To Correct Our Understanding Of Space (Page 24)

This is a legacy notebook. All pages are considerably outdated now, and have been left to allow those with questions of their own to see how I was able to develop into my final conclusions. All theory has been closed/verified and I have moved onto the foundational Binary values found in more recent works.

Page 24:

To correct our understanding of space 11/10/18

If space is the function of a wave; which is known as a fact, due to the measured properties of atoms and their structures, it seems likely that things will eventually come to a stop. This means that the vacuum of space itself may not ultimately come to be determined as the superconductive state for light, but rather that light travels through the vacuum at alternating speeds dependent on the excitement of objects around it – this is also known and has been observed. As theorized in my notebook some couple of months ago, this is the final proof that space-time is not existent. This is due to the calculable state of all waves once the initial point has been determined. All objects are functions of wave properties. Their state is deterministic based on the initial wave-cycle, and all subsequent points thereafter.

This is especially true when you begin to introduce competing forces. Any sound technician or designer could easily understand this. Unfortunately, it was missed because we did not pay enough attention to wave states. This may also one day prove to show that things will come to a slow, but that there are many consecutive big bangs, and that we are not the first point of creation in this universe.

We must also remember at all times that we have discovered superconductive forces. This state has proven that the third law of thermo-dynamics is incorrect.

We must consider that the perceivable universe is that of visible light from our known big-bang point, and that there are in fact other points of creation which may have sent items towards our own galaxy, that there may be much older objects than ever conceived. This is further defined in my notebook as the possible explanation to gravitational lensing of light independent of space-time. Later I realized it was mostly due to overall rectification through multiple group processes.

The main thing to take away from this and a key indicator of the wave state is that throughout the universe all known galaxies are found in disc formats. Solar systems also tend to appear in disc format. This being true, is a visual representation of sine waves. I have included a video to show this. This is the suitable phase state for motion of a sine in order to maintain its amplitude balance. This further implicates that the state of space itself is that of a dormant wave, or wave which allows ease of amplification, rectification, or influence. This also explains the recent confusion surrounding the Oumuamua comet which will be explained later in this page. This is found to explain and satisfy issues with CPT physics theory. This is also another proof that string theory is not correct, but was so very close to what this is.

What do I mean about the explanation of CPT? What is happening with electron pathways is the appropriation along the combined positional state between all atoms, the state of the wave format in which our planet is found, and all other phase states within the planet. Objects created in one atmosphere may behave differently when in the vicinity of other atmospheres; large or small, solar or atomic.

What this means is that there is an overall direction in which currents will appropriate in any system large or small; as proven through superconductivity, in that once the ideal phase state is found, there is a desired direction. — much like wrapping a switch wire around the secondary wire in a circuit in order to induce a phase cancellation.

This is further proven through the dancing T-handle in space. And very apparent in the changing tilt of the earths axis.

One must understand and consider that the state of vacuum is not inherently different than the superconductive state; as witnessed in the levitation of superconductive objects relative to the phase state of the atmosphere which has produced the superconductive state itself. This is the standing wave, or perfectly phased wave group.

The alternation of axis, or perceived moments of inertia are not inertia, but rather the influence of the wave state of the planet earth along with the state of surrounding space.

The wave state of space is what allows for appropriation of gravitational waves; which are themselves an amplification of the state of space and the objects within. This also shows that it is possible to have a low decay state in vacuums, or longer release, allowing for travel of a wave. Reminder, we do already know this to be true at atomic levels. All objects are interaction no different from each-other, but only based on the combination of states on the smaller scale, leading to larger group wave states on solar, galactic, and greater scales.

Amplifications lead to opening and closing of “natural” circuits. You will need to rethink your conception of space, and see it as an undefined circuit, or very easily influenced circuit. Where we witness low conductivity in the vacuum itself due to its low base wave state. You also find light to be rectified down to a specific level of interaction when passing out of an atmosphere into the state of the vacuum; however, the state within our own galaxy is an amplified, and excited state itself. This is why Oumuamua was able to speed up as it moved through our galaxy. As it exits, it reaches the final stages of decay for the overall wave function of our own galaxy; and the material make-up, and wave function of the comet itself is inherently different based on where it had been created.

These drawings are somewhat crude, but they produce a coherent representation of what is actually occurring outside of the earths atmosphere. Overall a balance is ultimately found through consistent, alternating of phase states. This is comparable to understanding that a program on a computer is the function of an electrical circuit.

Please also note that the video above is a visual calculation done through the combination of systems written in the synth, and DAW format. What you are seeing is a series of numbers.