Visualizing Light Functions (Phase & Grouping) (Page 14)

9/19/18 Page 14:

Visualizing Light Functions (Phase & Grouping)

OSC A = Phase, OSC B = Static Sine . Imager = Group Output, Oscilloscope = Overall Shape Of Group. Note similarities w/ magnetic shapes. OSC B has specific amounts of frequency modulation applied from A, where only the frequency of A changes the group output, and there is a balance of dry and mixed amounts. Lots of interesting things come from tuning changes. Octave changes are the same as sync changes. Up = increased intervals, down = decreased. V1 I like results from 2:11 on

Video 2 is more experimental showing you can get the same results by frequency and amplitude modulation with different shapes. Square being closest, and Saw having interesting results.

Video 3 is using voicing to show a different perspective — Entirely at highest frequencies which phase out, you can see this in all videos. When the Oscilloscope goes flat the phase has been lost. This occasionally happens due to computer error but you can see me reset by resetting the voices.