Fundamental Questions About Atomic Structures (Page 19)

5/3/19 and later: If you found this from an old twitter or forum post, please review current posts. This information is still relevant, but has been refined in greater detail and with more tested proof.

10/14/18 Page 19:

In order to better comprehend this subject, please ensure that you are familiar with silicon doping, and consider why such a process is so similar to the combination of cells/vitamins in the body. Please be aware that everything is reliant on electron fields/counts. This is a well known fact.

I have also updated this post with additional proof towards this concept further below, titled; “Connections We Are Missing” 10/20/18. Please see (***) notation for immediate explanation. 10/28/18

What is all this? The second column would be the beginning to cancerous formations. This starts from a fault in orbits, and leads to build up and clutter/combination of cells and orbits, and loss of path for properly functioning cells/build up because the cancerous object is in the path. This is due to loss of limitation on electromagnetic fields, and forced interactions, and too many electrons in one place.

Limiting function can be broken if pushed too far/orbit lost or misappropriated if too much traffic.

Cancer starts in the same way as how Tokamak fusion reactors go wrong.

I have nothing against fusion research at the moment, but if you need to picture what causes cancer, all you need to do is your own research in particle behavior in these reactors. To clearly understand the similarities, know that the fusion reactors we currently use utilize particle collisions, which is horribly inefficient. These collisions are the result of closed circuits and improper shapes. As we have known for some time now, these types of reactors, and forced paths are often too much to keep orbits stable, and particles wind up completely out of their orbits. This is exactly what kind of reaction starts cancer inside of our bodies. I do not in any way mean that these reactors are causing it, but that it is the same description of how the electrons are behaving within cancerous cells.

This is why radiation works. The frequency variance alters the cluttered locations/electrons enough in many instances, but sometimes it is not enough.

The human body is one large closed atomic circuit. Our lungs, and stomachs are our inputs and the foods we break down are the inputs as well which keep atomic structures “fed”. There is no real difference between this and a torus reactor, or any fusion circuit for that matter.

Cancer or other issues begin with one cell losing its ability to function, which affects the cells around it, but it can be fixed, or the broken cell can be dispersed.

Please note that these are all articles proving that cancer is happening because of internal electromagnetics. This is very real. Our cells aren’t smart. They are group functions.

This stemmed from this question:

What if our bodies pull electrons from magnesium and iron or other heavy, or even non-heavy substances when ingested/broken down? Or what if these objects entering our systems at too high or too low an amount affect the internal magnetic forces in our body (I already believe they do, but have to ask the question so you can think about it more), and having too much of it causes cell clustering similar to combinations of basic structures at the beginning of the universe; where the body begins to create structures due to atomic changes?; but also having too little causes lack in needed objects at the atomic level to function properly as well? Where fluctuation can actually be beneficial?

What I am saying is it is possible, and seemingly likely that doing something as simple as rotating magnetics, at specific frequency combinations and levels around cancerous objects may force a reset in the magnetic functions of that cell, or put it into a state that will allow easier dispersal. It may be broken in the first place because of loss of electrons, or objects which keep its magnetic state in tact. I believe it would have better results if done with fields run around the cell and not placing the cell inside of an already generated field.

Some more proof of concept here. Note that electrons produce radiation when put through MRI functions. There is a clear connection to this idea, and the fact that this happens in actual tests. There are many ways this needs to be tested with cancerous formations.

This is why I also believe if we can find a way to safely ionize cells it will help to disperse with high frequency radiation. It might just put it into a state which allows destruction of the cell, or consummation by the others to allow for overall dispersal.

***Essentially what this would do; is create a cellular (magnetic) variation of quantum confinement; in which the rotation of more than 1 external field is used to press on the interior electromagnetic fields of the cells (atomically structured cell walls). This forces the cellular electron field into a state in which it does not normally operate and allows it a chance to “reset” its function. Doing so with proper radiation phasing and interval may help to improve the results, but ultimately we should be able to prove that it is possible to do using magnetics alone. We may also be able to use insertable devices as an addition to the process (electron probes) to extend atomic circuits and improve results.

This is a very similar, and much safer concept as compared to how hyperthermia helps improve cancer treatment.


“Ultrafast manipulation of mirror domain walls in a charge density wave”

“Unstable cosmic domain walls may decay and produce observable radiation.”

“Understanding mNP Hyperthermia for cancer treatment at the cellular scale”


Here is something newly determined effective; which follows the exact principles I have described. The article states that the treatment works because the cancer is “roughed up” by chemo-therapy, allowing for the immune response to help; when in reality, it has affected electron counts, locations, and structure; allowing for the auto-matic; atomic function of the immune system to attach and enact its function. The immune system recognizes what needs to be done based on structures at a far smaller scale than anyone seems to be looking into.


Magnesium w/ regards to learning disabilities, and path/current appropriation in brain
update 11/9/18: this has now been proven, and linked via zinc
Something to note, I sent this information to the authors (website – for this, and it was ignored multiple times, and now they are posting an article about it.

Cancer, igfbp1 + glucose buildup and insulin issues

Think about why electron excitement would lead to skin cancer

Objects that change color from heat

Symmetry of human body, symmetry of dna

Garlic compared to yeast

Here is pretty much a literal representation of this theory working. There isn’t much else to say after seeing this:

Update 11/13/18, there is more to say:
pictured below:

To aid in the flow of electrons (we should experiment with electron stints). The overall cell wall can be affected by the flow of the atomic wave format. As can be the entire body.

(pictured) Is like static wave combinations (you will need to understand wave functions in general at the atomic level). Essentially this picture is a basic visualization of cell structures. The overall functions of combinations of any vitamin or cell are that of waves, which you can think of as small vibrations or static. There is no getting around this. It is how atomic structures work. You will need to give in to allowance of this information in order to accept that this will be effective. Again, this is proven. I don’t need to go over it with you.

Anyways, these wave combinations can be more or less determined with the Fourier transforms, though the current format for the formulas are somewhat old and inefficient. I am still getting around to rewriting them. It will take time. I don’t have any specified time to complete that. You don’t need it rewritten to figure this out.

If you don’t understand please contact me to ask, or read explanations on wave functions throughout this site.

Cells and vitamins are comprised entirely of waves, as is this entire universe. Cancer is a function of combinations of compatible waves. Where the group will include additional waves when they come into contact due to plausible phase states and frequency variants of the “atom”.

This is due to cancer being the broken combination of possible wave states. The atomic structure is not comprised of separate electrons, but rather a spherical wave state, with specific amplitudes, or more prominent peaks in wave-cycle; as shown in the double slit experiment. What happens with the wave (cell) is that it reaches an over-influenced or over-pushed state (think square wave) because it is pushed up against competing wave forms (cell walls). The wave function allows for sub-division. The subdivision occurs and continues to repeat because our body is a “closed” circuit. There is little else for the wave to propagate to. It is not more complicated than that. The complication comes in safely rectifying the issue.

Additionally we may be able to use structures such as alkalines to target cancer locations with specific immune responses. Timing is also very important when it comes to affecting waves; not just shooting radiation at it. Consider this thought; how do you combat a square wave with sine waves in such a way that it returns the square wave back to a sine state.

Electron probes will be an important part in determining timing of cancerous formations. The electrons are a part of a wave, and all waves have timing and a wave-cycle. This is readable. It’s not just cancerous timings we can find with this either. ***Best timings will always be at the specific points in a wave-cycle.

Here is some tangible proof of these effects at the cellular level, where the timing of division is relative to the excitement of the cell group; and individual cells as a part of the group function where rectification or cell division occurs:

C. Imperial College Of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Some other things to think about

Estradiol – Breast development
Gynecomastia – Chemotherapy can cause it
Please see:
Liver growth/capability for regeneration (main hub for essential wave states (vitamins) – this is extremely important)
Excitement of state in specific areas to promote appropriation of specific structures
B12, magnesium, zinc
Alkaline Phosphatase – carrier/pointer* Comparable to ionization or accumulation of sodium through dehydration
Vitamin D – IGF1 – Calcium
Vitamin D prohibits/slows growth of blood vessels in cancer cells (this is rectification in the direction of Vitamin D).
IGF1 (cell division) (this is rectification in the direction of the cancer cell, or the wave state exceeding the compatibility of surrounding waves – cells sub-divide as do waves when presented with specific phase limitations)
-Also decreases inflammation (stabilizes) in the case of MS, it helps; due to adding of the phase state to the deteriorating cells (rectification through addition of the phase).
Vit D – deficiency causes autism. Excess amounts of Alkalines, or too little will cause autism. There is a clear indication that the appropriate level of current is needed during development.
Stints would be good use for granular type cancers

Update 11/26/18 More new proof that this is feasible:

Light-activated, single-ion catalyst breaks down carbon dioxide:

The catalyst article proves without a doubt that this theory had been correct. (Light is a form of radiation)

Regarding conceptions of Mu waves (autism), this understanding is not where it should be. When a mu wave is reduced in state it is because the body is using that current to perform the actions the brain is requesting. Our body is a circuit. It is linked to autism, because the body requires Alkalines to appropriate waves. The lack in cognition of others is because there was at a point a deficit in path, along with perceivable stimuli. Autism will most likely always exist along with other missing connections, because there was not enough of what is needed for circuitry during development. Without the Alkalines, our body is too resistant internally to make some connections. The same may be said with too many. The path is not fully functional, or overcrowded. This is compounded when the body has grown with the deficiency.

One connection which will be helpful towards this struggle would be discussing positive (enjoyed) subjects which are in direct violation of a current action if the action is negative (for the autistic). IE: What you are doing reminds me of food; but you are really upset. Or discussing a negative if the action is positive. This wouldn’t just work with an autistic subject.. Once the person is aware of an action, it can be compounded upon with positive stimuli. This will appropriate clear links or indicators for future reference through the hippocampus. The use of a negative subject is done with a positive action in order to reinforce the autistic connection by putting the mind into a state which causes one to justify their action. It is a state of question and recall for the brain. Through association of food with the act of being upset due to a specific thing, you eventually wind up associating or identifying being upset with the actual act of being upset.

This is improved upon by eventually showing one who is autistic how to apply this process to their own thinking.



“Separate” “field” – not cancer related

There is nothing special going on here “Beyond Standard Model Particle”:


People are freaking out over something which just has a great enough difference in frequency to pass through everything. It is probably rectified in our earths core just like things are rectified in the sun, and becomes detectable on its way out. We already understand this type of stuff, and is another example of the entire science community ignoring what’s right in front of them. I don’t know why it is such a mystery to everyone.