Something of note:

Lowest audible frequency is around 20hz
Highest frequency I am able to visualize oscillations at is 40hz

Above 40hz I can no longer see blinking oscillations in an LED. It appears to be a steady stream of light and the oscillations are indiscernible at this point.

I will need to experiment with variable current applied to my body/brain (IE FM Synthesis) to determine whether there are ways to perceive interval frequencies/wave-cycles at higher rates. I am hypothesizing that with the right carrier frequencies the brain can make out oscillations which are not normally perceived.

Some of the things I am doing aren’t exactly safe if you aren’t aware of the reason why or how it works, so if you happen to be reading this without any electrical experience and opt to try yourself, please research all safety precautions first. I suggest that you begin strictly with magnets only to work out their properties and the wave relationships to your body.

My goal here is to influence ratios and experiment with my bodies interactions to waves. I expect that we can influence things like vein and nerve (re)growth. I have already found that bone is possible. I suspect that it is due to the atomic combinations which make up the bone structure, and their frequency relations to a standard magnetic wave.

The body will see an exponential increase in voltage at under 1v, so you really don’t seem to need much more than that. Gigantism comes from tumors across the brain, which tells me voltage/pressure plays the largest role in gate switching, or hormone/protein activation. I have settled at .42v because this is a value which divides down to 6, or 1/2 of 12, and is an imbalanced number against whole values. The body, or at least mine seems to tie in to 1, or .18 values across the chest; which is a starting point. This is something that I need to work out better, as voltage can change drastically depending on grounding method, and the circuit you use to generate a signal. I will see voltage values rise to 2v, or 60v given specific grounds and whether I am running the ground through a power source or not.

I suspect that voltage coming from something as simple as a mobile phone is enough to influence functions, meaning such devices should they become proven will be portable.

Please be careful. If you are generating current when you do this from anything other than a small battery, it can result in death.

If I have spent long enough polarizing my body on a given day, I will find electronic oscillations from appliances like my refrigerator, or the heating unit to be significantly more distracting, or in some cases almost overbearing if there is a change in environment. Some oscillations enact a pleasant feeling across the body not unlike a soft electrical field. This is how our nerves perceive touch/feeling anyways.

Another observation:

If you have a magnetic field applied to your body at sync points, you can feel audio frequency adjustments across the body. For example; solfeggio frequencies. These can be interchanged, and the bodies reaction to it can be felt. It is not my belief that they are exactly accurate frequencies due to standardized scale values, but are actually very close to real atomic structural operations; as shown in calculation of molecules here.

With these frequencies, I don’t notice any difference normally, but with magnets involved I do. Higher frequencies seem to actually have more effect on brainwaves and are felt towards the head as compared to lower frequencies; which would be expected given bass vs mid-to-treble notes and the role of syncopation for a high value wave to fill in carrier gaps.

I would like to point out that frequency modulation very closely relates to cell division factors and planetary orbitals in that on an up or down stroke for a given modulator, you will see compression or decompression in the higher frequency wave.

In this example, the modulator is actually the carrier. So in all cases, when I reference a carrier from here on, please consider it to be the modulator; or the lowest possible frequency wave of the wave group. We must determine the high to be more of a drift, as it will follow the rules of the low wave, and fill in its values.

We know this, because light lensing happens around gravitational waves. As shown here. Think of gravity as the low wave carrier, and light as the drift, or higher interval vibrations along the wave:

Same thing here. Notice the compression and decompression as compared to orbital locations or body and face ratios. More specifically, chin to lips to nose ratios and how they will also align from brow to eye to nose. These ratios found on the face give you the growth indicators and ease point values for all parts of the body. This is yet to be mathematically refined but has already been started as a part of the NP calculator found on this website.

This is also how DNA operates and instructs growth. Each function has an amplitude as noted by differently positioned ATGC values.


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