.9999999999999999, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.3999999, 4000000.000000001, 3000000.000000001, 2180954.137815126)
3759426 ***1879713 – current measured distance for farthest moon (Callisto) in km

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 1879713
Enter NP: 3759426 (Diameter for Callisto to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 1879713.0, 776720914.2, 7767209.142000001, 0.4987928901324163, 0.9975857802648326, 1.002420062297326, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1002420.062297326, 2420.062297326047, 2180954.137815126)

***1,070,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Ganymede) in km 2*420 = 840, 1879713 – 840000 is 1039713 ***
***This formula calculated 1,102,993. (1879713-776720=***1102993) and (1946501-776720=***1169781) 1,070,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Callisto) in km

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 1102993 (Radius from Ganymede to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 2205986 (Diameter for Ganymede to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 1102993.0, 777497634.2, 7774976.342, 0.4992916824354698, 0.9985833648709396, 1.001418644831164, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1001418.6448311639, 1418.6448311639251, 2180954.137815126)
1*418 = 418, 1070000 – 418000 – is 652000***
1*418 = 418, 1102993 – 418000 – is 684993***
1*418 = 418, 1169781 – 418000 – is 751781***
671,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Europa) in km

Enter IN: 778600627.2 (using radius because there are more moons in orbit now)
Enter N: 1102993 (Radius from Ganymede Jupiter)
Enter NP: 2205986 (Diameter for Ganymede to Jupiter
(389300313.6, 1102993.0, 388197320.6, 3881973.2060000002, 0.49858336487093957, 0.9971667297418791, 1.0028413204869504, 1.0, 778600627.2, 778600627.2, 1002841.3204869505, 2841.3204869504552, 1090477.068907563)
***671,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Europa) in km
***This formula calculated 681,803. (1070000-388197=***681803) and (1169781-388197=***781584)

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 681803 (Radius from Europa to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 1363606 (Diameter for Europa to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 681803.0, 777918824.2, 7779188.242000001, 0.4995621612825744, 0.9991243225651488, 1.0008764449178886, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1000876.4449178886, 876.4449178886134, 2180954.137815126)
***876,000-671,000 = 205,000
***671,000-205,000 = 466,000
422,000 is current measured distance from from Jupiter (IO) in km

Enter IN: 389300313.5 (divided radius by 2 to account for additional body)
Enter N: 681803 (Radius from Europa to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 1363606 (Diameter for Europa to Jupiter)
(194650156.75, 681803.0, 193968353.75, 1939683.5375, 0.4982486451298478, 0.9964972902596956, 1.003515021841546, 0.9999999999999999, 389300313.5, 389300313.49999994, 1003515.021841546, 3515.021841546055, 545238.5343137255)
***422,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (IO) in km
***This formula calculated 477,032. (671000-193968=***477,032) and (781584-193968=***587,616)

Enter IN: 483800000
Enter N: 241900000
Enter NP: 241900000
(241900000.0, 181425000.0, 60475000.0, 604750.0, 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0, 483800000.0, 483800000.0)
***1208500 – unsure why this needs to be doubled for miles, but not km – guessing it has to do with the ratio function
***1168000 current measured distance for farthest moon (Callisto) in miles



Note that this does not include the ratios for planets between the sun and jupiter. I am still working out how to do that to increase accuracy. This is plenty to show that I am on the right path.

Essentially, this is a form of Fourier transform for planetary/large body orbits.


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