Societal Growth And Fetishism As A Result Of Forced Acceptance (Page 27)

This is a legacy notebook. All pages are considerably outdated now, and have been left to allow those with questions of their own to see how I was able to develop into my final conclusions. All theory has been closed/verified and I have moved onto the foundational Binary values found in more recent works.

11/17/18 Page 27:

Societal Growth And Fetishism As A Result Of Forced Acceptance (Page 27)

Regarding evolution towards a bipedal/more humane state:

May have started with monkey which was capable of pleasurable sexual stimulation (orgasm). Would lead to increased will for sex and more birth/creation of a society in which birth/sex rates compounded. More monkeys equals new societal needs > equals innovation. Our ability to stand/use tools would have been in part the result of sexual competence/intelligence/compatibility where growth results would have benefited from male size both sexually and for physical dominance; where the desire for stimulation lead to increasing size of the pack. Even more desirable would have then been males which had levels of emotional or stimulus understanding.

This was also dependent on outside factors such as atomic structures; diet, and conditions. It may not have been the main deciding factor, but would have played a large role when involved with the freedom to exponentially increase growth of the herd.

Part of the issue with society at the moment is that we are still using these primitive mental structures to actuate what we believe are our needs as a society; when in truth it will take not just emotional and positional equality, but also the pursuit of physical equality for both male compared to male, and female compared to female in order to evolve as a society.

Not a single person chooses their body or to be here. They should be allowed to change themselves as they see fit, and expect that the equality given by such capabilities generate a well balanced state within the herd. Competition turns more towards that of the mental state over all others.

We are a herd. We aren’t able to become a truly equal group within the mental state if there are unobtainable differences from person to person because we will ultimately seek others in an unbalanced manner.

This is also made apparent by the sexual fetishes a society may develop during a given period. There is nothing wrong with sexual desires, but the society should keep in touch with the understanding of where each desire or fetish comes from, that being that a fetish typically results from an attempt to block things unobtainable, or unavoidable from the mind.

For example: cuckholding. This can be seen through many American social media sites, and was even used as an insult during our recent election. This is a prevalent indicator that far too many people have begun to feel or are in a place of desire for something which they cannot physically obtain, or did not have available to them as a circumstance of their birth. This does not lead to a form of acceptance, but only that of complacency due to the non-understanding that it is their birth which was not their choice.

There is no equality in sharing unless the consenting parties are truly equal. This ties in with societies current obsession with voyuerism, fortune, and the size and shapes of both male and female genitalia; where the benefits of natural selection are no longer totally benefiting the evolution of the species.

Many will indicate that you get what you are given when the reality of it is that we were given the ability to change all of this. We have begun to use our inequalities as a means of forced acceptance or ways to make money.

There is no uniqueness without choice.