Why am I testing all this?

I started it to verify that cancer could be cured and influenced using magnetic current
Using a combination of electrical terminals, and coiled (induced) exterior magnetics
You can guide current from one location to another so as to enable apoptosis
At a specific location in the body. This is done using the external (induced) field.



That’s not possible?

It is. I have done this on my own body, & you can try it yourself. You’ll feel it right away.
As I continued my experiment & calculations I found many indicators growth is possible
And that there would likely be a way to aid the reparation of other illnesses this way.
Now I’m attempting to determine if specific hormones can be influenced into production

Not only can you enable apoptosis but there seem to be ways to avoid it too.
More importantly, you can direct and enforce upon cells a specific polar state.
This is what was originally hypothesized to aid in cancer removal.
Apoptosis is an added benefit to all of this. Cell death is also key to dispersal and reuse of DNA.



Where’s your degree?

I’m working on that. Ask me again in 4 years.



So you don’t know anything at all then.

I spent 7 years rigorously studying sound and wave production. I have extensive knowledge in this field.
Which is how I came to understand all of this. Now it is all about the fundamental. And that fundamental is these Binary values.



None of these words make sense. I can’t find them anywhere in physics or biology manuals.

A lot of them are new. Some of them aren’t (syncopation) is a music term, but you can look it up in the dictionary.
Most of this is new to physics period. You won’t find it anywhere anyways. Watch this



Why are you so arrogant?

I’m not. I’ve been harassed by a ton of people and got tired of watching the cure for cancer be ridiculed.
A lot of it is your feelings being hurt because this basically tells you everything you were taught is wrong. I am sorry about that.



You’re a lunatic bible pusher.

Actually I don’t believe in god. I am only providing you with links to the things that are present in my life.
These sheets prove that we can simulate universes within 100 years, so you might want to think about what that means.



Magnets don’t mean anything. What are you talking about?

We are built on electromagnetism (gates). Magnets mean everything.



You are shocking yourself? What is wrong with you?

I’m not shocking myself. I do apply two copper terminals across specific locations on my body so as to instruct a new threshold value
As you can see in the binary tables, this sets a ceiling, and uses electricity (current, which is vibration) to push new values into the gate
Thus organizing and setting new values for the molecules (flipping registers). Just like DNA, it sets some things high, and some things low.
It is like filling a room with air, but instead that air is vibration held in place by a copper wire.



No doctor would agree. You must be wrong.

We literally live inside this right now. It takes place all over. No doctor is focused on quantum mechanics which create the molecules
Trying to cure something with a hormone is like saying the light turns green because it isn’t red or yellow
It doesn’t tell you why the lights are changing in the first place (electricity).



You must be against vaccines.

I’m not. Vaccines work. This will also lead to safer vaccination methods.



So what you think you’re Einstein?

Did you know he was never awarded the nobel prize because his theory of relativity was too controversial at the time?



Didn’t he come up with space time?

Actually no he didn’t. Someone else did.



But aren’t we proving space-time and relativity more and more everyday?

You are proving this theory more and more. You just don’t realize it yet.



You can’t be right.

This isn’t even a theory to be honest. Once I calculated DNA like that, it was all the proof we needed.



What does this mean for us then?

If I talked about what this really means it would revert your thought process.