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Combination of sciences

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Are there any parts of the universe which wait for perfect pairing instead of taking the path integral? Best path? Path with no history?

Which types of objects might piggyback off of our existence where it did not have a tangible state before, in order to read/determine its own locations in reference to spacial location and time passed within the universe?

Are there any objects which end in a permanent state as a result of past interactions? Any interactions which may detriment its capability? Bruised heart? Any which disappear? (Overuse), (non-need), (error consumption)

IE: Can it be repaired? Given a long enough timeline might it be absorbed by something else? Might something act as a clotting mechanism for non functioning objects? (What is dark matter by the way?)

Could there be flock like behaviors which seek out unused objects or objects which do not presently have a meaning or application, or lost energy? Objects which are waiting to be brought back out of their permanent state, or given new functions (the flock function)? Could the function be to allow for more efficient searching for such objects? (Self sustaining) (consider coding) – Would such a function require a limit or threshold to activate its own decay? Does this balance itself out? The need for constant expansion? Without self consumption?

Is the nonexistent state a state? As long as it’s been measured to have had existence before we weren’t able to measure it anymore, there is a measurement to the nonexistence in comparison to the present (measurement of what’s missing).

If we could find a way to read something from another room by taking measurements of all other things, does this also not mean that that thing does not exist in any tangible state ever? As in all determinations of existence of any one thing are a determination of outcome of variables?

A good likening to me for general thought with regards to this current view is how we store inventory information in video games; where time does not exist for the item, but rather a point in which it exists (IE: Once it is there, it’s there). It can be recalled regardless of its location in time because it is all yeses and no’s; unless a previous character file is saved (and recalled for that matter) – meaning it both exists for that character, and it does not – that there is also the storage of a version of that character in which no item was ever obtained (time). Though this does also confuse things quite a bit. Which types of objects might piggyback off of an existence where it did not have a tangible state before?

If you set a clock in your bedroom a minute ahead of the clock in your living room, do you not then provide yourself with an opening to already know the exact location of the atoms which present to you the time on that clock a minute before they change their state? Does this not then allow you to determine the location of all other static objects within that room?

Does this not show that we are capable of inter-host calculations, where all determinations are a combination of variables which lead to the location of objects you are currently measuring? Where there may be separation of state, due to the combination of what had come before? Where many things can be housed separately within the whole?

Is gravity particle swarm optimization?