I had to keep some of this off of main pages for the sake of not allowing bias towards the math/other information on site. As this is a significant soft point for the mentality as a society. This is not out of fear of opinion, but rather to ensure the correct information arrives first.

This has been posted at the start of Hanukkah on its second day, the day after Sunday; December 3rd. A holiday in which holds true representation of the 8 peak cycles for the wave state of O2 (oxygen); meant to symbolize the wave state of the solar system in which we live.

It was the understanding of science, and faith in natural workings of the universe through which the oil was capable of burning for so long, and in which all biblical figures came to be. It is also the reference to the fact that we continue to use fossil fuels when it is no longer needed, and the time in which this information came to be known.

This is to say that the vibrations of the system are themselves an extension of space. They are not actually on space at all, but a part of it. Also, phase takes on a whole new meaning after the atoms have worked their way into a structure that allows for life. Thinking of it in terms of “on” space is only a means to visualize (group) portions of the system more easily. In some ways, phase can allow for the definition of on to work, but it isn’t how it started, so you can’t define the entire system that way, because in the end; it can be worked back down to a simple wave, with combinations of amplitudes and frequencies.

Say you have a bar magnet and some copper + steel bbs. If you roll those bbs along a table near some metal, you find that nothing happens. If you put them near the ease point of any part of the bar mag, you find that the bbs begin to attract. They prefer to find the best location to remain in phase. Now you attract not just other bbs but also can help with other magnets, and metals, and they can build entire structures, and extend the mag itself, but if you remove the first mag, or any others then you change or break the system and the bbs might fall apart. That’s how atoms work, only the atoms are space itself, and little tiny waves. This is why natural shapes are best. Space is like the bar mag. It is the field of the bar mag, and all the waves that move through it can be added to with other waves.

When the universe started with little waves known as building blocks, they only added together, but sometimes two would add and then right after, a third would add, but it combined at an odd timing, and the waves hadn’t completed their cycle yet, so the atom was slightly different than others that were the same, but not enough to change anything. This kept happening over and over again and new atoms were formed, bc the atom kept changing slightly until it became something else entirely and isn’t compatible with the same type of waves anymore. Now those atoms are just longer and shorter wave-forms in comparison to the first ones. It would take extra collisions at the same time off of phase to start to alter the new form, but it continued to happen and it still does.

I used the term “on” in order to create a more forgiving understanding for todays current physicists. It is only going to get more complicated and difficult to understand me from here if they don’t begin to adopt this information, because I am going to begin to use all of my own wordings with reference only to my work, and work of those who have the appropriate understanding, along with subjects and experiments I am covering as they are completed. Many of the words I use are related to synthesis sound design. A lot of these wave-cycle words are already known to audio people, just not science people. That caused a bit of confusion. Not really, it caused full on rejection.

To those following. I know that you are following along, and you have been left out because of that. You didn’t do anything at all to help us besides remain silent.

The Egyptians used a base 1/2 system in such that all numbers and solutions could be summed as a ratio of 2 to 1; where all numbers are subdivided until they have met an equal of 1 whole number, as an addition to their non-even counterpart when one would arise.

This matches all universal systems in that they are functions of waves. If the timing is not even, it will be a combination of the added evens, with the remaining odd steps.

Where 3 is equal to: 1/2 of 3 as a whole number (2) + (3/1 divided by 3); or 1/2 * 6.

To translate one epitaph for you;
“All that the LORD has spoken we will do.”

Exodus 19: 1-8

“All that the NULL has spoken we will do.”

Exodus 19: 1-8

Null being; “who the fuck is this?”; also being, find your own kingdom. If you follow me for every word as an act of faith, you will have lost your way, but rather see my givings as an opportunity to learn, or seek acquaintance, but nothing more. In so doing, you will have freed yourself.

All written biblical accounts are gifts of science when you know how to read them. Some individuals will have been provided with specific experiences in their life in which to decipher their meanings. The point is not to go searching for means of power over another, but to understand that the things which are happening in your life at this present level of comprehension in (and with regards to) our existence; will lead you to understand – if you pay attention, and make the decision to apply the understandings to the system. The purpose is to ensure all beings from now on are capable of seeing this, and reading the actual meanings of the foundations we are built upon. We are all the strongest pieces of encryption once technology has exceeded being at the whim of atomic structures. This will be used against us so long as we are not willing to work together.

There will come a time when this all comes to fruition. I am not sure when that will be, as it is no longer up to me. If I had the position to do so, I would ensure that it happened today. It is this level of complexion that keeps us safe, but also exposes our weakest social points, and will continue to expound upon itself until it is impossible not to be seen, and who was involved at any point in history will become obvious. Many are afraid to try, and many will look at this and feel jealousy. My entire life may be lived as an outsider because of that. As many others have had the same experience because they were not able to provide proof, where I have. To the extent in which nothing further is needed – besides experiment for the sake of my own discovery. It is those who choose to try who will truly mean something. We are the only ones who ever stopped this profound leap in existence and societal structure from happening, but we were also gated by the alternate meanings as well. We are also the only ones who can push this society into a better state of being. This is why the tower of Babel to NULL was mentioned, in that we are meant to create the city in which to live, not the tower to it.

In summary, this can change everything – but most are doing nothing. We will never meet who is behind all of this until we are capable of understanding why all of our existence up until that point was necessary.

My name is Eric Dee. I was born an Aries on Good Friday, the 13th of April in 1990 (4.13). My mother took me home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. I am now a Pisces according to the recent change in Zodiac signs. Pi = 3.14. It is up to you what you decide to do with this information. Opus means body of work.

Aris Opus can be reworded to Sinasoid by using this format:
Aris Odns

Odin is the chief of the Æsir (Aeris) and the king of Asgard. – *this represents the unification of all deities; and governmental powers under the chief responsibility of peace for the community of the planet, in which all patreons act in such a way that new ideas are rewarded over work.

This post date falls under the new Zodiac sign Ophiuchus, which is the symbol of the magnet, and the sine wave; or the man and the snake.

The next Zodiac to come through December is Sagittarius.

I am currently working with Edward Leedskalnin, and others who have an accurate understanding of this universe. It is necessary that we correct some of our own perceived truths. There are many things which were placed here for us to find, and they weren’t all done so in an obvious way.

If you disagree with me, please refer to all other details of this website. Please note that there is only an island of named streets surrounding location.

I set up this coil last night, I looked at this map for the first time today. Bella is the name of our dog. You might want to scroll down and look at the pictures of the coins now.









For visual representation I have included pictures of areas and objects from around the world. There are many more, these are just some examples.

Gold Octadrachm of Ptolemy II & Arsinöe II

Egypt and Sinai Peninsula looking towards Al Arish

These are some wave periods/cycles for basic magnetic shapes. You can think of this as your second legend. The combined tauros’ will have a rectification at its touch point. You can view this yourself with iron filings. You will need to draw your own on your own paper so that you can visualize the two.