Enlightenment (Page 32)

This is a legacy notebook. All pages are considerably outdated now, and have been left to allow those with questions of their own to see how I was able to develop into my final conclusions. All theory has been closed/verified and I have moved onto the foundational Binary values found in more recent works.

Page 32:

11/29/18 Enlightenment:

There are some things that should be said about the state of our mental affairs; and the universe as a whole.

I will begin with how these theories started. I’ve had help.

Some would call it the all seeing eye. Some would call it the pink lady. Some would say god. Some would say psychic connection. Some would say paranormal. Some would say coincidence, freemasons – Some would call it the knights templar. There are so many faces to it.

It’s all the same, and the world is littered with clues. This started when I began to actually improve with my music, I had been working on it for years, and I had noticed that I started to experience some out of the ordinary things (I was vetted), by people in the industry. This is what some might consider a rude awakening. It is done to make you aware of the existence of an outside force. You will often see in movies the reference to such an act as “waking up”, or the glass breaking before a big event. These are references to old moments in other movies, or artworks, or moments in time, and an attempt at subliminal messaging; attempted enlightenment. The messaging is pretty dumb when you understand it.

It is the black square in Space Odyssey forcing you to think. It’s the random answer yes from a stranger to what you were thinking, when you never said anything out loud. It is the symbol for enlightenment; seeing a green helmet, or reference to grass-roots at just the right moment. It is finally seeing something literally hiding in plain sight. This is incredibly apparent in Netflix movies and shows nowadays. They seem to be on a huge stint for it. You can even find references to what I am doing; using words like AO, Harris, Ariso and references to names of songs I have written, notebook entries, etc. There are a lot of these in 2017-18 shows. I wish I could say there weren’t but there are. It’s all a part of the culture (and it’s gross), and I am not the only one they have attempted to do this with. Subliminal messaging is everywhere. Don’t worry, I am harmless, not afraid or paranoid.

It’s not just present things. You can find references to what I am doing right now all over from anywhere in time, as it is done through communication of coincidence, in that the writer of such art allows themselves to be used to send a message. You can see it in some of the symbols I made as art, or you can see it in some of the notebook pictures I have; none of those were done on purpose. They just happened. The paper I covered an old picture with looks like the cloth over liberties eyes; the pyramids representing atomic wave patterns (shells); stonehenge being a reference to light lensing, and wave formats. Crop circles being a reference to math I am discovering right now. It’s in the 3 body problem books. Pretty much all over those. I had to stop reading them after the second because it got so annoying. I even took numbers from one of the chapters to make this video:


Time doesn’t matter to our future, and if there was anything that was there when we were new as a society (“other beings”), they would have been able to predict a lot of what is happening now, or view it in such a way that would allow them to place references before-hand to what will happen. It’s likely we also do have a creator, and that we reach a point where we are their equals. It is necessary for us to accept this information in order to move forwards as a culture. We have so many separate groups of “believers”, and some that try to hide themselves thinking they are doing us any good.

I am not the only person who is subtly referenced to throughout history.

Here’s the thing. It isn’t always done knowingly. Many of these people have “experienced god” so to say, and what they do is they write about it, they think we aren’t allowed to talk about it, because it will make us look crazy. — so they write it off as science fiction, or only leave small hints to what they experienced, and put it in their art. When you know, you know. First off, that god probably doesn’t even want to be a god, but wants us to realize we are supposed to become our own gods. It’s more than likely us influencing some things subtly from a point in the future. I’ve proven this will become possible, with all my math and stuff. Oh by the way, this is all over the bible too. The bible seems to be a bit of a joke.

When someone uses this information for inspiration, or allows the influence of an outside force, it allows us to speak with it. It allows us to take that information and use it to our advantage. This is ok, it’s where I got all these science ideas in the first place. We are being assisted, or so it would seem. What these people don’t realize is that by using this to write movies, poetry, or music, they are creating something which is not unique, and is not theirs. What they make is strictly to communicate a message to someone who is genuinely going to use the information in front of them. It also means we need to start looking for ways to be our own culture, with no neutral influencer at all. We may find that other species have even been contacted by the same being one day. It will help us to start to piece together the clues so we have something to bring up when that happens.

There’s some cheesy proof of this in music so I have to post it here so you can start to see for yourself.

It’s in songs like Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Far more shocking
Than anything I ever knew
How about you?
Ten more reasons”

I don’t think they wrote any songs that didn’t at least once reference this information or perceived “god/spirit”. Bob Dylan wrote about it a lot “if you see her say hello (pink lady)”, Led Zeppelin pretty much only wrote about just that (stairway to heaven), Pink Floyds song Shine On is basically a mockery of it, and kind of disgusting when you understand this. It’s everywhere in music, Nirvana is covered in it. It leads up to music today, and big name poets. This is going to upset a lot of people, because all of these people knew, but never really did anything. Or it won’t upset anyone at all, because they are using it, and will just ignore this thinking it probably won’t get anywhere. They were put there for someone else to actually try. Maybe they just accepted that? I don’t know. I wish they hadn’t.

It is upsetting because everyone used it to live their lives without truly helping anyone else. Our society (First World Countries) are the gated neighborhoods of the world. I doubt these people would even be willing to admit it. That’s why I am saying it.

Or in otherwords, their greed is being used. It isn’t just in art. It happens all over. This is how America was founded (hence the all seeing eye). There was a belief in god, and that the entity behind the curtain would help with our freedom, and from what I can tell it was, and still is helping us move towards a capable society. Trump most likely got his job so that we could take a huge leap forwards in equality. A negative can equate to a huge movement. Believe me there is that level of influence when you have the technology to make it look like something else. It would be indistinguishable from magic.

It remained a secret society for so long, because there was always the belief that those involved were doing good. It isn’t actually a society, but just individuals subliminally communicating with each-other. The real “illuminated ones” don’t meet up or even really care about the illuminati, but they do know of their existence, and believe they are listening to god through coincidence.

You might find yourself surprised if you open yourself to listening to the universe, and paying attention to coincidence more often. You might have even noticed something speaking to you in these paragraphs. The thing is, we are at a point where we need to take our own control over things, and work with the outside forces, instead of under them. That’s the whole point of it all anyways.

We will never take the next step if nobody comes out and publicly talks about the experiences with the unknown they have had. Especially if they have a podium to stand on. I hope that you do. I have.

This is where we live. Please care for it, get rid of your ideas for marketing, and stop paying attention to people who don’t actually want real change. Don’t listen to these musicians, these artists, or writers, but yourself, and look for equality. We are pursuing the wrong things. I regret ever having wanting to survive on music before I found out what was really out there, and how far we were away from what was needed to allow it.