Particle Collisions, And Particle Weight (Page 12)

This is a legacy notebook. All pages are considerably outdated now, and have been left to allow those with questions of their own to see how I was able to develop into my final conclusions. All theory has been closed/verified and I have moved onto the foundational Binary values found in more recent works.

9/15/18 Particle collisions, and particle weight

Page 12:

Update 11/25/18, upon creating a formula (see Lagrange point calculations) which is capable of working out orbits using ratios I have determined that gravity is the function of phase and wave state combinations. This entire page is out-of-date now, though all of the questions should help you to understand why I have developed such a conclusion.

What does the higgs-boson particle indicate for PSO? It is showing me that gravity likely also does not “exist”, but that it is the combination of functions for like objects (atoms). There is a very significant need for combination of not just the larger items, but also the smaller in order to understand either, where the order of thought and division comes from both. Where quantum physics is now just becoming physics. There is great importance in this happened, so this will happen. Even the act of leaning against a wall is changing (and affecting things). We are going to start learning just as much from biology, and objects on earth as we are from space (again).

Where can I begin? The question that needs to be applied to everything right now is: How could this particle have anything to do with gravity?

To start I will talk about blood, and oxygen. Why would blood clot when we get a cut? The fact that it does tells me that it is enacting a sort of gravity behavior (PSO), because of something else existing around it, or one object causes it to over-react, or to enact its function more strongly.

Why? It seems to be because it has no other location to exist. It is a forced reaction. The bloods function is that tied to water, and water overall has a gravitational effect. The body is incredibly complex but all functions come down to that of the atoms and its pieces. You can even consider this with how light functions inside of water, and what does it tell you that water is a conductive object? That we have electro-magnetism affecting all of this (more on that further down).

So I have established that blood is most likely tied stronger to gravity than its counterpart. Gravity is only existent because of the connections made to produce it, which produces something full of electromagnetism. Oxygen is a counterpart, as it is not weighted or at least not how current physics would consider weight to be weight. Oxygen is something which rises into the air even though gravity should be telling it not to. Blood is something we consider to be a weighted object in this scenario, so it’s reaction with no where else to go is to clot. It enacts a shift in energy (frequency I am finding) that allows it to coagulate, or to change its state of being. All because something else exists next to it.

What is another way to think of this still within the body? Well cancer is the first thing that comes to mind. What might cause a cancer to appear where there is a clotting mechanism taking place (body isn’t fighting itself), just the functions.

How can we use clotting above with this? I move right to lung cancer and smoking, stomach cancer and water, liver cancer and drinking. Why would this involve PSO? Lung cancer tells me that it likely happens because when smoke is introduced to the lungs and its atomic functions they choose to in some way harden, or enact a mechanism to develop a layer between the smoke (PSO) and their functions. Water might exasperate this. Water is a gravity type object, and you have lungs now not recognizing smoke as being as harmful as it is, tar buildup clearly doesn’t help either, or not being able to do much to prevent it because of its hydrated state (think about how cuts tend to not heal when bandaids are on); the body takes its time because nothing tells it to act and clot. Lung cancer happens not because of the smoke but because of its function. A hydrated lung fails to create a protective layer. There are many other reasons for cancer, but these are the types of things that support an idea, and don’t not make sense.

The point here is to consider these possibilities, so that you can picture and consider the whole, and not to think of what I am saying as an immediate statement. I shouldn’t have to tell you this anyways.

So what about stomach cancer? I immediately think bread. Water keeps our body in check (water is good inside a closed system), it also is a conductor. The stomach is full of liquid, so part of me wonders does eating significant amounts of bread affect the atomic ecosystem enough to begin to enact new functions? What if it’s just a matter of one thing changing polarity, and the rest choosing to form functions against that, and the body continuing this along the lines, where blood doesn’t have a mind of its own, but the atomic functions have a set of rules to follow. What about carbonation, and a combination of PSO combative structures being introduced to the system?

What about liver cancer and yeast?

What about radiation, and its energy (vibrating) frequency in relation to light? Why would something break up cancerous cells (broken, or gravitational functions) at a sub/-atomic level? There’s clearly more to this than we are choosing to see.

So there are many things that must be considered, and so much of what we learn is what we consider in which order. This is all I need to get into with regards to cancer for now, but biology is going to play a very important role in understanding quantum functions.

Something to also consider is the distance in what we call electron shells for gaseous objects in comparison to heavy objects; where dense tends to need more shells than gas.

Why does this matter? Because all matter is made up of the same types of objects. You see this type of function happening all over the planet for all sorts of reasons which seem to all tie into the same overall cause (air vs gravity) (heavy vs light) (hot vs cold). I further explain this later, but can’t now in this context.

To understand what I am about to continue to explain will require some imagination, and rejection of standards as it goes against what we currently believe; and the understanding that I am still in the process of understanding charges and electromagnetic states myself – as well as the contemplation that we do not know everything and may have gotten a very large amount of things wrong because they seemed to be one way.

Most of this is based on things we can’t see. It has been put here for myself now in its unfinished state with hopes that it may help me or someone else at some point in their lives. It is also necessary for me to sort through all of the things I have recently written down. I wish I didn’t have to say this to keep your consideration, but I do.

The higgs having an existence says that there is something which regulates the state of atoms, and that in all likelyhood, that object is the higgs-boson object. It is a sort of quantum function for polarity. I am sticking with using the name higgs because it is simplest. I am also getting very tired of all of these scientific discoveries being named after people and not their functions.

Why would this item be a regulator? There are many questions that I need to answer to prove this, and these are questions I can’t answer because I haven’t found any tests that try to answer the question. These are the questions posed as statements or needed tests (ideas):

What states will the higgs appear in?:

Colliding protons with electrons in a charged environment?

What happens when you collide objects inside of water, or with smoke, or inside of crystals? I feel it is necessary to find a way to use atoms, because it is likely that the atomic state is the combined state in which a higgs particle is functional. This means we need to try combinations of different types, and in different environments to try and pull it out of it’s functioning state, or we need an occurrence which is entirely neutral to it.

How do you collide things with atoms? Or at least how do you collide it with the functioning nucleus? You use smoke. This should allow us to find out what happens when protons or electrons are collided with a different state of object.

Can you use a mirror, or atomic equivalent to collide two particles with one at the same time? Or refraction to collide one twice?

Can we just collide atoms with atoms? If we can I would expect more higgs to show up, because I believe there is at least 1 higgs object per electron, and proton. What happens then? My idea is that the higgs is as a sort of “Tofu” of elements, where basically, it has no state unless it has something to be a part of. Once it is a part of something, it has a purpose. We see it decay away so quickly because it is either dying/phasing out of existence, or because it is reattaching itself to something new almost instantly.

What if we start ionizing things as part of the experiments? Will that help to determine the states in which the higgs can be withdrawn?

I am going to get into the higgs with relation to the structure of atoms, and why it might have anything to do with what we call gravity.

I am coming to believe that higgs regulates orbits of electrons, and in turn the charge/magnetism of the atom, and in turn its relation to other atoms, and its easiest pairings, and in turn creating gravitational behaviors (or the opposite). This means I no longer believe there is a gravity particle because I now believe there is no gravity, but a set of functions.

The first thing to do is to picture one event happening, and another happening as a result, linearly – as I have previously talked about. You have a point, and a point further down the line which comes from that, now everything that happens after that is a result of the two, and the second can ribbon back to the first but stay within itself as well without breaking the linear function (but not at the same time as).

What does that paragraph look like in words? It looks like an atom in a 2 dimensional state.

Another way to picture this is by imagining each shell as a circuit, but it is not closed to itself, or open. We see what we consider to be steps or shells, but it is just one continuous line giving the electrons allowance of orbit while keeping a safe or beneficial distance from one another without the complication of the 3d environment.

Where the electrons are capable of following a linear path throughout the sphere with no skips in state or wavelength which seems inefficient. This means they maintain their energies and aren’t raising or lowering their frequency.

So what is the 3d object in that picture? It is a simple way of saying that the electron can move between steps without interference – seamlessly, or predictably (as seemless as the other electrons allow). Basically it says that if you rotate these over eachother to form a sphere you have points of contact that allow passage, and all the electrons are doing is trying to get away from each-other along a straight line, or keep an even balance no matter how many there are. This says there should be some identifiable numbers and that there should be ways to prove it right or wrong. I am not sure if we can see behind the nucleus or not. Also, it should say something about why atoms connect so easily with their own family of atoms, and which balances we can start to find.

What does this have to do with the higgs? It seems to be regulating all of this – the traffic lights in a sense telling objects or allowing the possibility for them to switch to the next easiest continuous path. It is more or less the polarity within the atom that allows for the creation of a sort of polarity for the whole. Where the higgs would exist in all of these objects in the atom; and may also be the sum particle of the parts.

Where heat is a byproduct of PSO, and friction is not entirely kinetic, or it is the byproduct. Where we have the allowance of something to exist that allows frequency/energetic states to change. A good example is the fact that you can heat up (soften – pull apart) ice cream in the microwave with radio waves of much higher frequencies (combative states), and then put the ice cream back in the freezer, and it takes time to harden/stays soft. This is all happening as a result of atomic interactions.

This is saying that the states of things can be changed, and that magnetism has something to do with PSO, or in current terms gravity. Where PSO is interactions of functions. If we can prove the higgs can be predicted accurately, we can prove this. Where if we can prove that changing the state of objects collided; or by changing the state of the housing for the collision, we then prove that charges or vibrations are what hold all things together, and that perpetual motion is being regulated in some way by the higgs, but why? Because it plays a very small, and very important role on the whole. It allows itself to change for the maintenance of the bigger picture. You have perpetual motion by non-interactive forces and polar points which continually shift. Nothing is there to keep them together if you do not have a way to cancel the expelling force out.

Where the higgs is the piece holding the whole together.

Imagine on a larger scale two balls sent down a drain where the drain has another on its opposite side. The balls are charged enough magnetically to repel eachother – on our scale, this is great, they move quickly, and we can even use outside magnets to further push them along, but the issue becomes what houses it to keep it from falling apart if the forces become to great? On an atomic scale you don’t need as much, but you do have the gravities and non gravities involved in both.

I begin to think of the nucleus as an atomic battery, which now is being kept in its state by the charges surrounding and rotating around it, with the higgs allowing for the movement of each poles to take place. Maybe it has a decay rate for its own charge that allows new charges to be had in rapid succession to balance out shifts but allow for perpetual motion, as perpetual motion is clearly needed for our existence to take place.

In other words how do you recreate the idea of the rotating balls with the magnets or charges/poles being in the middle?

Some of these connections are connections that I feel are there but I don’t have a way yet to determine why. It also tells me that things are going to start getting much more specialized for humans, but it’s all a part of the same picture. Right now where thinking of physics as the car is moving so we stop the car by putting things in front of it, and not the car is moving so we stop the car by making it think its not a car.

Some more brief ideas on light:

Send light towards gravity, look for redshift omnidirectional, send light towards two close objects, look for redshift calculable direction based on combined gravities.

Crystals and qubits; what happens?

What is the connection between water and crystals and silver? Why do crystals allow us to stop light at the same energy rate/frequency? What kind of objects can help to change frequencies?

Is silver telling light it is gravity and why light bounces off of it and speeds up? It seems pretty clear that the lights going out inside silver chambers indicate a change in state is occurring, probably because light thinks it’s trying to get away from gravity and speeding up thus changing its frequency, and why we see such high speeds at different frequencies, and certain frequencies causing light to go away. The same as if you send light into a black hole. We already proved this happens (speeding up light). Where this just indicates a newly found speed limit for light and what we were viewing in those tests was the quantum version of putting a fire out by expending all of its energy capable of maintaining that frequency.

Basically frequency isn’t changing because of speed, but speed is changing because of frequency.

Or, what happens when it gets out of the silver chamber? Does it just slow back down? Meaning it was just trying to get away from gravity?

What kind of tests can we do by slowing light down before testing entanglement in crystals?

Slow down the whole universe and the seemingly infinite speed we just found is still just a limit.

Where light slows back down to conserve its energy just like we might after running up a hill slow down on the way back down it, but it’s now stuck in the higher frequency state it moved to while getting up to that speed (combating gravity), and requires an outside force to put it back into its visible state? Does light speed back up after it makes it through a crystal?