Dusty Light

Dusty Light

An animal outside the door
Teaching how to carry

In the backgrounds
Showing us a current
Giving an answer

Combined both you and me
In this new idea
And a universe to explore

I’ve got to hand it to you
You are such delicate frustration

Those black eyes, this new room
Something I can have
Which may be a little bit better

So string me along, you might be mis-guided,
you might be mis-guided
Smells of an ornament

This may not be your first time around,
something too few would admire
Knocking in the thread with all others

Agreed it wasn’t quite satisfactory
That eventually there would be safety
Still getting used to that answer

Oh ya what a shocking day when I crossed your path
Now here I am at the foot of the spaceship
There’s many things that are making it possible

In the morning try and remember to greet me
Do weigh this against your jewelry

Be careful

The scent of lemon and ginger sticks to your mind
And she is setting up her bed
While we are holding brands at the table

And you are more backwards than ever

A new sign reads: New Vacancy
Now we are open to the lost
Good to be; a good nights sleep which came at a cost

Having discovered in spring with a new thought

Inside, a C-clef plays
And in your mind all is forgotten, traveled, and kind