Double Slit Questions Answerable

You have just proven that light is in fact a wave. The reason that this doesn’t work for different spectrums is because you are enacting upwards rectification (excitement) of the wave state of the atoms. The higher spectrums don’t interact, or have a compatible phase (frequency) with the atomic wave states of the material. This is just like how we can’t see higher spectrums. It is a wave, and the higher frequency propagation points are due to the wave-cycle for the emitter, where the phase points, or locations in cycle show up on the sheet just as you would expect a sine wave, or similar wave to behave.

This is provable with sound waves, where they stop interacting once you reach higher frequencies, because the combined, or interacting phase states allow the waves to as perception would have it pass through each-other; the truth is we don’t even know if they even really fully pass through each-other without interaction yet. Regardless, the frequency intervals are too high, or incompatible to really do anything with regards to measurable interaction. Here is a video representation of this, proving that light is in-fact a wave.

You can skip to about 1:20 in that link to watch the same non-phase interaction occur because the channel has been switched to a higher frequency interval (octave), but I would suggest that you watch the whole video.


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