Finding Electron Counts Using “Lagrange” (Ease Point) Calculations

This is the Python code for calculating L1-L3, along with an explanation on ratio mathematics, and maximum electron shell configurations. I will post a more detailed explanation on this soon, but it will take some time to write out. There are many things we got wrong. If you have any questions, please download Python, and play around with this code to see what it is doing. I’ll get an executable file uploaded at some point too.

Here are two examples of what this does:


Enter IN: 4
Enter N: 3
Enter NP: 1
Initial Entry is 2.0.
Baselimiter is 1.75.
Sub Ratio is 0.25.
Subdivide is 0.0625.

Wave Rules:
max_electron_count is 32.0.
shell_full_count is 4.0.
shell_half is 8.0.

Ease Points

Enter IN: 299209236.48 – Sun to earth diameter
Enter N: 768800 – Earth to moon diameter
Enter NP: 149604618.24 – Sun to earth radius/distance from center points
Initial Entry is 149604618.24.
Baselimiter is 37785554.56.
Sub Ratio is 111819063.68.
Subdivide is 0.37371528030176404.

Orbit Plots:

L3 is 377855.5456
L2 is 400317.1026862983
L1 is 337916.9286208069

Excerpt from text:

#### Python code for Ease Point (formerly Lagrange) calculations and Large Body Orbits
### Updated 12/17/18 to add electron counts using 1/2 subdivides (same formula)
## I have opted to rename from “Lagrange” for sake of *usefullness*. Naming functions after people is confusing.
# To calculate electron counts, please enter descending/ascending units. For example:

### IN = 4 Shells
### N = 3 Trivial
### NP = 1 Trivial
#max_electron_count is 32.0

### IN = 8 Shells
### N = 7 Trivial
### NP = 1 Trivial
#max_electron_count is 128.0

### You can also use a full count, with the ratio of 1 which acts as a subdivide, IE:
### IN = 4
### N = 4
### NP = 1
#max_electron_count is 32.0

### This scales, so you reach new ratio sets as you change things.
### IN = 4
### N = 2
### NP = 3
#max_electron_count is 32.0

### IN = 5
### N = 3
### NP = 3
#max_electron_count is 50.0

# And so on.

#### If you are wondering why this matters, it proves that all objects in the universe follow syncopation & wave functions
### Please see if you have any questions on syncopation or wave relationships.
## This may be a steep learning curve for some who are used to using particle theory.
# This ties quantum mechanics to everything…

#————#Begin Code#————#

IN = float(input(“Enter IN: “))
N = float(input(“Enter N: “))
NP = float(input(“Enter NP: “))

IN = 0.5 if IN == 0 else IN
N = 0.5 if N == 0 else N
NP = 0.5 if NP == 0 else NP

init = IN * 1/2
baselimiter = (N*1/2) + (IN*(1/2) * (NP*1/2) / IN)
sub_ratio = init – baselimiter
easepoint = sub_ratio / 100
sub_divide = sub_ratio / IN
lpoint1 = init / sub_ratio * 1000000
lpoint1balance = lpoint1 – 1000000
max_electron_count = (init / sub_ratio) *IN
shell_half = init / sub_ratio
shell_full_count = sub_divide * max_electron_count * 2


########## Max Electron Count Is Equivalent to L2 Ease Point. This is the function of sine wave (polarity) combinations
######### All calculations made for particle physics are not entirely accurate or relative to the natural state of quantum interactions.
######## This is why we see so much entropy. This calculation is more acurate; based on ratios from center point to orbit, to 3rd orbit – etc.
####### This is also why nobody understood the comet oumuamua.
###### This works perfectly for max counts in electron shells.
##### Orbits and Ease Points will always fluctuate depending on the location of other planets or syncopations of other atoms.
#### Those other planets have not been accounted for yet in the calculation. I need to complete a method to add these in.
### Doing so will also allow us to calculate shell counts using only the amount of electrons, and their shell locations.
## It will also allow us to visualize Atom combinations, and biological vitamin structures.
# Reminder that particles are just a visualization of the group function, not quantum mechanics.


#### I have removed some of the electrical feedback equations I was using as they were confusing almost everyone.
### They caused people to get really upset. It kept getting removed from forums.
## I did this to show that they were for something else.
# You need to accept the fact that physics is changing. It is a beautiful change for us.

init = 0 if init == 0.5 else init
baselimiter = 0 if baselimiter == 0.5 else baselimiter
sub_ratio = 0 if sub_ratio == 0.5 else sub_ratio
easepoint = 0 if easepoint == 0.5 else easepoint
sub_divide = 0 if sub_divide == 0.5 else sub_divide
lpoint1 = 0 if lpoint1 == 0.5 else lpoint1
lpoint1balance = 0 if lpoint1balance == 0.5 else lpoint1balance
max_electron_count = 0 if max_electron_count == 0.5 else max_electron_count
shell_half = 0 if shell_half == 0.5 else shell_half
shell_full_count = 0 if shell_full_count == 0.5 else shell_full_count

#### Sub_ratio is like saying how many times can you use an even number as 1/4 before you get to the whole number entered
### When an odd is entered IE: 7, you get 1.5 ‘bunches of (4)’ quarters up to 6, then .25 ‘bunches of 4’ quarters to get from 6 to 7.
## If you swap N and NP, you can see this happen in the answer for “sub_ratio”.
# This is because it allows multiples of halves to be used as sub-divides. It’s how our cells, and waves/quantum atomics work.

#### Atoms combine and the group waves grow and excite, and the groups themselves eventually snycopate, creating gravity
### Then more groups combine through the syncopations of the groups made from the atoms turned into elements/molecules
## This keeps happening over and over again until planets and life form
# All objects have a relationship to another based on the syncopations around it, and which formed it

# Shell half is equal to 8, because it is the 4 sub-divided through this rule.

#It all scales#

#These are base numbers you can enter to compare against the old calculations.

#Calculating L1-3

#Enter IN: 299209236.48 – Sun to earth diameter
#Enter N: 768800 – Earth to moon diameter
#Enter NP: 149604618.24 – Sun to earth radius/distance from center points#

## These are the most important, because they tell us the face locations for atoms or the distances from the nucleus
# It will help with atom combinations when we get there

# L4-5 still being worked out. They are amplitudes, similar to L2. They are also reliant on the inner planets more
# I am having troubles finding the actual measurements online for 4 & 5 and the previous formula is so unnecessarily complex

#Calculating best distance of moon (easepoint): Sun to earth, to moon

#Enter IN: 299209236.48
#Enter N: 149604618.24
#Enter NP: 149604618.24

print (“——\nInitial Entry is {0}.\nBaselimiter is {1}.\nSub Ratio is {2}.\nSubdivide is {4}.\n\n\n”
“Orbit Plots:\nOrbital Easepoint is {3}.\n L3 is {1}\n L2 is {7}\n L1 is {6}\n\n”
“Wave Rules:\n max_electron_count is {7}.\n shell_full_count is {9}.\n shell_half is {8}.”
.format(init, baselimiter, sub_ratio, easepoint, sub_divide, lpoint1, lpoint1balance, max_electron_count, shell_half, shell_full_count))

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Propulsion/IN Mag Entry

This is how you understand electric propulsion and self powered engines. It is due to fluctuation on space, and the magnetic currencies through which induction processes follow:

I must remind you on A/RES/41/128. Declaration on the right to development; of the indecencies which are being shown, and the overall disregard for our species placed forth by the governing bodies which are meant for scientific advancement, and progress as a whole.

These entities are all human beings. You would expect that such beings would act accordingly.

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A/RES/41/128. Declaration on the right to development:

The information I am providing is intended to better our species, and my own life; Its mis-use or intended mis-appropriation without my consent is a violation of the UN constitution, and grievance on not only myself, but all citizens living within.

In such that any corporation or government which uses said information without first having consulted the objects source, or made any attempt to aid in the process has shown it is not for its people; nor its national entity; nor that of the United National Constitution.
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Translation For Old Laws

When you vibrate and send current through copper, the excited group states of the copper atoms follow the Hertz equivalent to the wave which the new current produces. This is due to phase compatibility at peak amplitudes. It is a high frequency, high interval wave appropriating along a low frequency, low interval wave. Often the low wave is a longer across wave. The length is just due to the time needed for the cycle to complete itself. Higher intervals allow for faster completion; leading to more regular or abundant cancelations.

This is the same as electrons following the earths wave (magnet field).

When you twist the copper into a coil, the vibrational states amplify against each-other, because you have equal length distances for each completed circuit within the coil. The atomic wave patterns follow wave cycles too, as do all other atoms surrounding these group structures. This twisting of the copper wire is what scientists currently call superposition, and why superposition is not the correct term. There are many little imperfections along that atomic wave. This is what we think about as quantum physics. Quantum physics is hardly any different from understanding wave patterns and how they relate to atoms. (see my BB explantation in “other”).

All of those little atoms have poles, and polarities which can shift and change.

I have to tell you that I am referring to some already known laws right now. I am no longer going to use law names because they are mostly all too old, and some aren’t even right at all. It’s up to you to figure out which law this is. Some of the names are unavoidable.

When you make the coil, and you amplify the little waves inside, you create a new current wave against all of the surrounding space. This is just like using a mag in actual space. Now that you have a new Hz wave – based on the oscillations of the coil, due to its radius and atomic structure, and the Hz of the current you sent through it; you have a magnet field. This is called induction. You can use that magnet field against other magnet fields, but only if they are in opposing phase, because of our movement through space, and because of the movement of the waves which compete in the earth to produce that phase as well.

Now you can then take that new current (mag) you created to create another current – separately, which is only based on the new current. It is done by putting a coil around the new current (field), and now you have repeated the process. You can oscillate all fields this way, and you can make them oscillate themselves.

This is why hot water rises by creating condensation – through a means of consistent outwards rectification, it’s why we need to introduce an imperfection into cold water in order to get it to freeze – as the atoms need poles to magnetize to. I don’t need to walk on water to explain to you why the bible is not what you think it is.

We are going to need to focus on atoms with enough wave peaks in order to better produce desired effects. There is too much chance for a bruised heart otherwise.

This is how scientific information has been passed along through countless centuries. That sentence is reference to Edward Leedskalnin, and the “Sweet Sixteen”, which is stated to not even be a girl anyways.

This “Sweet Sixteen” is reference to Exodus 30, in which the nature of atomic phases is given through reference to what we have recently completed in scientific experiment.

“Exodus 30 “Make an altar of acacia wood for burning incense. 2 It is to be square, a cubit long and a cubit wide, and two cubits high[a]—its horns of one piece with it. 3 Overlay the top and all the sides and the horns with pure gold, and make a gold molding around it. 4 Make two gold rings for the altar below the molding—two on each of the opposite sides—to hold the poles used to carry it. 5 Make the poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. 6 Put the altar in front of the curtain that shields the ark of the covenant law—before the atonement cover that is over the tablets of the covenant law—where I will meet with you.

7 “Aaron must burn fragrant incense on the altar every morning when he tends the lamps. 8 He must burn incense again when he lights the lamps at twilight so incense will burn regularly before the Lord for the generations to come. 9 Do not offer on this altar any other incense or any burnt offering or grain offering, and do not pour a drink offering on it. 10 Once a year Aaron shall make atonement on its horns. This annual atonement must be made with the blood of the atoning sin offering[b] for the generations to come. It is most holy to the Lord.””

Note that this is also reference to the Garfield coil I made a couple days ago. I hadn’t read this passage until yesterday.

In the King James version, the Incense is referred to as “Sweet Incense” 7 And Aaron shall burn thereon sweet incense every morning: when he dresseth the lamps, he shall burn incense upon it.

This is the experiment we completed showing that gold faces can be melted without changing temperature. It’s no different from bouncing waves off another to adjust the field. I shouldn’t need to explain to you why this is one of the most important discoveries in science, and why it proves the wave state of space. Space-time was a mistake. We have no actual proof of its existence. The reality of it is – moving from one galaxy or planet to another, at high speeds will affect the electromagnetic state of atoms, and nothing more. It’s the same as walking out your door to your neighbors house. Besides the external states which tug on the timing (wave-cycle) of the structures which hold you together. Time is only a result of the cycle, and location (memory).
Image from the website (not mine)

I must inform you that this is not a gift from me to you, or from past scientists and travelers to you. I have been helped in that I have been taught no different than from how you went to school, and I am still learning. This is a gift to our species. Today is the day that the LORD (NULL) rested, as they have given me the opportunity to speak for them. No individual will have the capability to this knowledge without attempt to comprehend and include, and those who attempt to use this information with current understandings will fail. The Lord is not what you think it is.

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A New Formula For Calculating Lagrange And Large Body Orbital Points

This is republished from earlier. No changes, just bringing it back to the top of the page:
Python code for Lagrange calculations, and large body orbits

Note this is the same formula as listed in my letter for science. This website format makes it somewhat difficult to read. Please use the text file here for easiest reading.

IN = float(input(“Enter IN: “))
N = float(input(“Enter N: “))
NP = float(input(“Enter NP: “))

IN = 0.5 if IN == 0 else IN
N = 0.5 if N == 0 else N
NP = 0.5 if NP == 0 else NP

init = IN * 1/2
baselimiter = N*1/2 + (IN*1/2*NP*1/2 / IN)
lset = init – baselimiter
easepoint = lset / 100
subdivide = lset / IN
limitconverto1 = (lset / init) * (init / lset)
infalatetoinput = (((init * float(IN))) / init )
forwardlimit = limitconverto1 * infalatetoinput
lpoint1 = init / lset * 1000000
lpoint1balance = lpoint1 – 1000000

result = init, baselimiter, lset, easepoint, subdivide, lset / init, init / lset, limitconverto1, infalatetoinput, forwardlimit, lpoint1, lpoint1balance
result = 0 if result == 0.5 else result

End of code*********

baselimiter will calculate for ***L3 , lpointbalance or init / lset will calculate for ***L1
L2 is not yet defined

noteable ratios = .85714


300000000 – sun to earth diameter, radius 150000000
3000000 – L2 diameter, radius 1500000
768000- earth to moon diameter, radius 384400

Known calculations for earth to moon:
652800 – L1 – 326400 km
897800 – L2 – 448900 km
763400 – L3 – 381700 km

Calculations made by this formula for earth to moon:
L1 – 337916.9286208069 km
L2 –
L3 – 37785554.56 km

384472.282  is current measured distance from Earth to Moon in km
Calculated distance for moon in km by this formula = 37401154.56

Calculating Earth to moon Lagrange points, starting with Sun to earth, earth to moon, and sun to earth radius. Please remember that these numbers vary in the real world as orbits are completed. They are not supposed to be static numbers.
At some point this will lead to being able to calculate the over time numbers. It can be done with perfect accuracy, that will take time to figure out.

Enter IN: 299209236.48 – Sun to earth diameter
Enter N: 768800 – Earth to moon diameter
Enter NP: 149604618.24 – Sun to earth radius/distance from center points
(149604618.24, 37785554.56, 111819063.68, 1118190.6368, 0.37371528030176404, 0.7474305606035281, 1.3379169286208068, 1.0, 299209236.48, 299209236.48, 1337916.928620807, 337916.9286208069, 419060.55529411766)
***L3 calculated as 37785554.56 ***L1 calculated as 337916.9286208069

Calculating best distance of moon (easepoint): Sun to earth, to moon

Enter IN: 299209236.48
Enter N: 149604618.24
Enter NP: 149604618.24
(149604618.24, 112203463.68, 37401154.56, 374011.5456, 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0, 299209236.48, 299209236.48, 4000000.0, 3000000.0, 419060.55529411766)

***384472.282 – current measured distance for moon in km

Calculated distance for moon in km by this formula = 37401154.56


Note that this does not include the ratios for planets between the sun and earth. I am still working out how to do that. This is plenty to show that I am on the right path.

Enter IN: 185920000
Enter N: 92900000
Enter NP: 92900000
(92960000.0, 69675000.0, 23285000.0, 232850.0, 0.1252420395869191, 0.2504840791738382, 3.9922697015245867, 1.0, 185920000.0, 185920000.0)

***238900 – current measured distance for moon in miles

Calculated distance for moon in miles by this formula = 232850.0,


Reminder: Please download the text file. It is MUCH easier to read.

Calculating best distance for Jupiters moons Sun to Jupiter, to moon

1557201254.4 diameter around sun (perfect circle)
778600627.2 (radius from sun)

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 778600627.2
Enter NP: 778600627.2
(778600627.2, 583950470.4000001, 194650156.79999995, 1946501.5679999995, 0.12499999999999996, 0.24999999999999992, 4.000000000000001, 0.9999999999999999, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.3999999, 4000000.000000001, 3000000.000000001, 2180954.137815126)
3759426 ***1879713 – current measured distance for farthest moon (Callisto) in km

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 1879713
Enter NP: 3759426 (Diameter for Callisto to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 1879713.0, 776720914.2, 7767209.142000001, 0.4987928901324163, 0.9975857802648326, 1.002420062297326, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1002420.062297326, 2420.062297326047, 2180954.137815126)

***1,070,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Ganymede) in km 2*420 = 840, 1879713 – 840000 is 1039713 ***
***This formula calculated 1,102,993. (1879713-776720=***1102993) and (1946501-776720=***1169781) 1,070,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Callisto) in km

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 1102993 (Radius from Ganymede to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 2205986 (Diameter for Ganymede to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 1102993.0, 777497634.2, 7774976.342, 0.4992916824354698, 0.9985833648709396, 1.001418644831164, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1001418.6448311639, 1418.6448311639251, 2180954.137815126)
1*418 = 418, 1070000 – 418000 – is 652000***
1*418 = 418, 1102993 – 418000 – is 684993***
1*418 = 418, 1169781 – 418000 – is 751781***
671,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Europa) in km

Enter IN: 778600627.2 (using radius because there are more moons in orbit now)
Enter N: 1102993 (Radius from Ganymede Jupiter)
Enter NP: 2205986 (Diameter for Ganymede to Jupiter
(389300313.6, 1102993.0, 388197320.6, 3881973.2060000002, 0.49858336487093957, 0.9971667297418791, 1.0028413204869504, 1.0, 778600627.2, 778600627.2, 1002841.3204869505, 2841.3204869504552, 1090477.068907563)
***671,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (Europa) in km
***This formula calculated 681,803. (1070000-388197=***681803) and (1169781-388197=***781584)

Enter IN: 1557201254.4
Enter N: 681803 (Radius from Europa to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 1363606 (Diameter for Europa to Jupiter)
(778600627.2, 681803.0, 777918824.2, 7779188.242000001, 0.4995621612825744, 0.9991243225651488, 1.0008764449178886, 1.0, 1557201254.4, 1557201254.4, 1000876.4449178886, 876.4449178886134, 2180954.137815126)
***876,000-671,000 = 205,000
***671,000-205,000 = 466,000
422,000 is current measured distance from from Jupiter (IO) in km

Enter IN: 389300313.5 (divided radius by 2 to account for additional body)
Enter N: 681803 (Radius from Europa to Jupiter)
Enter NP: 1363606 (Diameter for Europa to Jupiter)
(194650156.75, 681803.0, 193968353.75, 1939683.5375, 0.4982486451298478, 0.9964972902596956, 1.003515021841546, 0.9999999999999999, 389300313.5, 389300313.49999994, 1003515.021841546, 3515.021841546055, 545238.5343137255)
***422,000 is current measured distance from Jupiter (IO) in km
***This formula calculated 477,032. (671000-193968=***477,032) and (781584-193968=***587,616)

Enter IN: 483800000
Enter N: 241900000
Enter NP: 241900000
(241900000.0, 181425000.0, 60475000.0, 604750.0, 0.125, 0.25, 4.0, 1.0, 483800000.0, 483800000.0)
***1208500 – unsure why this needs to be doubled for miles, but not km – guessing it has to do with the ratio function
***1168000 current measured distance for farthest moon (Callisto) in miles



Note that this does not include the ratios for planets between the sun and jupiter. I am still working out how to do that to increase accuracy. This is plenty to show that I am on the right path.

Essentially, this is a form of Fourier transform for planetary/large body orbits.


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Wave Formats Continued


Splitting Wave Patterns – Visualizing Ionization & Why Radiation Is Effective Against Cancer (Brief Visualization)

Splitting Wave Patterns – Visualizing Ionization & Why Radiation Is Effective Against Cancer (Full Video)

This video also shows the importance of Vortices

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