Proof that light can be resolved without the use of space-time, or general relativity. 4 demonstration videos included.

This is a polarizing subject, so your immediate reaction may be to get upset upon reading this statement:

•The issue of light, and what is it can be quantified as we already know as a wave function.

•The issue of photons and particles can be removed from the equation and this can be proven in some very simple steps using a wave generator; be it a synthesizer, or an electrical circuit with an oscilloscope.

This can be explained all while keeping the earth rotating around the sun.

The more modern view of light is that of the visualization of vibrational rate within a specific spectrum. It only appears when there are objects to vibrate against, and is the result of a vibration between point a and point b; not as an object, but as the vibrational result of both locations. Each video should be viewed in its entirety, but a minute or so of each should suffice.

I was able to create the behavior of not just light, but particles as well using 3 combined sound waves here:

This is a much more refined view of what this does too:

I really like that second one as it shows the spherical shape of the object, and visualizes what is perceived to be particles although in reality it is a bunch of combined phase points.

And for fun, here is a galaxy made with sound waves:

Final boss:

•This video gives you a run down of exactly what this is doing with regards to phase points having the appearance of a particle. I began this experiment by using and replicating a typical light (group) wave configuration seen immediately at the start and through many of my other videos:

This is why someone can be blind, or why bats can visualize sonic space along with use of eyesight at a higher spectrum. It is a series of vibrational instruction which creates a picture for our brain.

Regarding lensing and gravity:

Light can bend around a sun, because you are seeing two different phases of light. One coming from an outside source, and the other being from the vibration of the atoms inside of the sun. These can syncopate and form fields and each syncopation is an interaction with other objects in the solar system. This also results in gravitational lensing around galaxies. Which began all the way down at the quantum state, and scaled upwards.

TL;DR – At different rates within the spectrum, waves will interact with one another. Even two-like-waves like light. The sun itself is a large clump of atomic waves, and vibrations which make it all the way to our solar system still follow the rules of wave pattern when they arrive.

Fluid dynamics shows these group functions. Galaxies follow them.

This also shows the function of gravity itself also being a variable of quantum functions, but I won’t get into that right now as this is enough to take in as it is. If you are genuinely interested I have those theories explained here on this site.


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