NP Calculator

Python code for Ease Point (formerly Lagrange) calculations, Atomic Relationships and Large Body Orbits:

Updated 12/17/18 – added electron count maximums using 1/2 subdivides

Updated 01/01/19 – added electron shell ratios using 1/2 subdivides
Updated 01/01/19 – improved previous ratios for L1-L3 along with initial values

Updated 01/15/19 – added shell tools
Updated 01/15/19 – added planetary and system (nucleus) orbitals from n to 3rd body

Updated 01/16/19 – added explanation/FAQ at end of code
Updated 01/16/19 – included measurements readout for menu

Updated 01/18/19 – completed pre-orbit ratios for 1/3 by 4 (8) solar systems
Updated 01/18/19 – added Pluto to orbit calculations determined Pluto is within ratios

Updated 01/21/19 – revised initial ratio values

Updated 01/22/19 – further revised ratio values, added intro explanation
Updated 01/22/19 – added vitamin examples for system values
Updated 01/22/19 – added planetary diameter calculations from nucleus diameter

Updated 01/24/19 – revised planetary distance and diameter ratios
Updated 01/24/19 – can now calculate both with the same ratio set
Updated 01/24/19 – removed shell tools. no longer needed
Updated 01/24/19 – began vitamin and base molecule calculations determined sugar ratio 1/4 (DNA backbone)

Updated 02/11/19 – moved vitamin calculations to site, took up too much space
Updated 02/11/19 – moved multiple explanations to site, took up too much space
Updated 02/11/19 – fixed an error in ratio for orbital 6th body. put exe on site