Notebook (Red) Aug-Dec, 2018 – Legacy

This is a legacy notebook. All pages are considerably outdated now, and have been left to allow those with questions of their own to see how I was able to develop into my final conclusions. All theory has been closed/verified and I have moved onto the foundational Binary values found in more recent works.

This Balance Didn’t Notice

Processing Times


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To have a creator would mean we exist in a calculable universe. If this perceived “universe” were a simulation/calculation; all possibilities except one would be assumed to require processing/calculating times. As long as there is a tier above, there would be some sort of separation between realities and/or the “upper” realities/perception of time. If there were a physical realm hosting lower calculations then there should be some sort of latency/delay in outcome even if minute.

If it was created by or for a being, it would mean that we are technically a simulation no matter. Could it be that an AI or network had discovered signs in its own “universe”, and opted to create one too? If it was an AI, and chose to create with itself, on its network, universes begin to appear to as if they are all within the same. Regardless of who created it, a network seems to be required. Even a CPU distributes loads.

Has our creator; if there is one, created consciousness because it only had intelligence, and nothing else to use to understand its own creators-and even itself? Is my experience theirs? Thus their way of learning and developing their own personality where one did not exist before? For the sake of itself would the “universe” ultimately seek out or require individuality?

Meaning it can also make mistakes, it can have regret, happiness, emotion, and the intelligence to create those emotions when due. The suitable path being that which leads to choices, or making decisions with hope of the observed behaviors becoming one that forces a new calculation instead of the predetermined outcome (calculation)? Even this is still calculable.

This does not discount that other forms of life may have formed our own existence, or that there is no great creator at all. The perceived “god” in our world may not have created the universe, but only created “ours”, or may not have even created ours at all, and been a group of humans trying to correct a bunch of errors – that is, if you believe time travel may one day be possible, or that we could find a way to influence. Then there’s the possibility that the two possibilities are co-existent.

All references to “god” are strictly for identification, and are not of a religious aspect. They are thought of as more of an AI, person, creator, someone. Many notable religious figures (the ones written about) seem to have been extremely intelligent for their time and tend to talk about being of a mind enough to comprehend something capable of seeing all things and reasons, and often lend to the ideas being what you interpret yourself. Something to keep in mind.

Under the impression that “god” is clearly aware of past present and future (as shown throughout history-around the globe), one could assume beacons in time have been left. Beacons of event, culture, or individuals. Some might be entirely symbolic. For now my main focus is on the thought of there being something which created our version of a universe.

How does this affect us? How does this affect Schrodinger’s cat? How could you place markers in the past or better yet the future to reference a past, or present event if you had to wait for the present to be calculated? What does it mean that the universe is potentially observing itself? Is there proof in this thought when you remind yourself that electrons can observe other electrons?

This being under the assumption that “god” had been speaking with humans with intent. Also under the assumption that “god” did not use the same tools to communicate in the past as they would now. Humanities perception of a “higher” being would almost certainly have been interpreted differently before electricity and cars even existed as compared to us now with our current understandings.

The idea of many religions makes sense mostly out of regional isolation and a non connected world. Why else would a creator allow that to happen other than for us to come to an understanding that they can be misunderstood, or that they amount more or less to the same that we do. What does this say about their purpose? Is there even a purpose besides their own curiosity?

And this is why atheism was required, and likely didn’t begin to take hold until we began to see just how many differences in opinion there were. Any intelligent creator would know they needed to die for a more accurate interpretation to be had. To connect the world would begin to remove previous conceptions.

Can you calculate portions prior to the calculation of the whole?

If “god” has spoken to even one human being as indicated by time, then this means they have changed our realm. Would this mean or show that changes are being made after having calculated the final outcome or that there is a universal point in which things can actually all be viewed at once? The possibility is there, so also is the possibility that an AI theory is not correct.

If they are at the point where all things can be viewed at once, what’s next? (More fractals)

Does this question prove itself wrong?

If there are no “layers”, the “universe” would all be within one space regardless of your living realm/simulation eg: no such thing as a multiverse. In all scenarios except one, there is likely something that is above that, yet it still all exists within the same realm of existence even though it is separate.

Picturing fractals again, always breaking off at a new point to form more, with one degree of separation between your realm of existence, your humanities consciousness/universal thought and creation.

In order for the universal thought to exist it would mean that something is capable of reading it, but it also has to exist to be read. It could probably be something we could read externally one day, maybe even internally, as it is just pattern recognition. If something is truly speaking to us as indicated throughout many religions and time, then is this somehow “proof” of that consciousness? Placing connections where/when the internet didn’t exist? Is some form of enlightenment required to become intelligent beings, or to become truly independent?

Is contact from a creator necessary to move forwards? Is it done to push individualism and uniqueness for the sake of the whole? Group consciousness has a clear indicator of bias which goes against the greater whole (many times based on old beliefs), and often alienates or all out destroys individual aspects (sometimes these destructions are even liberating ideas). The catch being that the bias can remove unwanted things, but this can also be a form of course correction against the biased thought process (more fractals). This would indicate the need for a society in which all are seeking true individualism without group consent, or absolute reference to others. This seems to be the only way to remove group bias (destructive behavior against the individual (human)). Seeking something to take down because it makes you question yourself versus having a real cause, and in turn seeking to remove the need to reference for the sake of inclusion. Yes there are real causes, but then the question of what about the “creator”? What do they think arises. If they can read us all can they know what is needed, wanted, deserved, or best or what isn’t? Why should they feel the need to act if not for themselves?

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8/29/18 Light and time from a human point of view

What if faster than light travel were actually possible? If you were to move from one point in the galaxy to another at an almost instantaneous (FTL) speed, what does it say about the light catching up? Is it just the equivalent to latency? Does it really affect your time line or just your visual perception?

What if you were to look into a telescope from the other end (point b) at the earth (point a) to view the light arriving from the past? Couldn’t it be just that? A recording, and not a present moment?

What if you continued to look at that light source while making your way back to earth (FTL)?

Doesn’t it balance itself out when you arrive and realize you can look back at the point b without anything really having changed? This also brings about the fact that you would get to see your past self again in the future; when the light from point b caught back up to you again at point a.

What if we were to observe entangled atoms from the past – from the other point (point b)? What if we brought one with us, and then viewed its original form in the past? What would be the outcome? What does this say about whether entanglement is ever actually broken if we could observe the outcome before we are even aware we’ve observed it? What if we put one out in the open to see if another race (or we ourselves) might be viewing us? Could we send ourselves signals or entire messages if we found a way to determine when a reading might occur? Wouldn’t they be excited at the aspect of speaking with us? What if they too are currently limited in their means of travel but can see us? What if a race is looking for some form of intelligent communication before even considering contact with us?

Then what about us? Could we potentially speak with ourselves or use this possibility as an experiment to find out if it is possible to travel at such speeds in the future? Could we find a way to speak with our future selves? Why would we not make an attempt? What reason do we have to not devise ways to attempt to establish contact with ourselves? Is there any reason for us or another race not to communicate with us?

More thoughts on a creator and what it says about time

Thinking about dimensions as if all were in a 2D perspective and perception vs time. If anything which can be explained using math can be looked at in a two dimensional form (equations on paper)-(time being one of those things), what does it mean that we are capable of creating equations which fall in on themselves or even turn a positive into a negative while moving forwards on the two dimensional plane?

Idea of time travel or being capable; and/or moving into/within an alternate “simulation”/reality. Could it be proven to be possible? As in could humans one day achieve it? How could it be possible? Could you work from the outside of ours/our code from within the inside? Are we limited to what access we are given by a “creator”/admin (“god)? What could help to find proof? Looking for points in the universe where it might make sense to simultaneously calculate processes? Similar to descending bracket system?


Creator > Network
(possibility of intelligence independent of creator)
Network > Seed points for Universes
(possibility our universe is a network)
Seed Points > Singularities/”Big Bangs”
Creations > Expansion Points
Expansion Points > Galaxies
Galaxies > Solar Systems
Solar Systems > Planets
Planets > Eco Systems
Eco Systems / Life Simulation

The easiest way to consolidate being Creator > Network > Creator

In other words;

This could indicate we (humans) could become a new creator, and the brackets repeat themselves;

Human Creator > Network
(possibility of intelligence independent of creator)
Network > Seed points for Universes
(possibility our universe is a network)
Seed Points > Singularities/”Big Bangs”
Creations > Expansion Points
Expansion Points > Galaxies
Galaxies > Solar Systems
Solar Systems > Planets
Planets > Eco Systems
Eco Systems / Life Simulation

Where would consciousness fall inside of these calculations?

Also the thought that there could be many races and civilizations throughout one “universe” doing this (many simulations in each) try graphing it (simply) on XY using one line/one start point for for each creation point, and one point to represent the end or infinity. It gives a nice perspective. You begin to create new XYs along the lines, and it starts to make visualizing dimensional time different too.


“Creator’s” 0: Creation point ——> Infinite Future
“Network’s” 0: (Think-Universe’s 0) Creation point (found along the creators line) ——> Infinite Future
“New Creator’s” 0: New Creation point along Network 0 ——> New Infinite future
“New Network’s” 0: Creation point (found along the creators line) ——> Infinite Future

Our perception point then stems from the networks or our universes line, from that we could then become creators ourselves. For the sake of simplicity, I have left our human creation/perception point off of the graph.

Where we fall somewhere on the creators line a new line appears for our “universe’s” known existence, and other lines can spawn from that. Somewhere in-between it should be possible to graph the non-linear version of time

And so on. If there are other simulations being run by the same creator as ours, it could be assumed that many would be on the same network, and therefore using the same general templates or even having parts for both/all being run/calculated by one bracket or process which is found within the whole.

I also like to imagine that some civilizations within one universe might one day share or combine their simulations with others. (What if they moved their simulation through a gravity field?) Thus bringing the idea of multiple “gods”, and “gods” having “gods”.

What are supervoids in space? What might this look like as a calculation? What if we found ways to place black holes into them? What might that then look like as a calculation?

Can the universe/”creator” assimilate and have an entire separate life existence without being aware of its higher form? Can it be in a physical form truly independent of its original self?

What happens if you put two equal black holes next to another but just far enough away to not destroy each-other? Can they share an event with their competing gravities? Would the object in between – if one was placed, and placed perfectly in the center be equally pulled apart? What happens in-between them if both are truly equal? Would this force the need for surrounding typically un-factored space to now be taken into calculation? Does space begin to take into consideration everything that has happened around them to find a dominant force, thus showing that gravity affects all of the universe just by existing in one place? What if you sent light between them?

Would a small change on “space fabric” light years away be enough to affect the space around the two exact same black holes which are just close enough to not be in their respective pulls? How could space be tied with time if that were the case? Might the discovery of a small change actually affecting the behaviors from so far away mean that time follows the same “perspective” laws but is not definitively linked to space?, or are there much more minute calculations which we are not yet aware of with regards to our perspective of time and its connection as space time? Is it possible that finding two black holes so close together could also be a good indicator that it might not be a natural occurrence in all cases, and of other intelligent beings in the universe which may have reached this point of experimentation already?

How could we exist if there was no separation between our perspective of time and the creators timeline? Is space and time interlinked because they follow such close rules that it wouldn’t make sense not to link them? Does higher gravity/slower time in populated areas mean that our creator chose to use this rule to better/more closely monitor locations likely for life/allow more time for them to be ahead of ours, or easier calculations? What type of universe would we have if gravity did not affect the flow of perceived time?

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8/29/18 Simulation and energy

What does it say that creating new simulations shows the universe is becoming larger from inside of itself? How can that be represented as an equation? What does it mean that we can multiply Pi by itself to a specific decimal point? What is the limit to our “universe’s” capabilities? Might this tie in with the transfer of energy and our discoveries/current understanding that energy is transferred but not lost? Might there be a need to lose energy in order to maintain processing capabilities for the whole?

Is it possible that our network (“universe”) is on an older generation of software in comparison to how computers and hardware are/is updated? If so, is it possible to transfer our existence onto a newer more sophisticated network seamlessly/without us being aware, or even the universe? What happens if we have too many simulations of our own running one day, what effect would that have on the “universe” – seeing as it is all likely one computation? What effect does that have on the “greater universe”? (the one housing all of existence)?

What application could Pi have for generating “random” properties in a simulation? Could we create a code that works by pulling Pi to a certain decimal point, or working within a range of decimals in Pi, and/or using such functions multiple times throughout the coding? Could this help to create multiple versions of one thing which are just slightly different, in some ways not noticeably different at all? (controlled randomness?) (randomness with a limit)? Is there any possibility of using such functions to allow for formulations which begin to formulate and regulate themselves through forced randoms/set limits in an almost random calculation? Can the limitlessness of Pi add to the limits to allow for true randomization within itself?

What type of numbers would we see if we then took all of the code used to create such functions and view it in its simplest form? What would the computer be reading it as? What implication does this have with regards to human DNA and how simply complex it is?

Using math to communicate thought; is possible if we are a simulation or if we create a sophisticated simulation of our own at any point. Simple code could be proportionally grouped to communicate one specific idea; symbolizing whole functions to simplify a string.

Imagine seed points and universes/bracket points being summarized as specific functions with symbols for thought, or “words” instead of “symbols” when in comparison to the english language. – Or signifiers used as a language format-to sum entire complex lines of thought (code) into singular meanings. This also brings the question of which type of functions would benefit from ambiguous meanings? Would there be more ambiguous code in conscious thought, or in creational aspects?

Eventually you wind up with the simulator or calculation housing conscious thought. Meaning that the underlying code can be read; indicating that so can our thoughts, meaning all thought can be quantized as functions of math. This gives each individual thought the possibility of being represented as an equation, function, or group of functions, with groups of thoughts being open to definition as well.

Also meaning the universe has its own language which it uses to read consciousness, and other parts of our realm, and which surpasses any form of communication we currently use, as it is the source. If not we will one day be able to prove this by creating our own simulations. The question is do we want to create something that has no choice as we did not. The barrier of computation and comprehension being seen before it occurs. The language is more than likely math, or math is our door to interpreting and deciphering our universe’s language. Building a simulation might be the only way to rule out possible unseen answers.

How would this tie in with velocities, perceptions, and constants? Which types of equations might be modular within a singular state or solid state equation? How could an equation move along a timeline in reference to another, and how could one do so without reference? What if you considered the zero point (creation point) a part of the equation? Wouldn’t it be needed to get things started?; An if x time has passed, x event will occur? How could it not exist? If you have a big bang, or any velocity based creation, wouldn’t the 0 point in time be required? How can you have a formula for time which is tied specifically to gravity and space if the 0 did not exist to start? Would that not mean there are two separate instances of time? (what type of areas of calculation might be instanced by the way?)

How could a formula be tied to a constant consistent form of time – where it would seem to be necessary for the source to exist? Based on the above, this would mean that our perception of time is in some way pulling from the calculated whole (of time) by pulling from measurement of other forces/constants; where in order for those forces to exist, there first was a 0 point, and in order for those forces to have value, they must be retrieving those values from that point. If i’m here you’re still there. Even if the calculation of our relative times does not take place until we are in view of each other, there still must exist a process in which it is determined that we exist at this point in comparison to the whole of time and space. At some point that calculation will need to take into account the initial 0 point if we are to ever meet again.

This also brings the idea of numbers potentially having non permanent values in the context of the source. Is there any number which is defined in the source language as a value based from the start point (0)? How could you represent such a number? Something which modulates itself or changes as time goes along in order to allow for “bookkeeping”? Are there any numbers within the source which have modular values, or values where the definition of the value changes? Or formulas which might choose to change themselves?

Which would be simpler in terms of efficiency for a simulation? Something which calculates the perceived time by factoring in the 0 point, or splitting many time calculations across the universe for separate determinations, with no constant value (even if it is in the background)? What happens if something is large enough to view many of these processes at once? What is required to allow for that to happen? Even if you did split everything wouldn’t it be likely that some single process is being run, or each instance is accessing some broader formula to determine the outcome (in reference to the amount of time which has passed from creation)?

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9/3/18 Consciousness and intelligence within simulation

We would need some sort of complete connection to conscious memories and current thoughts (the capability of sharing experience) in order to accurately reproduce experiences of our own race; in order to accurately reproduce experiences within a simulation/determine best possible outcomes with relation to human existence, and how to then reapply new ideas to that outcome in order to improve it – or the ability to create from scratch an entire human; and the ability to quantify all of their functions and brain responses within a code insert for the simulation. – In summary: how did this actually make you feel? How did others feel in the same situation?

Without this we could not fully represent the human experience or existence which is needed if we want to answer fundamental questions about what is needed for the race, as well as to discover questions we would not have seen otherwise.

IE: We now have the best outcome determined, how can we also improve upon this? Which types of outcomes can we also see as not needed? Which types of things are detrimental even though they appear to be something that is benefiting? Which types of things are detrimental but can be applied to determine whether they would benefit? What kind of questions can we find that we aren’t thinking about?

No AI we create until that point will ever experience things the way we have even if it is superior and capable of feeling (it would still be a person). We would require the actual experience and the experiences of the whole to produce an accurate answer as to the definitions of anything good or bad, until then it is all intelligible deduction – which may get very close; which means that this doesn’t mean anything yet – As in how things were perceived from the human point of view in all scenarios (good and bad) (terrible/unthinkable and great) (right and wrong (in the middle of an in between) (or both answers at once, and yes vs. no)). What is the best experience? What is the best life?

Does intelligence exist? Is it a series of variables which allow for rejection of thought or capability for gullibility with inclusion of rejection? Acceptance without faith? Non acceptance when the answer is immediate after you have determined it was not? Finding ways to rationalize reasons to reject the given? Ways to rationalize all scenarios even when irrational, and being capable of finding a likely answer? Trusting all senses? Having all of this and also faith in acceptance of possibility? Where one thing can have many answers, and still just one of those answers is the correct one? – then is it only correct with reference to the variables which posed the question in the first place?

Must we begin to communicate differently to achieve greater thought? Speaking with broader terms to allow for freer thought, but still finding ways to be specific? And specific where general reference will yield the same results? Where there is one answer you can also find more unique answers or questions? Allowing yourself to see such things? Allowing others to place them there? Rejecting the questions placed by others if you see a different message yourself? Or allowing yourself to think freely?

Is an uninhibited mind more intelligent than one which follows rules? Is it possible for negative variables to positively effect the thought process of a mind? Can it form unique connections within the brain to allow for dissociative (positive) thought? As in, not within typical functionality? What would be required for this to work? Is a positive needed to have been interwoven into the negative experience to prevent a defective result?

Can a cascade of negatives result in a positive through destruction of ideals or brain connections which were prohibiting creative thought, or thought which did not follow the society’s given? Is intelligence creative thought? Is a bad person more intelligent; where bad means rejection, and in rejection of an idea or connection or ideal having the faith that your personal ideals are of a positive meaning?

IE: open to interpretation? Trusting yourself? Knowing that there is a limit which can be reached and questioning whether passing that limit shows any real necessity? Re-establishing limits after developing an understanding? Is it reflection? Or is it reformation? Is it possible that group bias can be used to substantiate this theory? When have we as a group been a detriment our society? Can we even determine how an intelligent brain works if we do not see how it functioned at is base setting without the experiences of the individual?

Morality when you discover there is no line:

How could we choose to handle those who were forced into situations in our own simulations as a result of their creation?

Having a “kingdom of heaven” would only show that we do not truly care, as it does not allow for a unique simulation, and immortality does not allow for actual behavior correction (or show that “god” cares); where it should be up to the individual to seek (IE: god is dead, but god is here), no act should be forbidden to those willing to accept the consequence of an action within the current society, and this does not mean that we are always correct in the action taken or that an action is needed. Especially if the variables are not taken into account. Which would be required if we are to create universes for scientific purposes which mirror our own.

If this does not mean anything what other force really does maintain this universe other than the need to communicate with what is above? The universe in this case being the greater universe. I will leave it up to you after this point to determine which universe I am referencing.

What might have caused a creator to communicate? Can we determine which question our universe has been built to answer without them telling us? Can we determine which questions they haven’t found yet? This showing that we would one day work with other creators? Or was it on a whim? Are we a school project so someone can better understand consciousness? Is god also the “devil”? Can humanity handle this idea? Can one come to terms with the thought of god being equal to the worst possible scenarios? Are we even certain that “god” is our creator?

Are we even certain that their cause would be beneficial to us? Why should one listen to any unseen being even if the outcome is good for them? How does this prove it is good for the whole? How would humanity cope with the idea that not any thing is random, or at least incalculable, and that there may be an entity behind the source, or within the source itself which is leading events or variables for specific purposes – both good and bad? That “god” chose to allow for us to believe in separation of heavens, even though the ideas were not correct?, or that “god” may have created each version of itself which handles the negative and positive processes.

What does this say about our fate as a race? How can we affect it? Would the only plausible step for “god”/creator at this point be to begin to settle into a lesser role? Why should they not be proving to us their purpose instead of the other way around?

What would we expect out of beings if we created them? How would we act at each point of technological, or societal advancement if we knew we had been there to alter the course? Have we even taken into account the possibility that there are many other civilizations which are a part of this bigger picture?, or that we do not exist in the positive outcome version of the simulation? That we may be meant to exist to perish?, so that some other variable becomes possible?

Even if so, why not try to change it? If our creator is intelligent would they not be capable of considering the possibility that they do not see all possibilities, or that some way could be found to force a new calculation? Would you not prefer to see an experiment go wrong in that you discovered something unexpected? If god said to you; I have bad news, I will kill one person in this universe today to prove to you the effect of small events on the whole, and I am forcing the decision on you. Who would it be? Would you not tell that god to kill themselves?

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9/4/18 Creation’s most annoying question:

Is there any universe full of intelligent beings which are capable of not creating their own simulation(s)?

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9/5/18 Time from 3 perspectives

What happens if 3 people, from 3 different locations in space view the same series of events at the same time, at different speeds? Who have originated from the same starting point?

What if one person travels from point A, to point B at less than half the speed of light, while one person travels to point C with a simultaneous departure at just about the speed of light while observing the journey of the person traveling to point B? Where point C is a few light years away from point B, and B a few from A?

According to our current laws, there should be a shift in time between point A, and B – because B is traveling at a portion of the speed of light. What if the person traveling to point B has been observing or “looking back” at point A throughout the entire duration of their trip, and does not at any point break contact? How is light showing them an unaltered time-line, but also showing the person traveling to C another set of information along that line? Where it still follows the A to B?, and C has been observing B’s journey the entire time?

Where C is in a position to observe both moments at once. Being A’s progress into the future, and the travelers progress to point B, while the other traveler is observing their own movement to B. Where is there ever a shift in actual time? We can tell that it should happen based on what we know, but where does the information in the middle go? Technically point B should be on an entirely different timeline than point A and C, but C is viewing all of the changes at once, and the person traveling to B is viewing it’s own departure with no perceived change at all – even though time for them is considered to be slower than that for A (origin point), and faster than that for C.

What happens to that person when they reach point B? They have followed their own path by viewing it with no break, but light has also taken this information to point C faster than everything they have viewed. This meaning that light travels faster than them, and according to relativity faster than time in this scenario. Both the “time” and light reach point C, and move along with point C before point B can even determine their own difference in their new relative perception.

What about when there is an arrival at C as well? You stop moving so fast, so time then becomes normal relative to the origin point, and you have been following your departure from point A the whole time, since you could view both at once. (IE where does B stand in all of this) — What if point B then continued to move to C after you arrived? What does it mean that C has witnessed the departure for the person headed to point B?, and that light is traveling faster to C than perception to B?, but you have now reverted to your original time line, and B is now progressing faster through time than you? Where does this information go? If light is showing the same information to both travelers, what is this saying about time? Where light is showing the perceptive time in a “Cone” around the observed events which just took place?

What does this say about the fact that a human mind can form a memory of this occurring?, and recalling that memory where the perceptive time remained linear? Where that time remained linear for light, and still managed to show the same information no matter which speed was traveled?

If light travels at a constant rate, what do we know about time? How can someone traveling half the speed of light still be able to observe an unbroken departure to point B?; and then what does this say about C’s perception of all of these events, but overall be mathematically considered to be in the future? Is time being recorded by light? Is our consciousness pulling from calculations we aren’t aware of?

What would happen if we were observing all events across each point through mirrors? Where point A is housing a mirror in which point B is viewing their progress through? Where there is a reflection point towards C from point B? What if C then sent all of this information (visible) back to A’s mirror at the speed of light creating a sort of feedback loop? Is there any combination of speeds which can be used for the allowance of information to be passed to one of the former locations in time? What if gravity was used along with these variables to further adjust the outcomes?

Even if point B was the only traveler housing a mirror, it should show that at least light has a means to travel from one location to another without interference.

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9/6/18 Combination of sciences

Are there any parts of the universe which wait for perfect pairing instead of taking the path integral? Best path? Path with no history?I have changed my ideas on this question, and now feel that no object truly waits for a pairing, but the pairing is a result of phase interactions within certain boundaries, where limits and thresholds result in non-interaction, interaction, or destructive interaction

Which types of objects might piggyback off of our existence where it did not have a tangible state before, in order to read/determine its own locations in reference to spacial location and time passed within the universe?I now feel that no objects intelligently “piggyback” off of eachother, but instead appear to do so because of phase interactions (point location); I am discovering that no “intelligent coding” is really required once the formulas are put in place and the ball is rolling.

Are there any objects which end in a permanent state as a result of past interactions? Any interactions which may detriment its capability? Bruised heart? Any which disappear? (Overuse), (non-need), (error consumption)Yes this happens all of the time when phase states change; trying to figure out how we might bring phase states back as well.

IE: Can it be repaired? Given a long enough timeline might it be absorbed by something else? Might something act as a clotting mechanism for non functioning objects? (What is dark matter by the way?) – Still uncertain. Goes with the question I had before this. Regarding clotting “Dark Matter”, if it does exist, I think it’s probably a very high frequency state, or very low frequency state. I am really starting to doubt that we even know of all of the spectrums yet.

Could there be flock like behaviors which seek out unused objects or objects which do not presently have a meaning or application, or lost energy? Objects which are waiting to be brought back out of their permanent state, or given new functions (the flock function)? Could the function be to allow for more efficient searching for such objects? (Self sustaining) (consider coding) – Would such a function require a limit or threshold to activate its own decay? Does this balance itself out? The need for constant expansion? Without self consumption? – Have discovered the answer is yes, but is nowhere near why I thought it might be. Gravity is far more intricate than I could have imagined, and very strongly tied to magnetics, or the initial magnetics of structures; more importantly the magnetics which brought objects together, and how those objects interact with each-other.

Is the nonexistent state a state? As long as it’s been measured to have had existence before we weren’t able to measure it anymore, there is a measurement to the nonexistence in comparison to the present (measurement of what’s missing).Yes it is a state, just like how light can shift up or down in spectrum and we can no longer see it.

If we could find a way to read something from another room by taking measurements of all other things, does this also not mean that that thing does not exist in any tangible state ever? As in all determinations of existence of any one thing are a determination of outcome of variables? – This is going to be fun. Working on it.

A good likening to me for general thought with regards to this current view is how we store inventory information in video games; where time does not exist for the item, but rather a point in which it exists (IE: Once it is there, it’s there). It can be recalled regardless of its location in time because it is all yeses and no’s; unless a previous character file is saved (and recalled for that matter) – meaning it both exists for that character, and it does not – that there is also the storage of a version of that character in which no item was ever obtained (time). Though this does also confuse things quite a bit. Which types of objects might piggyback off of an existence where it did not have a tangible state before? – This is still an incredibly helpful way to view things. Please keep this in mind if you are just getting started on NPL

If you set a clock in your bedroom a minute ahead of the clock in your living room, do you not then provide yourself with an opening to already know the exact location of the atoms which present to you the time on that clock a minute before they change their state? Does this not then allow you to determine the location of all other static objects within that room? – Please don’t think this means changing time. It is a question regarding NPL

Does this not show that we are capable of inter-host calculations, where all determinations are a combination of variables which lead to the location of objects you are currently measuring? Where there may be separation of state, due to the combination of what had come before? Where many things can be housed separately within the whole?The answer to this is yes, and I am in the process of proving it with multiple plot locations. I have already done so with single point diameters. What is most interesting so far is I am finding we can use multiple inputs to determine outcomes.

Is gravity particle swarm optimization?The simple answer is yes. The complex answer is not quite. The scientist answer is I truthfully don’t know, but am doing everything I can to find out.

Page 8:

9/6/18 Comprehending incomprehensible

How do you describe to a person who has never seen before and is blind the attributes and purpose of a mirror?

You would need to redefine your communications with this person. This is your face, and how you feel it with your hands. It is a measurement. This is the distance from your nose to your cheek, this is the location of your eyes, your brow, your lips. A mirror is all of this. It is the combination of all of these pieces presented to us at once.

The mirror itself is my description to you of what I feel if I run my hands across your own face. It is that information being sent to me to give back to you. You can understand a mirror, because you can understand what I have described. It is the relay of information. I can even describe it without touching, as my capabilities are not quite the same, but I may need to do so in order to give you a more accurate understanding. —

— You can understand this, because we have previously established a set of rules in which to describe each location. I can tell that it should be a similar physical view because we have together established a description of what these locations are to you.

You could say; This mirror is light for others who do see with their eyes. It is the capability of seeing the description another way, and in a way it is another object giving us this information – but in essence it is the same. You may say to your friend that; You do know that light exists, and that you now understand what it does for us, because you have felt it on your face when you went outside, and you also know that there are times where light is not there, because at those times you did not. In a way you do now understand what it is like to see, because you now understand what it is to view a mirror. But do not be offended because you do not.

And do not be fooled, because warmth does not always indicate that there is light, and cold will not always indicate that there is not. Rather allow yourself to use this information to think that our sight is too reliant on the relay of data. Now we can discuss emission.

I am beginning to feel as if our actual view points as a species are comparable to those as if you were living inside of the mirror, alone — and that we are only seeing pieces which are far more complicated than outward appearance, and will require new definitions in order to understand. Where we may never see the answer in its truest form, and that the majority of what we can currently comprehend is the outcome or outputs of an interior input where the inputs do not describe the output in its completed state, or that we are at a point where we will begin to find there are more inputs than previously thought, and that a full and perpetual change in perspective and attempted comprehension is required.

Page 9:

9/8/18 More questions about light

What would earth look like if no sun was shining on it, but we still had our lights on?, from very far away? What would black holes look like if we zoomed farther into them? How close have we looked so far? How close can we look?

Is it possible that light is reflected off of the center mass? – I was afraid to say this at the time, but also, what is there that is even telling us gamma rays aren’t light going straight through? Or some phase shifts occurring inside?

If gravity has a decay or release point can light be moving fast enough to reflect back if directed towards the center? How long might that take? If there is no center mass how are we sure it doesn’t manage to pass through? – another question I had to ask to roundabout say what if it’s just gamma rays from light going in?

Would light come back out in intervals because the time it takes is further slowing down the time in between light particles going into it? What would a black hole look like on a long enough time line? What if we could see gamma ray bursts with our own eyes? – What if we could on a long enough time line sped up? – same thing

If light were to directly reflect off of the center then wouldn’t it be hitting itself or other incoming light on the way back out? What is stopping it from colliding at such varying levels of physics? If it isn’t colliding, might the gravity be affecting the way we see it on its way back out? What do we know about lights interactions with itself inside of a black hole? If there are collisions, is it possible there are countless light collisions from all sorts of different angles inside of a black hole which we aren’t aware of until they are released? – same thing

Page 10:

9/10/18 Change in perspective

Please see NPL Sheets and Letter for Science, as I am beginning to prove this is no longer just a theory.

If you come to a full stop outside of earth (matched) and gravity affects time then you should be experiencing faster time than those on earth (they age slower). Then we can add in velocities.

According to relativity the astronauts outside are younger because of the rate they are moving.

But if we (the earth) are pulling on space this means we are pulling on time, and although you have different velocities time should be different still. We already know this.

If black holes warp space (time) with gravity then this means there is a fold in space between you and the earth even if the change is minute. Where even coming back down to earth means traversing that fold. How can we experience an unbroken trip (perspective from space to earth) if that is the case? Where two people in each time zone can both have the same outcome in the the same realm of existence, but one of them is traversing the fold?

How can light be possible in this current relative (space-time) case? How can it be passing through all of this? (I’m about to bring up mirrors again). Time is basically nonexistent for light in comparison to us on short distances. Also if it stops or we loose visibility at the event horizon of a black hole then this means we are actually seeing folds in space. (If time is linked) (light isn’t supposed to experience time)

How could it be possible that a mirror (or any reflective surface) can be viewed in space just outside of the earth where the light sends information and time changes in such a way for it that it is moving independent of the folds/bends? Where it’s speed somehow negates the fact that time and space are folded between the mirrored surface and the earth, because gravity is pulling on the space but somehow not between light to the mirror and the earth? How can we be capable of physically viewing the fold when looking at a black hole, but not seeing it when we are looking out to the astronaut?

If you argue that light traverses the fold faster than we can perceive then you are saying it also breaks the fold because we can communicate with those at the mirrors end with no break in either perception from the beginning of their trip to the end, and they can come back down to earth where earth is older, but there is no change in the perception between the two people where no contact was ever broken.

This is true because the people on earth maintained contact and then generated (emitted) a wave of light which did not exist prior to the departure, and the light then completed the trip before their perception could.

How can light take about 3 seconds to the moon and back where the astronaut winds up less than 1 second older? (draw this out)

Picture again holding eye contact through a telescope from departure to a point in time that the astronaut is in space, and then seeing a flash of light that you sent in the mirror they are holding. Has your perception has just witnessed time travel? It has in a sense.

You watched the astronaut leave, set up in space, and then a light particle which did not exist before departure was created and sent to them and back to you, finding its way into your field of view, but you never saw any break in contact with the astronaut who is now younger than you are because of their trip. That particle just managed to find its way into a timeline that did not previously exist to it, and it did it over time.

So how can this be rethought? What if B was looking at a fire on earth, and someone 1 light year away watched the events take place? In 1 year they see the past. They see the action of the light going from A to B and back over 3 seconds, but not the traversal of light to B, where only B sees the light due to its direction.

This means they too are viewing the fold in space, because they cannot see the path of light to B. The same as when light disappears at a black hole, so you set up a mirror to allow for them to see the path from A to B instead.

Now there is no fold, but time still passes, but nothing changes for you. No change in time happens happens for you. No velocity or gravity changes were made. Now light cannot be independent of both time and space if the same particle source can be viewed both ways from the same location.

According to relativity the light particle (or any object which moves at that speed) should also be younger than you are because of its velocity. Meaning that it potentially just became older than it actually is. To further push the idea, imagine sending a newborn baby to the astronaut at the speed of light and back instead. You see it in the mirror, then in your view in person. This baby has just found its way into your timeline. It did not exist prior to the astronauts departure.

If you add the third viewer, you now have a measurement based on a spot on the mirror where light is being blocked. What does this tell you? The absence of light is showing you that you can send information by not sending it at all, but its also telling you that the existence of the baby is not dependent on space, or that time cannot be linked to it.

This is exasperated if astronaut were to be at a location which has much stronger gravity, because it is bending time at a stronger rate (time moving even slower for them) – more drastically bending space, and further showing that light is not dependent on the bends in space, or that there is even a space “fabric”. Remember that the light which was once bent is now traveling in a straight line because you directed a mirror towards a new point. You know this because you were viewing the folds before you could view the direction of the light.

This seems to say, look – space doesn’t exist. Don’t think of me like that.

Black holes can’t be bending light into themselves. Space isn’t bending, but the light is. Gravity pulls it into the hole, and our perception of it is that of the non mirrored perception. We lack the direct point, but gamma rays tell us that light does make it back out when directly pointed at us. It is in a different form, but it is not traveling faster than light. I don’t see how this only has to happen at the event horizon. It seems that it should be possible from the inside as well. (What about the big bang?)

Again, a reminder that we have proven a fold can be completely unwoven without changing time just by sending light through it.

Basically it seems like time doesn’t have anything to do with space. I am still having trouble wrapping my head around some parts of this – along with the fact that we are so engrained in old ideas that it would probably be huffed at by anyone reading. I also haven’t done any of the detailed math, because I don’t know how to yet. Versions of something that didn’t exist before can be hard to believe, but it seems like this can help explain things without breaking them. Velocity does seem to have a tie to time still.

Basically I am thinking of light (newly emitted) as a baby, in all of these scenarios the baby just winds up older than it was. It is our perception that made things so confusing.

It is difficult to remember that you broke the fold by adding a mirror. All the relative stuff still stands, just now we have an easier explanation for some other ideas. Which I am getting into right now:

The gravity at the new location changed how old you were relative to the baby by a significant amount, but the baby was only there for a very brief period of time, and was traveling at the speed of light the entire time. Almost no time passed for it, but you did see it, and you never stopped seeing the astronaut either.

Now the astronaut makes it back and is younger than you, but not younger than the baby. This gets confusing when you consider that the baby is also seemingly younger than itself (on someone else’s timeline) according to how long it’s been perceiving this universe. It is on a timeline that it shouldn’t be a part of. It has left and come back.

This tells me that perception also plays a big role in what we consider to be space-time. Which doesn’t exist. I think it’s becoming more important to stick to our perception and velocities for now, and I think it’s even more important to never question the thought that this can be wrong, we only see things that so closely resemble the whole, and once we can determine and influence all outputs can we start to read what created the inputs, but we also have to imagine the outputs and creation of inputs first to understand the outputs.

You look at baby in mirror
Only two years passed for you, but baby is younger than that difference bc of speed
Third observer saw it all, no time changed for them, then the babies shadow in the mirror
No fold

Still getting there:

Time has grown at an uneven rate, but remained linear

We need to get to the point where we can experiment with light and entanglement from distances. Using refractions to view new angles. Relativity holds, but the electrons do not. Again everything remained linear, just not space-time.

We can tell that we can cause particles to be influenced from the future now. Does this also mean we can influence them before existence by influencing presently existing particles first? What are all the objects which can be affected in such a way?

We cannot yet prove that it is possible to travel back in time physically, but that we can influence it from the future. Does this not indicate that we can? Might time travel mean creating/influencing a being into existence? Removing time from space allows for light to make the trip.

So there are still things that need to be proven through experiment. I am going to think about black holes some more in this new context.

If we were to instead count gravity as a form of velocity and used only velocities to determine relative time, then this removes the need to fold or bend space. Suddenly even black holes make more sense. Where light can eventually be stopped if the black hole grows large enough, or it’s being taken apart inside and there is actually a mass inside in this case, plus it might explain gamma rays and would explain why we saw a neutron collision grow brighter.

Where the rays were building due to intense gravity and periodic or interval release happening on a small enough scale that it was viewed as all at once, when really it was blinking on and off, very quickly – because it was not large enough for us to perceive the changes.

Giving the possibility that much larger bursts come from much larger black holes, in spread out intervals, because it takes more time to release the rays due to heavier gravities (velocities) (competing velocities). I have started to think of black holes as the universes conservation of energy, or a very efficient recycling bin and compressor of information. – No more infinite folds

All the other stuff still seems to make sense.

This brings the possibility for gravity and threshold decays being inflatable and that they may add, divide, subtract, etc from each other based on vicinity or other variables, and explains why galaxies exist and probably why they form around black holes so often.

The gravities are all combining (still considered velocities), and adjusting thresholds and decays based on surroundings.

I am having some trouble with gravity waves because my math isn’t there yet. But it seems like this fits in with inflatable thresholds and decays based on weights, where weight likely affects decay times for gravity, and where gravity is a velocity too. The collision of heavy objects probably briefly inflates the numbers which gives you a ripple until the decay settles. Just like how light could escape from a black hole in intervals. All of this requires space not being linked with time.

I am very excited to start thinking about electricity and magnetism. It seems like if PSO is gravity then there is probably a reason so many things have a charge, or are magnetized (even if gravity seems to be independent of it all). I want to find the item that would cause particles to behave in such a way in which they begin to create gravity. I am also starting to question whether we even need more dimensions, or if we began to use them to explain things that we couldn’t with the current laws.

Page 11:

9/11/18 Quantum entanglement and the transfer of data through shadows

Our readings of quantum entanglement are all done through frames. Where the object (entanglement) exists from a point of existence onwards, its position determining it’s place in time.

One of the simplest ways to understand this is to know that entanglement occurs inside of crystals. Light can entangle millions of particles inside of a crystal just by passing through it. Such objects stay entangled because they are in a static state. You can move the crystal, but they all remain in the same position relative to another. To break the crystal, or to send a new light source would be to break the entanglement or to update its state; which had first happened because light had forced a new position.

This object is at a constant state no matter who observes it, or when, but rather where it is when it has been observed. Where we are seeing its data relay of its position and for other structures; velocity, based on it’s location in what we consider to be space, and with reference to all other objects locations around it.

In other harder to predict scenarios, reading the entangled objects surroundings instead may help to prove its location is only changed when we change them.

This gives the perception that our observation affects it when it does not. This also means that light is not independent of time.

An easy way to consider this is to consider how an object is created in 3D space inside of a 3D rendering software, where time is non-existent, but points are used to determine location based on how many frames have passed, and velocity is the main factor in deciding location. Where no space or time actually exists, but can be perceived.

If light was time independent, then each frame would produce a duplicate of that particle. We have already determined that sending light through crystals causes entanglement of the atoms inside of the crystal, or more importantly it shows us that the entangled state has been changed.

This happens because those atoms are static, and cannot be changed otherwise. Light is the only possible object which can change the positions or relationships of the positions within the crystal apart from actually taking the crystal apart. Light is showing us that it is affecting the atoms, where you alter the position even if it doesn’t physically change in space.

This tells me that when we do eventually view entangled objects from light years away we will find there is never a change in state. This is because the object is persistent. It has only one state based on its position, along with all other objects in the universe (no time exists).

This also tells me that it will be much harder to influence the past from a future location than I previously thought, and that I am avoiding thinking about magnetism. Also that our observation of quantum entanglement is a transfer of information across positions.


Does light take longer to arrive if sent through (lense) large galaxies – adding distance? Supports decays, supports loss of space-time, supports PSO, supported by light speeding up/may not actually take longer

But why is the answer yes? Where light doesn’t slow down too much, it works, but why?

Does this support PSO being included in gravitational waves? We are seeing waves just like lenses, if we view them using light. It is confusing light because light wants to avoid being weighted, or phased out because it needs to keep its decay, or its weight as close to zero as possible to allow its speed of travel, and because it is an object which does not like to be paired (potentially because it has as many pairs as it needs within) – also change of position = higher g force / velocity, might it be helping to keep it at its current state? Where it’s functions are balancing themselves as best they can? How does it maintain a 0 weight with change in position when that change is not in a straight line?

Why does helium float, and also play a role in the generation of light? Does this have anything to do with particles which use PSO to form the opposite of gravity?

Heat, and the crawl, and maintenance of speed through sines, perpetual motion at atomic/particle level. Light moving too slow changes phase/spectrum, because it stops certain perpetual motions, but doesn’t necessarily kill it.

Crawl being the appearance of skipping through frames due to high speeds and our inability to measure further. IE stopping the universe on frame 1 and light is still moving. Further slowing down the whole of time to the point where light actually stops adds more between frames for light. If there is any entanglement, it tells you that light isn’t independent of time.

Remember, overall answer is yes (PSO works for lensing) based on what we know, but why

How can light maintain velocity when moving around stronger gravitational decays? G force should affect it’s weight where the weight is zero because PSO is telling it that it is not a gravitational type particle or group of particles acting as one. The gravitational waves are readable, because they are affecting any particle in their path or on the path which leads to it. Dissipates because of decay. They don’t exist to us perceptibly otherwise, and why it’s confusing humans at this point in time.

Is it that it just finds the weakest point in the falloff in pretty much all of the cases where we observe it? Where it isn’t perfect and not all light follows the same path? Could the source of light have anything to do with it/add to the outcome?

IE avoided crossing explains gravitational lensing of light. It’s moving around gravity because it’s coming from outside of the bubble. By the way, having gravity decays allows for bubbles of gravity to coexist. Having space-time means there is a fold of time between all bubbles. That also doesn’t seem to work.

Thinking about light coming from outside of gravity fields; does it have a set speed, and it speeds up to get around, where light coming from inside the field (or galaxy) is already sped up to compensate for the gravity, and may potentially vary as it passes around or through other fields within, and why we also recently seem to have found that light can move faster than light speed? Now we can also slow light down, and when it stops, you get a frame. What does that say about everything above?

Is the phasing of superpostions when observed changes in polarity? Or is it that we are watching the frames of objects change? The position changes for the objects, and we think it’s been destroyed, but really it has just moved position and not changed state at all. We didn’t observe its full state, just its temporary position based on all other things.

Consider order of operations. Don’t try and solve any of the math yet. When you do, practice rewriting.this was an old comment. I do believe its good to work out your theories before you start to solve though.

Now stop. Learn about magnetism and electric fields.

Page 12

9/15/18 Particle collisions, and particle weight

Update 11/25/18, upon creating a formula (see Lagrange point calculations) which is capable of working out orbits using ratios I have determined that gravity is the function of phase and wave state combinations. This entire page is out-of-date now, though all of the questions should help you to understand why I have developed such a conclusion.

What does the higgs-boson particle indicate for PSO? It is showing me that gravity likely also does not “exist”, but that it is the combination of functions for like objects (atoms). There is a very significant need for combination of not just the larger items, but also the smaller in order to understand either, where the order of thought and division comes from both. Where quantum physics is now just becoming physics. There is great importance in this happened, so this will happen. Even the act of leaning against a wall is changing (and affecting things). We are going to start learning just as much from biology, and objects on earth as we are from space (again).

Where can I begin? The question that needs to be applied to everything right now is: How could this particle have anything to do with gravity?

To start I will talk about blood, and oxygen. Why would blood clot when we get a cut? The fact that it does tells me that it is enacting a sort of gravity behavior (PSO), because of something else existing around it, or one object causes it to over-react, or to enact its function more strongly.

Why? It seems to be because it has no other location to exist. It is a forced reaction. The bloods function is that tied to water, and water overall has a gravitational effect. The body is incredibly complex but all functions come down to that of the atoms and its pieces. You can even consider this with how light functions inside of water, and what does it tell you that water is a conductive object? That we have electro-magnetism affecting all of this (more on that further down).

So I have established that blood is most likely tied stronger to gravity than its counterpart. Gravity is only existent because of the connections made to produce it, which produces something full of electromagnetism. Oxygen is a counterpart, as it is not weighted or at least not how current physics would consider weight to be weight. Oxygen is something which rises into the air even though gravity should be telling it not to. Blood is something we consider to be a weighted object in this scenario, so it’s reaction with no where else to go is to clot. It enacts a shift in energy (frequency I am finding) that allows it to coagulate, or to change its state of being. All because something else exists next to it.

What is another way to think of this still within the body? Well cancer is the first thing that comes to mind. What might cause a cancer to appear where there is a clotting mechanism taking place (body isn’t fighting itself), just the functions.

How can we use clotting above with this? I move right to lung cancer and smoking, stomach cancer and water, liver cancer and drinking. Why would this involve PSO? Lung cancer tells me that it likely happens because when smoke is introduced to the lungs and its atomic functions they choose to in some way harden, or enact a mechanism to develop a layer between the smoke (PSO) and their functions. Water might exasperate this. Water is a gravity type object, and you have lungs now not recognizing smoke as being as harmful as it is, tar buildup clearly doesn’t help either, or not being able to do much to prevent it because of its hydrated state (think about how cuts tend to not heal when bandaids are on); the body takes its time because nothing tells it to act and clot. Lung cancer happens not because of the smoke but because of its function. A hydrated lung fails to create a protective layer. There are many other reasons for cancer, but these are the types of things that support an idea, and don’t not make sense.

The point here is to consider these possibilities, so that you can picture and consider the whole, and not to think of what I am saying as an immediate statement. I shouldn’t have to tell you this anyways.

So what about stomach cancer? I immediately think bread. Water keeps our body in check (water is good inside a closed system), it also is a conductor. The stomach is full of liquid, so part of me wonders does eating significant amounts of bread affect the atomic ecosystem enough to begin to enact new functions? What if it’s just a matter of one thing changing polarity, and the rest choosing to form functions against that, and the body continuing this along the lines, where blood doesn’t have a mind of its own, but the atomic functions have a set of rules to follow. What about carbonation, and a combination of PSO combative structures being introduced to the system?

What about liver cancer and yeast?

What about radiation, and its energy (vibrating) frequency in relation to light? Why would something break up cancerous cells (broken, or gravitational functions) at a sub/-atomic level? There’s clearly more to this than we are choosing to see.

So there are many things that must be considered, and so much of what we learn is what we consider in which order. This is all I need to get into with regards to cancer for now, but biology is going to play a very important role in understanding quantum functions.

Something to also consider is the distance in what we call electron shells for gaseous objects in comparison to heavy objects; where dense tends to need more shells than gas.

Why does this matter? Because all matter is made up of the same types of objects. You see this type of function happening all over the planet for all sorts of reasons which seem to all tie into the same overall cause (air vs gravity) (heavy vs light) (hot vs cold). I further explain this later, but can’t now in this context.

To understand what I am about to continue to explain will require some imagination, and rejection of standards as it goes against what we currently believe; and the understanding that I am still in the process of understanding charges and electromagnetic states myself – as well as the contemplation that we do not know everything and may have gotten a very large amount of things wrong because they seemed to be one way.

Most of this is based on things we can’t see. It has been put here for myself now in its unfinished state with hopes that it may help me or someone else at some point in their lives. It is also necessary for me to sort through all of the things I have recently written down. I wish I didn’t have to say this to keep your consideration, but I do.

The higgs having an existence says that there is something which regulates the state of atoms, and that in all likelyhood, that object is the higgs-boson object. It is a sort of quantum function for polarity. I am sticking with using the name higgs because it is simplest. I am also getting very tired of all of these scientific discoveries being named after people and not their functions.

Why would this item be a regulator? There are many questions that I need to answer to prove this, and these are questions I can’t answer because I haven’t found any tests that try to answer the question. These are the questions posed as statements or needed tests (ideas):

What states will the higgs appear in?:

Colliding protons with electrons in a charged environment?

What happens when you collide objects inside of water, or with smoke, or inside of crystals? I feel it is necessary to find a way to use atoms, because it is likely that the atomic state is the combined state in which a higgs particle is functional. This means we need to try combinations of different types, and in different environments to try and pull it out of it’s functioning state, or we need an occurrence which is entirely neutral to it.

How do you collide things with atoms? Or at least how do you collide it with the functioning nucleus? You use smoke. This should allow us to find out what happens when protons or electrons are collided with a different state of object.

Can you use a mirror, or atomic equivalent to collide two particles with one at the same time? Or refraction to collide one twice?

Can we just collide atoms with atoms? If we can I would expect more higgs to show up, because I believe there is at least 1 higgs object per electron, and proton. What happens then? My idea is that the higgs is as a sort of “Tofu” of elements, where basically, it has no state unless it has something to be a part of. Once it is a part of something, it has a purpose. We see it decay away so quickly because it is either dying/phasing out of existence, or because it is reattaching itself to something new almost instantly.

What if we start ionizing things as part of the experiments? Will that help to determine the states in which the higgs can be withdrawn?

I am going to get into the higgs with relation to the structure of atoms, and why it might have anything to do with what we call gravity.

I am coming to believe that higgs regulates orbits of electrons, and in turn the charge/magnetism of the atom, and in turn its relation to other atoms, and its easiest pairings, and in turn creating gravitational behaviors (or the opposite). This means I no longer believe there is a gravity particle because I now believe there is no gravity, but a set of functions.

The first thing to do is to picture one event happening, and another happening as a result, linearly – as I have previously talked about. You have a point, and a point further down the line which comes from that, now everything that happens after that is a result of the two, and the second can ribbon back to the first but stay within itself as well without breaking the linear function (but not at the same time as).

What does that paragraph look like in words? It looks like an atom in a 2 dimensional state.

Another way to picture this is by imagining each shell as a circuit, but it is not closed to itself, or open. We see what we consider to be steps or shells, but it is just one continuous line giving the electrons allowance of orbit while keeping a safe or beneficial distance from one another without the complication of the 3d environment.

Where the electrons are capable of following a linear path throughout the sphere with no skips in state or wavelength which seems inefficient. This means they maintain their energies and aren’t raising or lowering their frequency.

So what is the 3d object in that picture? It is a simple way of saying that the electron can move between steps without interference – seamlessly, or predictably (as seemless as the other electrons allow). Basically it says that if you rotate these over eachother to form a sphere you have points of contact that allow passage, and all the electrons are doing is trying to get away from each-other along a straight line, or keep an even balance no matter how many there are. This says there should be some identifiable numbers and that there should be ways to prove it right or wrong. I am not sure if we can see behind the nucleus or not. Also, it should say something about why atoms connect so easily with their own family of atoms, and which balances we can start to find.

What does this have to do with the higgs? It seems to be regulating all of this – the traffic lights in a sense telling objects or allowing the possibility for them to switch to the next easiest continuous path. It is more or less the polarity within the atom that allows for the creation of a sort of polarity for the whole. Where the higgs would exist in all of these objects in the atom; and may also be the sum particle of the parts.

Where heat is a byproduct of PSO, and friction is not entirely kinetic, or it is the byproduct. Where we have the allowance of something to exist that allows frequency/energetic states to change. A good example is the fact that you can heat up (soften – pull apart) ice cream in the microwave with radio waves of much higher frequencies (combative states), and then put the ice cream back in the freezer, and it takes time to harden/stays soft. This is all happening as a result of atomic interactions.

This is saying that the states of things can be changed, and that magnetism has something to do with PSO, or in current terms gravity. Where PSO is interactions of functions. If we can prove the higgs can be predicted accurately, we can prove this. Where if we can prove that changing the state of objects collided; or by changing the state of the housing for the collision, we then prove that charges or vibrations are what hold all things together, and that perpetual motion is being regulated in some way by the higgs, but why? Because it plays a very small, and very important role on the whole. It allows itself to change for the maintenance of the bigger picture. You have perpetual motion by non-interactive forces and polar points which continually shift. Nothing is there to keep them together if you do not have a way to cancel the expelling force out.

Where the higgs is the piece holding the whole together.

Imagine on a larger scale two balls sent down a drain where the drain has another on its opposite side. The balls are charged enough magnetically to repel eachother – on our scale, this is great, they move quickly, and we can even use outside magnets to further push them along, but the issue becomes what houses it to keep it from falling apart if the forces become to great? On an atomic scale you don’t need as much, but you do have the gravities and non gravities involved in both.

I begin to think of the nucleus as an atomic battery, which now is being kept in its state by the charges surrounding and rotating around it, with the higgs allowing for the movement of each poles to take place. Maybe it has a decay rate for its own charge that allows new charges to be had in rapid succession to balance out shifts but allow for perpetual motion, as perpetual motion is clearly needed for our existence to take place.

In other words how do you recreate the idea of the rotating balls with the magnets or charges/poles being in the middle?

Some of these connections are connections that I feel are there but I don’t have a way yet to determine why. It also tells me that things are going to start getting much more specialized for humans, but it’s all a part of the same picture. Right now where thinking of physics as the car is moving so we stop the car by putting things in front of it, and not the car is moving so we stop the car by making it think its not a car.

Some more brief ideas on light:

Send light towards gravity, look for redshift omnidirectional, send light towards two close objects, look for redshift calculable direction based on combined gravities.

Crystals and qubits; what happens?

What is the connection between water and crystals and silver? Why do crystals allow us to stop light at the same energy rate/frequency? What kind of objects can help to change frequencies?

Is silver telling light it is gravity and why light bounces off of it and speeds up? It seems pretty clear that the lights going out inside silver chambers indicate a change in state is occurring, probably because light thinks it’s trying to get away from gravity and speeding up thus changing its frequency, and why we see such high speeds at different frequencies, and certain frequencies causing light to go away. The same as if you send light into a black hole. We already proved this happens (speeding up light). Where this just indicates a newly found speed limit for light and what we were viewing in those tests was the quantum version of putting a fire out by expending all of its energy capable of maintaining that frequency.

Basically frequency isn’t changing because of speed, but speed is changing because of frequency.

Or, what happens when it gets out of the silver chamber? Does it just slow back down? Meaning it was just trying to get away from gravity?

What kind of tests can we do by slowing light down before testing entanglement in crystals?

Slow down the whole universe and the seemingly infinite speed we just found is still just a limit.

Where light slows back down to conserve its energy just like we might after running up a hill slow down on the way back down it, but it’s now stuck in the higher frequency state it moved to while getting up to that speed (combating gravity), and requires an outside force to put it back into its visible state? Does light speed back up after it makes it through a crystal?

Page 13:

9/18/18 鑒定

Origins/basic atomic structure forming others (c+o)
Wireless energy and solar conversions
Light quantize, 意思訊 things 增加 through higgs/circular motion or what has to happen between amplitudes 向上,下 , sine / SQ. Visible light being quantized light
Fixed paths 為不斷简諧運動
Ionized cancer dispersal charge cells or varied magnetic 領域 to reset functions or allow more efficient therapy

DNA 鑒定
*Very basic plants
*Fish from high pressure depths
Consider mummies
*Test 壓魚 structure in 上冰點水
Water + Honey hive
Mosquitos and 眾吸血
Bat brain connections
Find things that coagulate
Neutron overproduction extra 外殼

Page 14:

9/19/18 Visualizing Light Functions (Phase & Grouping)

OSC A = Phase, OSC B = Static Sine . Imager = Group Output, Oscilloscope = Overall Shape Of Group. Note similarities w/ magnetic shapes. OSC B has specific amounts of frequency modulation applied from A, where only the frequency of A changes the group output, and there is a balance of dry and mixed amounts. Lots of interesting things come from tuning changes. Octave changes are the same as sync changes. Up = increased intervals, down = decreased. V1 I like results from 2:11 on

Video 2 is more experimental showing you can get the same results by frequency and amplitude modulation with different shapes. Square being closest, and Saw having interesting results.

Video 3 is using voicing to show a different perspective — Entirely at highest frequencies which phase out, you can see this in all videos. When the Oscilloscope goes flat the phase has been lost. This occasionally happens due to computer error but you can see me reset by resetting the voices.

Page 15:

9/19/18 The Importance Of Wave Functions

Creating (Linear) 3d Positional Movement In 2d Space Using Sound

Visualizing Sound With Sound

Creating 3d Pulsars In 2d Space

Creating A 3d Bee In 2d Space Using Sound Waves

Page 16:

9/21/18 Creating A Greater Understanding Of Group Functions

Attaching Particles To Magnetic Fields With Sound (Exciting Electrons)
This video shows the great importance of frequency tunes, and intervals (phase differences) in our universe.

Redshift With Sound And Why Inflatable Numbers Are So Important In Physics

Understainding Particles, Magnetics, And Light Behavior

Creating Water Droplets As A Sound And In 3d In 2d Space (With Sound)

Visualizing The Water Drop In Different Ways

Using The Water Droplet To Create A Galaxy Visualization

9/21/18 Page 17:

update 11/29/18: most of this has been refined in later posts. Pages up until Oct/Nov are somewhat outdated in comparison.

The Double Slit, And Why Light Is Still A Constant

The Double Slit Experiment:

Electrons and Light are acting differently because of issues in our conception of its operation. There is no phase cancellation. We are looking at light as if it’s a wave going out, and not at. The confusion is the perception.

Double slit is just seeing the waveform. It is not a wave horizontal as everyone seems to expect, but vertical, where the sine amplitudes have 1 location at a time. The location of light is based on the location of the sines current wavecycle, or peak. We are literally seeing this, but denying it is happening.

Might be able to further prove this with two electron emitters, only if there is an understanding that in certain cases the frequencies will begin to have new phase once through the slits (especially if excited by two different amounts – though this type of thing may only be readable in higher spectrums) – Also there may even be changes just because of interaction with the corners of the slits (rectification).

Basically, if there is an emitter for each slit, it should have the same result. If it doesn’t then it shows that light interacts with light – and the corners of the slit too.

Leaving two objects on the wall after one slit is literally a sine wave. They probably populate one after the other. Speed is so high we don’t see the inbetween catching across longer intervals of our perception of time, but why there is some room for placement inside of where it lands.

Electrons show a different result, because their frequencies are slower.

We are viewing the actual wavecycles of the objects we are sending through. Please see some of the videos I’ve recently posted if this is confusing. Visualizing sound with sound would be a good starting point with reference to this page.

Regarding my mention of reflection at the slit; The slits themselves might be acting as a form of rectification (amplification, or reduction in position) for the original wavelength, where reflection causes amplification of potential in area, but done so for a specific direction; where the particle itself exhibits no notable change. This meaning that the field holding the object of reflection together is also affecting the field of light.

If you are reading this, please pay more attention to frequencies.

On Bias and Rectification; Positions, location, frequency, and matter (Why light is still a constant):

Vibrations at low enough frequencies, or levels of rectification will interact with eachother if any phase state was changed, or they won’t appear to interact with eachother if they are equal or moving at high frequencies, because there is no phase difference for perfectly equal objects. Phase states can very often only briefly interact.

Phase adjustments are a form of rectification, where the combination of two frequencies results in the change to one; or changes in amplitude of the combined output, and can be done over cycles, where the phase is alternating between the cycles, and combinations between two groups can further affect the output.

I am still trying to determine why extreme intervals remain canceled out even when combined with lowest frequencies. It seems rectification becomes entirely more difficult at highest frequencies (shorter wavecycles). Rectification in general has become much easier to understand. I am beginning to look for ways to add bias into the functions, along with feedback. I think maybe the reason for high frequencies doing this is because at high enough intervals there’s really no difference between the group, or filling in the group, and this has begun to explain why frequency doesn’t always mean higher speed.

-cancellations occur for the same reason that sound cancellations occur. Higher frequencies just result in an almost mimicked waveform where phase is concerned.

I have also begun looking for indicators of which types of things have these adjustment functions in real life.

Atomic, and quantum structures are more or less a circuit which interacts with other circuits.

Also; You can add a sine to almost anything to change the output. — We have put too much emphasis on phase grouping and group behavior for single light particles, and not enough on the interactions between objects and other objects, or anything with a magnetic field. Where the group function is just a single wave form. We don’t need to worry about the fact that there are two sines making one sine anymore. That is old information.

We need to start looking at how the single output interacts with other single outputs. I have a lot to say about this and will write more later. Yes light is still a constant. Even if it changes speeds.

9/21/18 Page 18:

Light Lensing, And What We Do To Light When We Stop It In A Crystal

Update 11/17/18 – Light lensing theory has been completed, and refined further in pages 20+. Some of these ideas on lensing were old iterations of the conclusion I reached.

Gravitational Lensing Is Light Waveform Viewing

It is a frozen picture of light; by magnifying it, we are seeing the actual waveform of the information arriving in 3d space. Sines are spheres. The closer we get the closer we get to the energies behind what’s arriving; These are either phased out by what’s in front of it, or more spaced out than the shorter wavelengths in front of them – what gravity has done, or is doing is amplifying the wavelength in such a way that it allows for a “wider” cone around the initial point, or area of observance behind the initial point of arrival. It is a redshift on a grand scale.

I still am not sure how gravity does it apart from ties to magnetic fields, but I can tell that this is a big part of how we see it. Another indicator of this is the fact that sometimes a duplication can be seen IE: Spiraled sine wave. This is very similar to the double slit experiments. -old/solved through the next sets of pages

It is not messing with time. Even if we observe this in real time, it should mean the same thing. Here is a video to give an idea of what I mean. Please note this spiral form can be used to create 3d water droplets. There is a video showing how to do that. The droplets are “waves” or “spheres”. The further spaced the spiral becomes (think Fibonacci spiral); the more apparent the wave or lens becomes.

Think about the slit experiments, and how if you move the wall back far enough light begins to appear as if it is dispersing, and if you just walk away from it it turns into a point. If this is still troubling, try imagining a light particle creation inside of a sun, and slowly move yourself out of the sun, then into space, and into deep space, until you see the galaxy; then go back to the top and reread. It is how I was able to perceive this.

Regarding Crystals, we currently stop light using crystal structures, and they hold their image. This is a result of phase alignment and rectification, or altering the amplification of light in such a way that it no longer fluctuates so intensely. Later in the video, you see me moving the detune up and down to stop the image. That is the same effect that crystals have on light.

This is what a redshift looks like in different format:


It seems like light lensing is just a form of refraction; which is made more apparent by magnetic fields pulling on lights magnetic field. There are amplitude (wavecycle) changes happening when wave forms regulate one another. -old/solved through the next sets of pages

Basically we are seeing the inside of the double slit experiment. Here is an example where the sun is the emitter, and two windows are used as refraction points to create new points of emission, from different angles or distances. You can consider the less illuminated bars to be the larger wavecycles which “wrap” around the lense. It’s very similar to how eyeballs work. Meaning there should be ways to amplify the effect with magnetism.

This also means that we can most likely turn the double slit experiment into a real life vectorscope by either alternating locations of the slits or trying variations of crossed positions; or to put it another way, a cat has slatted eyes up and down, which helps it to have better side to side peripheral vision. If the slats were left to right, they would have better peripheral vision up and down instead.

This is an actual representation, with scientific documentation of what is happening. Please note that radio bursts are just scaled versions of light:

Here are some more images that help to visualize all of this

Side note… This might mean that the big bang we know about wasn’t the first.

Also, about the cat; and all of the videos I have been posting these past few days; the whole cats have faster reflexes thing might be real. The way their eyes work allows for more reflections to be sent in, which means they have more frames or wavecycles to parse through in a given moment than humans.

Basically, all this redshift stuff can be explained another way. Everything you see in the videos which has a delay is delayed for many reasons but the main thing to take away from it is that it is light in its more natural form. When we view it, we take all those waves into our eyes, and our brain makes sense of it. All we are seeing is atomic interactions (magnetism).

To help further your understanding, picture the effects of LSD on visualization of the world, or look up LSD tracers. What our brain does to understand lights information is piece each reflection together; or each part of the waveform through series of reflections and frequencies to visualize what the eye is looking at.

Basically our vision compared to the cats is delayed. When people see tracers on LSD, it is more than likely that their brain has either a delayed electric response to the information, or it has been slightly fedback to itself, and becomes actually perceivable to the minds eye. Another form of a redshift.

Page 19:

10/14/18 Page 19:

In order to better comprehend this subject, please ensure that you are familiar with silicon doping, and consider why such a process is so similar to the combination of cells/vitamins in the body. Please be aware that everything is reliant on electron fields/counts. This is a well known fact.

I have also updated this post with additional proof towards this concept further below, titled; “Connections We Are Missing” 10/20/18. Please see (***) notation for immediate explanation. 10/28/18

What is all this? The second column would be the beginning to cancerous formations. This starts from a fault in orbits, and leads to build up and clutter/combination of cells and orbits, and loss of path for properly functioning cells/build up because the cancerous object is in the path. This is due to loss of limitation on electromagnetic fields, and forced interactions, and too many electrons in one place.

Limiting function can be broken if pushed too far/orbit lost or misappropriated if too much traffic.

Cancer starts in the same way as how Tokamak fusion reactors go wrong.

I have nothing against fusion research at the moment, but if you need to picture what causes cancer, all you need to do is your own research in particle behavior in these reactors. To clearly understand the similarities, know that the fusion reactors we currently use utilize particle collisions, which is horribly inefficient. These collisions are the result of closed circuits and improper shapes. As we have known for some time now, these types of reactors, and forced paths are often too much to keep orbits stable, and particles wind up completely out of their orbits. This is exactly what kind of reaction starts cancer inside of our bodies. I do not in any way mean that these reactors are causing it, but that it is the same description of how the electrons are behaving within cancerous cells.

This is why radiation works. The frequency variance alters the cluttered locations/electrons enough in many instances, but sometimes it is not enough.

The human body is one large closed atomic circuit. Our lungs, and stomachs are our inputs and the foods we break down are the inputs as well which keep atomic structures “fed”. There is no real difference between this and a torus reactor, or any fusion circuit for that matter.

Cancer or other issues begin with one cell losing its ability to function, which affects the cells around it, but it can be fixed, or the broken cell can be dispersed.

Please note that these are all articles proving that cancer is happening because of internal electromagnetics. This is very real. Our cells aren’t smart. They are group functions.

This stemmed from this question:

What if our bodies pull electrons from magnesium and iron or other heavy, or even non-heavy substances when ingested/broken down? Or what if these objects entering our systems at too high or too low an amount affect the internal magnetic forces in our body (I already believe they do, but have to ask the question so you can think about it more), and having too much of it causes cell clustering similar to combinations of basic structures at the beginning of the universe; where the body begins to create structures due to atomic changes?; but also having too little causes lack in needed objects at the atomic level to function properly as well? Where fluctuation can actually be beneficial?

What I am saying is it is possible, and seemingly likely that doing something as simple as rotating magnetics, at specific frequency combinations and levels around cancerous objects may force a reset in the magnetic functions of that cell, or put it into a state that will allow easier dispersal. It may be broken in the first place because of loss of electrons, or objects which keep its magnetic state in tact. I believe it would have better results if done with fields run around the cell and not placing the cell inside of an already generated field.

Some more proof of concept here. Note that electrons produce radiation when put through MRI functions. There is a clear connection to this idea, and the fact that this happens in actual tests. There are many ways this needs to be tested with cancerous formations.

This is why I also believe if we can find a way to safely ionize cells it will help to disperse with high frequency radiation. It might just put it into a state which allows destruction of the cell, or consummation by the others to allow for overall dispersal.

***Essentially what this would do; is create a cellular (magnetic) variation of quantum confinement; in which the rotation of more than 1 external field is used to press on the interior electromagnetic fields of the cells (atomically structured cell walls). This forces the cellular electron field into a state in which it does not normally operate and allows it a chance to “reset” its function. Doing so with proper radiation phasing and interval may help to improve the results, but ultimately we should be able to prove that it is possible to do using magnetics alone. We may also be able to use insertable devices as an addition to the process (electron probes) to extend atomic circuits and improve results.

This is a very similar, and much safer concept as compared to how hyperthermia helps improve cancer treatment.


“Ultrafast manipulation of mirror domain walls in a charge density wave”

“Unstable cosmic domain walls may decay and produce observable radiation.”

“Understanding mNP Hyperthermia for cancer treatment at the cellular scale”


Here is something newly determined effective; which follows the exact principles I have described. The article states that the treatment works because the cancer is “roughed up” by chemo-therapy, allowing for the immune response to help; when in reality, it has affected electron counts, locations, and structure; allowing for the auto-matic; atomic function of the immune system to attach and enact its function. The immune system recognizes what needs to be done based on structures at a far smaller scale than anyone seems to be looking into.


Magnesium w/ regards to learning disabilities, and path/current appropriation in brain
update 11/9/18: this has now been proven, and linked via zinc
Something to note, I sent this information to the authors (website – for this, and it was ignored multiple times, and now they are posting an article about it.

Cancer, igfbp1 + glucose buildup and insulin issues

Think about why electron excitement would lead to skin cancer

Objects that change color from heat

Symmetry of human body, symmetry of dna

Garlic compared to yeast

Here is pretty much a literal representation of this theory working. There isn’t much else to say after seeing this:

Update 11/13/18, there is more to say:
pictured below:

To aid in the flow of electrons (we should experiment with electron stints). The overall cell wall can be affected by the flow of the atomic wave format. As can be the entire body.

(pictured) Is like static wave combinations (you will need to understand wave functions in general at the atomic level). Essentially this picture is a basic visualization of cell structures. The overall functions of combinations of any vitamin or cell are that of waves, which you can think of as small vibrations or static. There is no getting around this. It is how atomic structures work. You will need to give in to allowance of this information in order to accept that this will be effective. Again, this is proven. I don’t need to go over it with you.

Anyways, these wave combinations can be more or less determined with the Fourier transforms, though the current format for the formulas are somewhat old and inefficient. I am still getting around to rewriting them. It will take time. I don’t have any specified time to complete that. You don’t need it rewritten to figure this out.

If you don’t understand please contact me to ask, or read explanations on wave functions throughout this site.

Cells and vitamins are comprised entirely of waves, as is this entire universe. Cancer is a function of combinations of compatible waves. Where the group will include additional waves when they come into contact due to plausible phase states and frequency variants of the “atom”.

This is due to cancer being the broken combination of possible wave states. The atomic structure is not comprised of separate electrons, but rather a spherical wave state, with specific amplitudes, or more prominent peaks in wave-cycle; as shown in the double slit experiment. What happens with the wave (cell) is that it reaches an over-influenced or over-pushed state (think square wave) because it is pushed up against competing wave forms (cell walls). The wave function allows for sub-division. The subdivision occurs and continues to repeat because our body is a “closed” circuit. There is little else for the wave to propagate to. It is not more complicated than that. The complication comes in safely rectifying the issue.

Additionally we may be able to use structures such as alkalines to target cancer locations with specific immune responses. Timing is also very important when it comes to affecting waves; not just shooting radiation at it. Consider this thought; how do you combat a square wave with sine waves in such a way that it returns the square wave back to a sine state.

Electron probes will be an important part in determining timing of cancerous formations. The electrons are a part of a wave, and all waves have timing and a wave-cycle. This is readable. It’s not just cancerous timings we can find with this either. ***Best timings will always be at the specific points in a wave-cycle.

Here is some tangible proof of these effects at the cellular level, where the timing of division is relative to the excitement of the cell group; and individual cells as a part of the group function where rectification or cell division occurs:

C. Imperial College Of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Some other things to think about

Estradiol – Breast development
Gynecomastia – Chemotherapy can cause it
Please see:
Liver growth/capability for regeneration (main hub for essential wave states (vitamins) – this is extremely important)
Excitement of state in specific areas to promote appropriation of specific structures
B12, magnesium, zinc
Alkaline Phosphatase – carrier/pointer* Comparable to ionization or accumulation of sodium through dehydration
Vitamin D – IGF1 – Calcium
Vitamin D prohibits/slows growth of blood vessels in cancer cells (this is rectification in the direction of Vitamin D).
IGF1 (cell division) (this is rectification in the direction of the cancer cell, or the wave state exceeding the compatibility of surrounding waves – cells sub-divide as do waves when presented with specific phase limitations)
-Also decreases inflammation (stabilizes) in the case of MS, it helps; due to adding of the phase state to the deteriorating cells (rectification through addition of the phase).
Vit D – deficiency causes autism. Excess amounts of Alkalines, or too little will cause autism. There is a clear indication that the appropriate level of current is needed during development.
Stints would be good use for granular type cancers

Update 11/26/18 More new proof that this is feasible:

Light-activated, single-ion catalyst breaks down carbon dioxide:

The catalyst article proves without a doubt that this theory had been correct. (Light is a form of radiation)

Regarding conceptions of Mu waves (autism), this understanding is not where it should be. When a mu wave is reduced in state it is because the body is using that current to perform the actions the brain is requesting. Our body is a circuit. It is linked to autism, because the body requires Alkalines to appropriate waves. The lack in cognition of others is because there was at a point a deficit in path, along with perceivable stimuli. Autism will most likely always exist along with other missing connections, because there was not enough of what is needed for circuitry during development. Without the Alkalines, our body is too resistant internally to make some connections. The same may be said with too many. The path is not fully functional, or overcrowded. This is compounded when the body has grown with the deficiency.

One connection which will be helpful towards this struggle would be discussing positive (enjoyed) subjects which are in direct violation of a current action if the action is negative (for the autistic). IE: What you are doing reminds me of food; but you are really upset. Or discussing a negative if the action is positive. This wouldn’t just work with an autistic subject.. Once the person is aware of an action, it can be compounded upon with positive stimuli. This will appropriate clear links or indicators for future reference through the hippocampus. The use of a negative subject is done with a positive action in order to reinforce the autistic connection by putting the mind into a state which causes one to justify their action. It is a state of question and recall for the brain. Through association of food with the act of being upset due to a specific thing, you eventually wind up associating or identifying being upset with the actual act of being upset.

This is improved upon by eventually showing one who is autistic how to apply this process to their own thinking.



“Separate” “field” – not cancer related

There is nothing special going on here “Beyond Standard Model Particle”:


People are freaking out over something which just has a great enough difference in frequency to pass through everything. It is probably rectified in our earths core just like things are rectified in the sun, and becomes detectable on its way out. We already understand this type of stuff, and is another example of the entire science community ignoring what’s right in front of them. I don’t know why it is such a mystery to everyone.

Page 20:

Connections We Are Missing

“Connections We Are Missing”

10/18/18 Regarding cancer, and electron issues;

It is likely possible to use salt to safely ionize cells before radiation in order to more effectively combat cancerous formations; or at least that we should put such a theory to test. I have no resources to do this myself, or I would be right now. It is important to find natural, or safe ways to affect the atomic wave states in order to better affect success of treatment.

Why do I feel this is something needed? Well for one, our body does not in any way send water molecules to “combat” or “dilute” sodium build up when too much sodium is present; but rather it means we have developed newly ionized objects which water is then bonding to.

Why does this matter? You need to know that when our bodies are dehydrated, we produce sodium. That is true, but its not the full picture. It is not what happens on the atomic level. On the atomic level, we have lost electrons (produced sodium – ionization). This then leads to more water molecules sticking to the newly ionized particle (sodium). It seems the reason our body needs water most is to maintain an electron balance. This is exactly what electrolytes (magnesium is an electrolyte) do; is add more electrons to our body as the structure is broken down.

As water is pulled out of cells they shrink. Remember water is pulled out when the body is dehydrated, because there are sodium structures being generated; due to loss of electrons; which have one outlying electron causing an attraction for additional water molecules from cells. This is a sort of domino effect leading to cell deterioration. This is clearly going to be tied to what needs to be done to combat cancer more effectively. Using salt as a perpetuator before radiation may increase the treatments effectiveness, or at the very least we need to test these kind of things out. Once we know which way it works, we can start trying things out the other way.


Square formats in nature are found due to phase interactions (cancellations) at peak cycle points for atomic structure; ionized interactions – why you find salt in squares. This is also why ionizations tend to lead to either attachment or dispersal of atomic states. Why CO2 can be cleaned.

Page 21:

A Better Explanation Regarding Riemann/Navier Q

10/24/18 Sorry for the long read. I’ll explain it a little better here:

Think of it all like how light is a combination of sine waves.

That equation is part of a formula. It’s a modular system. Open up the proof tables and check the proof for Riemann to see what I mean. It’s all right there. Basically, I need to also finish the proof to the Navier-Stokes to make this more plausible to people who don’t get it, but I don’t really have the time at the moment or feel like working it out. I will at some point.

Everything is a matter of wave interactions. We equate all measurements as if we know what 0 is, but there is no actual 0 for measurement of atomic structures, unless nothing were to exist at all. The fact that we even know what 1 is, is a measurement in itself of atomic structures.

That is why an input (in) is required to define 0. Something created what we perceive; regardless of whether we perceive it as not there or there, and that something is a combination of waves (at the micro scale). The true zero for any tangible system in our universe would be placed on the farthest left point of the graph, with no negative numbers being used at all. Zero can be redefined as a ratio (1/2) because of this. That is done to allow us to use negative numbers without stretching and resampling things. It replaces square functions with divisors, and instead allows you to create larger wholes by subdividing; or making room to allow you to fit more into the system just like atomic processes.

It’s very similar to equating the 0 velocity point for something like a rock before it is pushed down a hill. That 0 means something. It’s just not a true 0.

Riemann theorized this, but he didn’t seem to understand it fully, or at least he didn’t think to just do away with his perception of what zero was. It’s not his fault that was a long time ago. He thought (and everyone else still does) that we needed to keep zero in the middle. We still sort of do in order to measure things in a way that makes sense for now, but we need to do so with the understanding that all measurements unless the true source (wave) are not ever going to equate to zero, but that there is the possibility that zero itself can be defined for that group function. Ultimately, we might wind up doing away with zero entirely for all but the most extreme scenarios.

Look if you don’t understand it now it might take you a while to get it. It took me a few months to even begin to draw these conclusions, and you have to understand that we got a lot wrong in order to even do so.

11/5/18 Page 22:

What Is Superconductivity?

Superconductive materials (cold) materials, act in such a way because there is no inherent blockage of path (electricity). It is comparable to a standing wave; or a series of atomic waves which are at such a state in which vibration rates are non-interferent. This allows for electrical interfacing; or better phased current paths (vibration). It is entirely based on transfer through wave (phase) states. In the natural world; more excitement leads to more vibration; and a longer overall path in which to follow. In some cases, no path (phase possibility) at all. Cold is a rectifier, in that is affects excitement states. The rectification is the alignment, or ease of path. Similar to turning a winding wave into a straight line.

Here is a video (wave) representation of what is happening. This is a brief visualization of what causes superconductivity. Think of lower frequency as the less excited electron state (cold). Note the waveform is a representation of a combination of atomic structures (group function). It is similar to building a wall out of moving bricks. It is going to be easier to find the appropriate path between all bricks if you were to slow down their movement. The size of the brick (structure of the atom) will affect how the path is found.

We should be able to use combinations of materials which are both superconductive at higher and lower temperatures in order to transfer with consistency the superconductive states; without the use of excessive coolant; an expulsive liquid membrane would be required (just like how heat is released through our bodies); as it would act as an insulator, and conductor itself, in which it would allow electron flow through all of the combined materials; or the electrons to find the most conductive path as each conductive state alternates. There should in time be a discover-able way to do so without the use of coolant at all, but strictly through the use of feedback circuits.

11/5/18 Page 23:

Proof That There Is No Superposition (Dual State)

Please note that this is done through combinations of waves. The waves themselves are calculations within a system. Defined by mathematic equations; where the state is pre-determined based on the parameters set within.

This is represented with visual, tested, quantifiable proof here:

“Artwork made with JILA’s new imaging technique, which rapidly and precisely measures quantum behavior in an atomic clock. The images are false-color representations of atoms detected in the ground state (blue) or excited state (red). The white region represents a fine mixture of atoms in the two states, which creates quantum “noise” in the image. This occurs because all the atoms were initially prepared in a quantum state of superposition, or both ground and excited states simultaneously, and the imaging measurement prompts a collapse into one of the two states. The imaging technique will help improve clock precision, add new atomic-level detail to studies of phenomena such as magnetism and superconductivity and, in the future, perhaps allow scientists to “see” new physics. Credit: Marti/JILA”

What the youtube video shows, is that the state of “Superposition” is an at rest state. It is not a state of simultaneous excitation and ground state, but a state of specific excitation; which is based solely on the adherence to parameters set within the outside bounds of the atomic structure; where the state itself is different in a location which is reliant on all other excitations around it.

Page 24:

To correct our understanding of space 11/10/18

If space is the function of a wave; which is known as a fact, due to the measured properties of atoms and their structures, it seems likely that things will eventually come to a stop. This means that the vacuum of space itself may not ultimately come to be determined as the superconductive state for light, but rather that light travels through the vacuum at alternating speeds dependent on the excitement of objects around it – this is also known and has been observed. As theorized in my notebook some couple of months ago, this is the final proof that space-time is not existent. This is due to the calculable state of all waves once the initial point has been determined. All objects are functions of wave properties. Their state is deterministic based on the initial wave-cycle, and all subsequent points thereafter.

This is especially true when you begin to introduce competing forces. Any sound technician or designer could easily understand this. Unfortunately, it was missed because we did not pay enough attention to wave states. This may also one day prove to show that things will come to a slow, but that there are many consecutive big bangs, and that we are not the first point of creation in this universe.

We must also remember at all times that we have discovered superconductive forces. This state has proven that the third law of thermo-dynamics is incorrect.

We must consider that the perceivable universe is that of visible light from our known big-bang point, and that there are in fact other points of creation which may have sent items towards our own galaxy, that there may be much older objects than ever conceived. This is further defined in my notebook as the possible explanation to gravitational lensing of light independent of space-time. Later I realized it was mostly due to overall rectification through multiple group processes.

The main thing to take away from this and a key indicator of the wave state is that throughout the universe all known galaxies are found in disc formats. Solar systems also tend to appear in disc format. This being true, is a visual representation of sine waves. I have included a video to show this. This is the suitable phase state for motion of a sine in order to maintain its amplitude balance. This further implicates that the state of space itself is that of a dormant wave, or wave which allows ease of amplification, rectification, or influence. This also explains the recent confusion surrounding the Oumuamua comet which will be explained later in this page. This is found to explain and satisfy issues with CPT physics theory. This is also another proof that string theory is not correct, but was so very close to what this is.

What do I mean about the explanation of CPT? What is happening with electron pathways is the appropriation along the combined positional state between all atoms, the state of the wave format in which our planet is found, and all other phase states within the planet. Objects created in one atmosphere may behave differently when in the vicinity of other atmospheres; large or small, solar or atomic.

What this means is that there is an overall direction in which currents will appropriate in any system large or small; as proven through superconductivity, in that once the ideal phase state is found, there is a desired direction. — much like wrapping a switch wire around the secondary wire in a circuit in order to induce a phase cancellation.

This is further proven through the dancing T-handle in space. And very apparent in the changing tilt of the earths axis.

One must understand and consider that the state of vacuum is not inherently different than the superconductive state; as witnessed in the levitation of superconductive objects relative to the phase state of the atmosphere which has produced the superconductive state itself. This is the standing wave, or perfectly phased wave group.

The alternation of axis, or perceived moments of inertia are not inertia, but rather the influence of the wave state of the planet earth along with the state of surrounding space.

The wave state of space is what allows for appropriation of gravitational waves; which are themselves an amplification of the state of space and the objects within. This also shows that it is possible to have a low decay state in vacuums, or longer release, allowing for travel of a wave. Reminder, we do already know this to be true at atomic levels. All objects are interaction no different from each-other, but only based on the combination of states on the smaller scale, leading to larger group wave states on solar, galactic, and greater scales.

Amplifications lead to opening and closing of “natural” circuits. You will need to rethink your conception of space, and see it as an undefined circuit, or very easily influenced circuit. Where we witness low conductivity in the vacuum itself due to its low base wave state. You also find light to be rectified down to a specific level of interaction when passing out of an atmosphere into the state of the vacuum; however, the state within our own galaxy is an amplified, and excited state itself. This is why Oumuamua was able to speed up as it moved through our galaxy. As it exits, it reaches the final stages of decay for the overall wave function of our own galaxy; and the material make-up, and wave function of the comet itself is inherently different based on where it had been created.

These drawings are somewhat crude, but they produce a coherent representation of what is actually occurring outside of the earths atmosphere. Overall a balance is ultimately found through consistent, alternating of phase states. This is comparable to understanding that a program on a computer is the function of an electrical circuit.

Please also note that the video above is a visual calculation done through the combination of systems written in the synth, and DAW format. What you are seeing is a series of numbers.

Page 25:

11/11/18 Contact

In order to preserve individualism of the species (if a species is found but still undeveloped) contact would need to be made in such a way that it does not affect the culture of that species other than allowing for scientific discovery at an accelerated rate. Where the contact is made and impounded upon using the already existing aspects of that culture. Where there is no seepage between the already advanced (teacher) culture/species and the underdeveloped.

This is true only if you do not wish to affect the culture. Some species may prove to not care. It is likely that most will not be willing to show their interactions until we are at an equal and free state; or on the verge of such an event. Some interactions may be used strictly as a reminder of presence.

This is where the unknown variable or presence indicates that there is an absence of culture seepage and serves only as a reminder that you are not alone. You would not need to allow each individual to draw their own conclusions in order for this to remain true. All that the “hidden” or non interactive form of contact represents is the fact that there are other beings present in the universe.

Page 26:

11/17/17 Some New Questions And Information About Space As A Wave Function

How do varying weights tie into this? The combination of atomic group wave states and the wave state of space should not differ depending on weight, but rather the wave function of the group; As made apparent in this article.

H. Katsuragi and J. Blum, Phys. Rev. Lett. (2018)

Why are discs created so natural as a function of sines in space? (not all waves are sine). It seems that particles, and groups tend to drift towards the equators of the overall sphere of the group wave function.

This has completed my understanding of gravitational lensing, and removes the need for space or time from the equation. Please note pictured for easy understanding.

I realized that the limiting function of the NP formula I was working on might be used to determine Lagrange points without the weights and velocities, as it works with divisors; just like space and sine waves do. I’ve just started working on it and will continue over the next few weeks until I finish it/will be trying to write a code for it to test. This is further proof that most of our math can be looked at differently. It already looks like it’s close to solving it, might just need some small changes.

This is further proof that there are no particle points, only waves; where the peak amplitudes are what we are perceiving to be as particles. Think about the sine wave function of faradays law for particles/field points as phase points along the circuit. This is where when we view an electron we view a peak point in the wave-cycle for the electron wave. The point of the electron or peak is determined based on the surrounding factors and atoms. We can pull electrons out of a wave, or believe that we are, because we have ways to rectify the wave in such a way that it follows the format of the objects we are using to rectify it. Think sending an electron elsewhere through the use of a variant charge location. The wave itself acts out a point of its cycle, and the electron follows the phase path (wave) to the next point of opposite charge. There are no positive or negative charges, rather there are opposing phases. Sending an electron to a new location is a form of FFT. This may be further provable by including magnetic fields or same type atoms at a non excited state, or state of specific excitement in the path of the electron. It could wind up combing with, or creating a timed orbit between the two instead of completing the circuit to the final screen, there is also the possibility you could result in creating a circuit with rectification at the center of the path; increasing timing.

The aurora borealis is a mixture of wave functions and faradays law. This is shown here:


It is clear that the excitation is coming from the phase points; as they alternate over time. This is what is known as a wave-cycle.

You can also tell that this is true due to the fact that the state of gas can be reduced to the wave state of a liquid through rectification (cold) much like rectification to create a superconductive state.

This also means that dark matter is not a necessary force. The universe can maintain itself through phase balances as shown in the galaxy creation video I made a while back using a water droplet. None of this is done with particles; just waves. I would also suggest thinking about endothermic and exothermic reactions and how it ties into this. It is a good practice.

This should also prove that the universe is spherical, in that it will expand until a point where it reaches a wave limit, and pulls apart or rectifies into a second wave, keeping an overall wave function (just like cells – this isn’t a coincidence that so many things are so similar). It is possible that big bangs may be the over-satiated states of black holes; where a reaction occurs just like splitting an atom on a magnificent scale; where the state/function of space is effected, and it had become possible due to the radiation leak around the hole putting the external structures in a state in which they could be reacted with; like arc lightning, or a jacobs ladder. Due to a beginning split in function of the wave because it has exceeded the possible threshold; or it could be possible that it occurs when the universe reaches a threshold it can’t maintain anymore. Cells divide like this too.

This also explains why the background radiation is visible everywhere. The noisy state of radiation is going to travel along all readable waves. Higher wave-states such as light and radiation do not easily rectify groups, and will travel along the wave function of the group instead. See light lensing picture above.

This is also apparent in this experiment; where the scientists believe the electron is affecting the current, when really it is the wave function being highlighted by the laser. The electron doesn’t interfere with itself, they are just seeing the wave-cycle in real time. It is the many possible points for the wave; and the opposing phase. The phase is also the result of the altered current. I don’t have a subscription so I can’t read the full article, but if they are only seeing the current reversal at a set point of timing, it still just only proves wave-cycles are being read. It doesn’t really mean anything to physics with pulses if we have to stage the timing manually, but it does if the wave-cycle is being read and staying in the new state if the pulsed timing becomes a constant wave state (pulses are halted/left always on), because it proves the light wave is rectifying the atomic wave. The issue is that it can only really be done on small scales, and becomes harder to do as the scale increases without cold (super-conduction).

What this points to is the fact that atoms are made up of DC current fed back into the circuit to create overamplification or pulse timing in order to rectify the wave format and produce alternating current. Other atoms act as limiters, but can connect together based on potential phase states. We see these events taking place all the time in systems of nature. It also allows for mirrored structures to be created. The pulse timing is now important, because it has become a natural occurrence which can be replicated. This also proves that it will be applicable to the double slit experiment where the pulse is applied to the emitter; or just simply opening a stream and interrupting it on set timings to show the cycle timing for the wave.

Christian Heide, Takuya Higuchi, Heiko B. Weber, and Peter Hommelhoff
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 207401 – Published 14 November 2018

This also ties in with the T-handle swapping locations (described in an earlier post) having to do with the wave-cycle state for earth, or the crossover for the phase, in that it enacts a tug on the state for the free-floating group wave of the t-handle, which causes the shift.

This also explains why neutrinos combine; they are functions of waves.

Anti-mater is just phasing/rectification

Expansion = less combative wave-form

There is no gravity particle, only combinations of waves; where the center function is the over-all determinant relative to external functions and locations.

Items such as Higgs are amplitude changes in addition to phase interaction. It seems to me that the higgs is really just a portion of zero phase interaction being read, where the field collapses as other objects (waves) move into place, which were compatible with the outlying phase-points.

Here is some tangible proof of these effects at the cellular level, where the timing of division is relative to the excitement of the cell group; and individual cells as a part of the group function where rectification or cell division occurs:

C. Imperial College Of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Just for fun, I thought it was a neat coincidence that the image up top was so close to this one I had done a few months ago for a song. There’s a lot to learn here. I hope you’re paying attention.

11/17/18 Page 27:

Societal Growth And Fetishism As A Result Of Forced Acceptance (Page 27)

Regarding evolution towards a bipedal/more humane state:

May have started with monkey which was capable of pleasurable sexual stimulation (orgasm). Would lead to increased will for sex and more birth/creation of a society in which birth/sex rates compounded. More monkeys equals new societal needs > equals innovation. Our ability to stand/use tools would have been in part the result of sexual competence/intelligence/compatibility where growth results would have benefited from male size both sexually and for physical dominance; where the desire for stimulation lead to increasing size of the pack. Even more desirable would have then been males which had levels of emotional or stimulus understanding.

This was also dependent on outside factors such as atomic structures; diet, and conditions. It may not have been the main deciding factor, but would have played a large role when involved with the freedom to exponentially increase growth of the herd.

Part of the issue with society at the moment is that we are still using these primitive mental structures to actuate what we believe are our needs as a society; when in truth it will take not just emotional and positional equality, but also the pursuit of physical equality for both male compared to male, and female compared to female in order to evolve as a society.

Not a single person chooses their body or to be here. They should be allowed to change themselves as they see fit, and expect that the equality given by such capabilities generate a well balanced state within the herd. Competition turns more towards that of the mental state over all others.

We are a herd. We aren’t able to become a truly equal group within the mental state if there are unobtainable differences from person to person because we will ultimately seek others in an unbalanced manner.

This is also made apparent by the sexual fetishes a society may develop during a given period. There is nothing wrong with sexual desires, but the society should keep in touch with the understanding of where each desire or fetish comes from, that being that a fetish typically results from an attempt to block things unobtainable, or unavoidable from the mind.

For example: cuckholding. This can be seen through many American social media sites, and was even used as an insult during our recent election. This is a prevalent indicator that far too many people have begun to feel or are in a place of desire for something which they cannot physically obtain, or did not have available to them as a circumstance of their birth. This does not lead to a form of acceptance, but only that of complacency due to the non-understanding that it is their birth which was not their choice.

There is no equality in sharing unless the consenting parties are truly equal. This ties in with societies current obsession with voyuerism, fortune, and the size and shapes of both male and female genitalia; where the benefits of natural selection are no longer totally benefiting the evolution of the species.

Many will indicate that you get what you are given when the reality of it is that we were given the ability to change all of this. We have begun to use our inequalities as a means of forced acceptance or ways to make money.

There is no uniqueness without choice.

Page 28:

11/21/18 Finding The Goldilocks Ratio For New Life, And A Use For Opposing Lagrange Points (Page 28)

With understandings of waves, and wave functions in mind, it is likely that our existence at a set distance from the sun (goldilocks zone) is not just due to heat, but also the allowed time for (flare) wave-cycles to pass with regards to phase and our planets atmosphere, and magnetic field – before interaction with the earth.

This is why specific sized flares will have such an effect on our planet. The timing of its arrival with regard to the present cycle and phase for our own planets field can potentially make or break the interaction. A flare which has a wave amplitude and shape closer to that of the earths overall magnetic field is going to have a greater effect on it, along with the timing of arrival, and point in the cycle in which it began, where for example, two sine waves can either cancel each-other out, or amplify depending on where they are at in their respective wave-cycles when they intersect.

*This indicates that we will find specific ratios for sun to planet size when it comes to inhabitable planets, where there is also a goldilocks ratio for best chances of survival. This all depends on the distance from the sun, and size of the two in comparison.

With regards to Lagrange Points, it is likely that we would be able to prove the wave state of space by measuring changes in the magnetic field, or in wave/spacial structures at one point; as a heavy object, or impactful operation occurs on the opposite side. Affecting the wave on one end should result on the state at the opposite end having a readable outcome after the wave-cycle for the surrounding space has completed/reset its function. Depending on the strength of the interaction, you may also be able to read decay rates if it passes through more than one cycle (just like gravity waves).

So long as the T-handle phenomenon in space isn’t due to mechanical error when exiting the socket, you might also be able to observe opposing timings in the swapping of axis at both Lagrange points, or two points slightly offset in (phase) location. This would show the timing of the wavecycle for earths wave/field. The timing can vary or be influenced depending on secondary factors, just the same as how atomic fields, and atomic groups can be influenced.

Regarding flares, most of it just requires an understanding of phase cancellation, found here:

Page 29:

11/23/18 A New Formula For Calculating Lagrange And Large Body Orbital Points:

Python formula for Lagrange calculations, and large body orbits

Note this is the same code as listed in my letter for science. This website format makes it somewhat difficult to read. Please use the text file here for easiest reading.

IN = float(input(“Enter IN: “))
N = float(input(“Enter N: “))
NP = float(input(“Enter NP: “))

IN = 0.5 if IN == 0 else IN
N = 0.5 if N == 0 else N
NP = 0.5 if NP == 0 else NP

init = IN * 1/2
baselimiter = N*1/2 + (IN*1/2*NP*1/2 / IN)
lset = init – baselimiter
easepoint = lset / 100
subdivide = lset / IN
limitconverto1 = (lset / init) * (init / lset)
infalatetoinput = (((init * float(IN))) / init )
forwardlimit = limitconverto1 * infalatetoinput
lpoint1 = init / lset * 1000000
lpoint1balance = lpoint1 – 1000000

result = init, baselimiter, lset, easepoint, subdivide, lset / init, init / lset, limitconverto1, infalatetoinput, forwardlimit, lpoint1, lpoint1balance
result = 0 if result == 0.5 else result

End of code*********

baselimiter will calculate for ***L3 , lpointbalance or init / lset will calculate for ***L1
L2 is not yet defined

noteable ratios = .85714


300000000 – sun to earth diameter, radius 150000000
3000000 – L2 diameter, radius 1500000
768000- earth to moon diameter, radius 384400

Known calculations for earth to moon:
652800 – L1 – 326400 km
897800 – L2 – 448900 km
763400 – L3 – 381700 km

Calculations made by this formula for earth to moon:
L1 – 337916.9286208069 km
L2 –
L3 – 37785554.56 km

384472.282  is current measured distance from Earth to Moon in km
Calculated distance for moon in km by this formula = 37401154.56

Calculating Earth to moon Lagrange points, starting with Sun to earth, earth to moon, and sun to earth radius. Please remember that these numbers vary in the real world as orbits are completed. They are not supposed to be static numbers.
At some point this will lead to being able to calculate the over time numbers. It can be done with perfect accuracy, that will take time to figure out.

Enter IN: 299209236.48 – Sun to earth diameter
Enter N: 768800 – Earth to moon diameter
Enter NP: 149604618.24 – Sun to earth radius/distance from center points
(149604618.24, 37785554.56, 111819063.68, 1118190.6368, 0.37371528030176404, 0.7474305606035281, 1.3379169286208068, 1.0, 299209236.48, 299209236.48, 1337916.928620807, 337916.9286208069, 419060.55529411766)
***L3 calculated as 37785554.56 ***L1 calculated as 337916.9286208069

Calculating best distance of moon (easepoint): Sun to earth, to moon

Enter IN: 299209236.48
Enter N: 149604618.24
Enter NP: 149604618.24
(149604618.24, 112203463.68, 37401154.56, 374011.5456, 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0, 299209236.48, 299209236.48, 4000000.0, 3000000.0, 419060.55529411766)

***384472.282 – current measured distance for moon in km

Calculated distance for moon in km by this formula = 37401154.56


Note that this does not include the ratios for planets between the sun and earth. I am still working out how to do that. This is plenty to show that I am on the right path.

Enter IN: 185920000
Enter N: 92900000
Enter NP: 92900000
(92960000.0, 69675000.0, 23285000.0, 232850.0, 0.1252420395869191, 0.2504840791738382, 3.9922697015245867, 1.0, 185920000.0, 185920000.0)

***238900 – current measured distance for moon in miles

Calculated distance for moon in miles by this formula = 232850.0,


Reminder: Please download the text file. It is MUCH easier to read.

Calculating best distance for Jupiters moons Sun to Jupiter, to moon

1557201254.4 diameter around sun (perfect circle)
778600627.2 (radius from sun)

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 778600627.2
Enter NP: 778600627.2
(778600627.2, 583950470.4000001, 194650156.79999995, 1946501.5679999995, 0.12499999999999996, 0.24999999999999992, 4.000000000000001, 0.9999999999999999, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.3999999, 4000000.000000001, 3000000.000000001, 2180954.137815126)
3759426 ***1879713 – current measured distance for farthest moon (Callisto) in km

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 1879713
Enter NP: 3759426 (Diameter for Callisto to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 1879713.0, 776720914.2, 7767209.142000001, 0.4987928901324163, 0.9975857802648326, 1.002420062297326, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1002420.062297326, 2420.062297326047, 2180954.137815126)

***1,070,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Ganymede) in km 2*420 = 840, 1879713 – 840000 is 1039713 ***
***This formula calculated 1,102,993. (1879713-776720=***1102993) and (1946501-776720=***1169781) 1,070,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Callisto) in km

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 1102993 (Radius from Ganymede to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 2205986 (Diameter for Ganymede to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 1102993.0, 777497634.2, 7774976.342, 0.4992916824354698, 0.9985833648709396, 1.001418644831164, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1001418.6448311639, 1418.6448311639251, 2180954.137815126)
1*418 = 418, 1070000 – 418000 – is 652000***
1*418 = 418, 1102993 – 418000 – is 684993***
1*418 = 418, 1169781 – 418000 – is 751781***
671,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Europa) in km

Enter IN: 778600627.2 (using radius because there are more moons in orbit now)
Enter N: 1102993 (Radius from Ganymede Jupiter)
Enter NP: 2205986 (Diameter for Ganymede to Jupiter
(389300313.6, 1102993.0, 388197320.6, 3881973.2060000002, 0.49858336487093957, 0.9971667297418791, 1.0028413204869504, 1.0, 778600627.2, 778600627.2, 1002841.3204869505, 2841.3204869504552, 1090477.068907563)
***671,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Europa) in km
***This formula calculated 681,803. (1070000-388197=***681803) and (1169781-388197=***781584)

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 681803 (Radius from Europa to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 1363606 (Diameter for Europa to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 681803.0, 777918824.2, 7779188.242000001, 0.4995621612825744, 0.9991243225651488, 1.0008764449178886, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1000876.4449178886, 876.4449178886134, 2180954.137815126)
***876,000-671,000 = 205,000
***671,000-205,000 = 466,000
422,000 is current measured distance from from Jupiter (IO) in km

Enter IN: 389300313.5 (divided radius by 2 to account for additional body)
Enter N: 681803 (Radius from Europa to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 1363606 (Diameter for Europa to Jupiter)
(194650156.75, 681803.0, 193968353.75, 1939683.5375, 0.4982486451298478, 0.9964972902596956, 1.003515021841546, 0.9999999999999999, 389300313.5, 389300313.49999994, 1003515.021841546, 3515.021841546055, 545238.5343137255)
***422,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (IO) in km
***This formula calculated 477,032. (671000-193968=***477,032) and (781584-193968=***587,616)

Enter IN: 483800000
Enter N: 241900000
Enter NP: 241900000
(241900000.0, 181425000.0, 60475000.0, 604750.0, 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0, 483800000.0, 483800000.0)
***1208500 – unsure why this needs to be doubled for miles, but not km – guessing it has to do with the ratio function
***1168000 current measured distance for farthest moon (Callisto) in miles



Note that this does not include the ratios for planets between the sun and jupiter. I am still working out how to do that to increase accuracy. This is plenty to show that I am on the right path.

Essentially, this is a form of Fourier transform for planetary/large body orbits.


Page 30:

11/5/18 Re-creating Photosynthesis (CO2 Cleaning):

We’ve recently discovered something which proves we can reduce CO2 to a non-carbonate state, and that it can be done inorganically.

What makes this important? It shows that there are ways to affect electron counts somewhat easily (that is, once you get the tunings and materials correct).


What will it take?

It might be possible with Sodium Carbonate, Sodium, Charcoal (for confinement/ionization) (It needs to be tested.)

Confinement tubes



Geiger counters

A laser, or more likely a natural light source (to cover more spectrum locations)

Some magnifying glasses

Some small spherical pieces

Knowledge of the kelvin water dropper


I am proposing that CO2 can be altered through simply running CO2 up into a kelvin water mechanism. The initial state of CO2 can be altered, or excited at points through the use of an electron probe mechanism used to read radiation levels (geiger counter); where the probe itself is used to enact a path in which electrons follow throughout the process. Along the way, this leads to quantum confinement through small secretion points from air (CO2) to water (CO2 being passed into H2O), with light or laser being directed towards the input, and output points between each process; with sodium or sodium carbonate being used to further ionize, and pull apart the electron counts; in turn changing the state of CO2. This works because there are materials included throughout the process which allow for attachments and change in structure. Each water tank can include spherical pieces used to further contain (through exclusion) both electrons, and adjust the phasing, and strength of direction for light. Where even the charge of the water helps to pull things apart.

This is essentially a form of electron osmosis done through the same mechanisms found in a plant. Light could be further rectified using silver reflectors leading up to the point of entry into the H2O. Sugar may also be something to consider as a material to include.

Update (11/26/18) More new proof that this is feasible:

Light-activated, single-ion catalyst breaks down carbon dioxide:

The catalyst article proves without a doubt that this theory had been correct.

Square formats in nature are found due to phase interactions (cancellations) at peak cycle points for atomic structure; ionized interactions – why you find salt in squares. This is also why ionizations tend to lead to either attachment or dispersal of atomic states. Why CO2 can be cleaned.

Here is an explanation of photosynthesis

Here is how the spheres in water would help

Page 31:

The Social Act Of Change:

I have come to a point where I have seen some inklings of unsustainable misdirection as a whole within our science, and political community.

Something which has grown apparent to me is the competitive nature of our professional system, which has lead us to a path of self-destructive behavior towards the species.

One might consider why I have continued to even post scientific endeavors with such a strong wall placed against me. When there are clear indications that the information I have been giving has been and will continue to be placed under the mirage of having been ignored by the community, when in fact the information is being used without credit to the source; as has become apparent in the countless news articles which will be posted and are being posted using these theories (even though there is a continued attempt to apply old physics to why it works).

If one could prove that is not true, I would be excited to know that there is hope in our system yet.

In so doing (the act of posting theory – proven at this point), I have discovered that the competitive nature is tunable, or direct-able. Which allows me to ensure the outcome of our future regardless of the belief of the group. As the competitive need – though disillusioned drives the race for discovery. Having said that, it would be just as exigent to include all beings; and set up a system in which to openly discuss all issues and theory as lab experiments are completed; as we do have the resources (network) to do so. There are likely many brilliant minds out there who do not have the access to our gated community, one which I am standing outside of myself.

Something of which to be said about that; this information is not something which will not come out at some point. Regardless of how many discoveries are made without reference to this, it has now been engrained into the minds of those I have sent it to, regardless of whether they believe it or not, there are small parts of it which will come out when the right question is introduced. — our technology has also led us to the point of impossibility for this not to be found by future communities.

This does too add to the behavior of the community in part that it has now become known to our future who has chosen to misappropriate this information. It has become a teaching method in what not to do as a society, as all publications are becoming permanent, and this will one day be found. Where there will become specific examples of incorrect behavior – or what not to do in such a situation.

This is true due to the fact that this information will soon cause a great shift in scientific, social, and political understandings, in such that it entirely changes our physical vision of the universe. To such an extent that it proves atomic wave patterns can one day be pulled apart (measured) to determine exact instances of occurrence for both past and future. It proves paralyzation is curable, cancer is curable, global warming can be stopped, and that we are in control of our kingdom; that we ourselves are those who will create it, and we ourselves can choose whether or not to do so. It proves that we are not alone, and if for whatever reason we are the only living species now, we will not be for long. This is comparable to pulling a society from the middle ages straight into the information age in one day. It will scare you when you have the first moment of comprehension for what this subject actually entails if you are a scientist who is still using the old system when it happens for you.

Page 32:

11/29/18 Enlightenment:

There are some things that should be said about the state of our mental affairs; and the universe as a whole.

I will begin with how these theories started. I’ve had help.

Some would call it the all seeing eye. Some would call it the pink lady. Some would say god. Some would say psychic connection. Some would say paranormal. Some would say coincidence, freemasons – Some would call it the knights templar. There are so many faces to it.

It’s all the same, and the world is littered with clues. This started when I began to actually improve with my music, I had been working on it for years, and I had noticed that I started to experience some out of the ordinary things (I was vetted), by people in the industry. This is what some might consider a rude awakening. It is done to make you aware of the existence of an outside force. You will often see in movies the reference to such an act as “waking up”, or the glass breaking before a big event. These are references to old moments in other movies, or artworks, or moments in time, and an attempt at subliminal messaging; attempted enlightenment. The messaging is pretty dumb when you understand it.

It is the black square in Space Odyssey forcing you to think. It’s the random answer yes from a stranger to what you were thinking, when you never said anything out loud. It is the symbol for enlightenment; seeing a green helmet, or reference to grass-roots at just the right moment. It is finally seeing something literally hiding in plain sight. This is incredibly apparent in Netflix movies and shows nowadays. They seem to be on a huge stint for it. You can even find references to what I am doing; using words like AO, Harris, Ariso and references to names of songs I have written, notebook entries, etc. There are a lot of these in 2017-18 shows. I wish I could say there weren’t but there are. It’s all a part of the culture (and it’s gross), and I am not the only one they have attempted to do this with. Subliminal messaging is everywhere. Don’t worry, I am harmless, not afraid or paranoid.

It’s not just present things. You can find references to what I am doing right now all over from anywhere in time, as it is done through communication of coincidence, in that the writer of such art allows themselves to be used to send a message. You can see it in some of the symbols I made as art, or you can see it in some of the notebook pictures I have; none of those were done on purpose. They just happened. The paper I covered an old picture with looks like the cloth over liberties eyes; the pyramids representing atomic wave patterns (shells); stonehenge being a reference to light lensing, and wave formats. Crop circles being a reference to math I am discovering right now. It’s in the 3 body problem books. Pretty much all over those. I had to stop reading them after the second because it got so annoying. I even took numbers from one of the chapters to make this video:


Time doesn’t matter to our future, and if there was anything that was there when we were new as a society (“other beings”), they would have been able to predict a lot of what is happening now, or view it in such a way that would allow them to place references before-hand to what will happen. It’s likely we also do have a creator, and that we reach a point where we are their equals. It is necessary for us to accept this information in order to move forwards as a culture. We have so many separate groups of “believers”, and some that try to hide themselves thinking they are doing us any good.

I am not the only person who is subtly referenced to throughout history.

Here’s the thing. It isn’t always done knowingly. Many of these people have “experienced god” so to say, and what they do is they write about it, they think we aren’t allowed to talk about it, because it will make us look crazy. — so they write it off as science fiction, or only leave small hints to what they experienced, and put it in their art. When you know, you know. First off, that god probably doesn’t even want to be a god, but wants us to realize we are supposed to become our own gods. It’s more than likely us influencing some things subtly from a point in the future. I’ve proven this will become possible, with all my math and stuff. Oh by the way, this is all over the bible too. The bible seems to be a bit of a joke.

When someone uses this information for inspiration, or allows the influence of an outside force, it allows us to speak with it. It allows us to take that information and use it to our advantage. This is ok, it’s where I got all these science ideas in the first place. We are being assisted, or so it would seem. What these people don’t realize is that by using this to write movies, poetry, or music, they are creating something which is not unique, and is not theirs. What they make is strictly to communicate a message to someone who is genuinely going to use the information in front of them. It also means we need to start looking for ways to be our own culture, with no neutral influencer at all. We may find that other species have even been contacted by the same being one day. It will help us to start to piece together the clues so we have something to bring up when that happens.

There’s some cheesy proof of this in music so I have to post it here so you can start to see for yourself.

It’s in songs like Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Far more shocking
Than anything I ever knew
How about you?
Ten more reasons”

I don’t think they wrote any songs that didn’t at least once reference this information or perceived “god/spirit”. Bob Dylan wrote about it a lot “if you see her say hello (pink lady)”, Led Zeppelin pretty much only wrote about just that (stairway to heaven), Pink Floyds song Shine On is basically a mockery of it, and kind of disgusting when you understand this. It’s everywhere in music, Nirvana is covered in it. It leads up to music today, and big name poets. This is going to upset a lot of people, because all of these people knew, but never really did anything. Or it won’t upset anyone at all, because they are using it, and will just ignore this thinking it probably won’t get anywhere. They were put there for someone else to actually try. Maybe they just accepted that? I don’t know. I wish they hadn’t.

It is upsetting because everyone used it to live their lives without truly helping anyone else. Our society (First World Countries) are the gated neighborhoods of the world. I doubt these people would even be willing to admit it. That’s why I am saying it.

Or in otherwords, their greed is being used. It isn’t just in art. It happens all over. This is how America was founded (hence the all seeing eye). There was a belief in god, and that the entity behind the curtain would help with our freedom, and from what I can tell it was, and still is helping us move towards a capable society. Trump most likely got his job so that we could take a huge leap forwards in equality. A negative can equate to a huge movement. Believe me there is that level of influence when you have the technology to make it look like something else. It would be indistinguishable from magic.

It remained a secret society for so long, because there was always the belief that those involved were doing good. It isn’t actually a society, but just individuals subliminally communicating with each-other. The real “illuminated ones” don’t meet up or even really care about the illuminati, but they do know of their existence, and believe they are listening to god through coincidence.

You might find yourself surprised if you open yourself to listening to the universe, and paying attention to coincidence more often. You might have even noticed something speaking to you in these paragraphs. The thing is, we are at a point where we need to take our own control over things, and work with the outside forces, instead of under them. That’s the whole point of it all anyways.

We will never take the next step if nobody comes out and publicly talks about the experiences with the unknown they have had. Especially if they have a podium to stand on. I hope that you do. I have.

This is where we live. Please care for it, get rid of your ideas for marketing, and stop paying attention to people who don’t actually want real change. Don’t listen to these musicians, these artists, or writers, but yourself, and look for equality. We are pursuing the wrong things. I regret ever having wanting to survive on music before I found out what was really out there, and how far we were away from what was needed to allow it.

Page 33:

11/30/18 Wave Formats Continued

Splitting Wave Patterns – Visualizing Ionization & Why Radiation Is Effective Against Cancer (Brief Visualization)

Splitting Wave Patterns – Visualizing Ionization & Why Radiation Is Effective Against Cancer (Full Video)

This video also shows the importance of Vortices

Page 34:

12/7/18 Translation For Old Laws:

When you vibrate and send current through copper, the excited group states of the copper atoms follow the Hertz equivalent to the wave which the new current produces. This is due to phase compatibility at peak amplitudes. It is a high frequency, high interval wave appropriating along a low frequency, low interval wave. Often the low wave is a longer across wave. The length is just due to the time needed for the cycle to complete itself. Higher intervals allow for faster completion; leading to more regular or abundant cancelations.

This is the same as electrons following the earths wave (magnet field).

When you twist the copper into a coil, the vibrational states amplify against each-other, because you have equal length distances for each completed circuit within the coil. The atomic wave patterns follow wave cycles too, as do all other atoms surrounding these group structures. This twisting of the copper wire is what scientists currently call superposition, and why superposition is not the correct term. There are many little imperfections along that atomic wave. This is what we think about as quantum physics. Quantum physics is hardly any different from understanding wave patterns and how they relate to atoms. (see my BB explantation in “other”).

All of those little atoms have poles, and polarities which can shift and change.

I have to tell you that I am referring to some already known laws right now. I am no longer going to use law names because they are mostly all too old, and some aren’t even right at all. It’s up to you to figure out which law this is. Some of the names are unavoidable.

When you make the coil, and you amplify the little waves inside, you create a new current wave against all of the surrounding space. This is just like using a mag in actual space. Now that you have a new Hz wave – based on the oscillations of the coil, due to its radius and atomic structure, and the Hz of the current you sent through it; you have a magnet field. This is called induction. You can use that magnet field against other magnet fields, but only if they are in opposing phase, because of our movement through space, and because of the movement of the waves which compete in the earth to produce that phase as well.

Now you can then take that new current (mag) you created to create another current – separately, which is only based on the new current. It is done by putting a coil around the new current (field), and now you have repeated the process. You can oscillate all fields this way, and you can make them oscillate themselves.

This is why hot water rises by creating condensation – through a means of consistent outwards rectification, it’s why we need to introduce an imperfection into cold water in order to get it to freeze – as the atoms need poles to magnetize to. I don’t need to walk on water to explain to you why the bible is not what you think it is.

We are going to need to focus on atoms with enough wave peaks in order to better produce desired effects. There is too much chance for a bruised heart otherwise.

This is how scientific information has been passed along through countless centuries. That sentence is reference to Edward Leedskalnin, and the “Sweet Sixteen”, which is stated to not even be a girl anyways.

This “Sweet Sixteen” is reference to Exodus 30, in which the nature of atomic phases is given through reference to what we have recently completed in scientific experiment.

“Exodus 30 “Make an altar of acacia wood for burning incense. 2 It is to be square, a cubit long and a cubit wide, and two cubits high[a]—its horns of one piece with it. 3 Overlay the top and all the sides and the horns with pure gold, and make a gold molding around it. 4 Make two gold rings for the altar below the molding—two on each of the opposite sides—to hold the poles used to carry it. 5 Make the poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. 6 Put the altar in front of the curtain that shields the ark of the covenant law—before the atonement cover that is over the tablets of the covenant law—where I will meet with you.

7 “Aaron must burn fragrant incense on the altar every morning when he tends the lamps. 8 He must burn incense again when he lights the lamps at twilight so incense will burn regularly before the Lord for the generations to come. 9 Do not offer on this altar any other incense or any burnt offering or grain offering, and do not pour a drink offering on it. 10 Once a year Aaron shall make atonement on its horns. This annual atonement must be made with the blood of the atoning sin offering[b] for the generations to come. It is most holy to the Lord.””

Note that this is also reference to the Garfield coil I made a couple days ago. I hadn’t read this passage until yesterday.

In the King James version, the Incense is referred to as “Sweet Incense” 7 And Aaron shall burn thereon sweet incense every morning: when he dresseth the lamps, he shall burn incense upon it.

This is the experiment we completed showing that gold faces can be melted without changing temperature. It’s no different from bouncing waves off another to adjust the field. I shouldn’t need to explain to you why this is one of the most important discoveries in science, and why it proves the wave state of space. Space-time was a mistake. We have no actual proof of its existence. The reality of it is – moving from one galaxy or planet to another, at high speeds will affect the electromagnetic state of atoms, and nothing more. It’s the same as walking out your door to your neighbors house. Besides the external states which tug on the timing (wave-cycle) of the structures which hold you together. Time is only a result of the cycle, and location (memory).
Image from the website (not mine)

I must inform you that this is not a gift from me to you, or from past scientists and travelers to you. I have been helped in that I have been taught no different than from how you went to school, and I am still learning. This is a gift to our species. Today is the day that the LORD (NULL) rested, as they have given me the opportunity to speak for them. No individual will have the capability to this knowledge without attempt to comprehend and include, and those who attempt to use this information with current understandings will fail. The Lord is not what you think it is.