Comprehending Incomprehensible (Page 8)

This is a legacy notebook. All pages are considerably outdated now, and have been left to allow those with questions of their own to see how I was able to develop into my final conclusions. All theory has been closed/verified and I have moved onto the foundational Binary values found in more recent works.

9/6/18 Comprehending incomprehensible

Page 8:

How do you describe to a person who has never seen before and is blind the attributes and purpose of a mirror?

You would need to redefine your communications with this person. This is your face, and how you feel it with your hands. It is a measurement. This is the distance from your nose to your cheek, this is the location of your eyes, your brow, your lips. A mirror is all of this. It is the combination of all of these pieces presented to us at once.

The mirror itself is my description to you of what I feel if I run my hands across your own face. It is that information being sent to me to give back to you. You can understand a mirror, because you can understand what I have described. It is the relay of information. I can even describe it without touching, as my capabilities are not quite the same, but I may need to do so in order to give you a more accurate understanding. —

— You can understand this, because we have previously established a set of rules in which to describe each location. I can tell that it should be a similar physical view because we have together established a description of what these locations are to you.

You could say; This mirror is light for others who do see with their eyes. It is the capability of seeing the description another way, and in a way it is another object giving us this information – but in essence it is the same. You may say to your friend that; You do know that light exists, and that you now understand what it does for us, because you have felt it on your face when you went outside, and you also know that there are times where light is not there, because at those times you did not. In a way you do now understand what it is like to see, because you now understand what it is to view a mirror. But do not be offended because you do not.

And do not be fooled, because warmth does not always indicate that there is light, and cold will not always indicate that there is not. Rather allow yourself to use this information to think that our sight is too reliant on the relay of data. Now we can discuss emission.

I am beginning to feel as if our actual view points as a species are comparable to those as if you were living inside of the mirror, alone — and that we are only seeing pieces which are far more complicated than outward appearance, and will require new definitions in order to understand. Where we may never see the answer in its truest form, and that the majority of what we can currently comprehend is the outcome or outputs of an interior input where the inputs do not describe the output in its completed state, or that we are at a point where we will begin to find there are more inputs than previously thought, and that a full and perpetual change in perspective and attempted comprehension is required.