New Declaration of Independence

/* New Declaration of Independence:

Under no circumstances are you to use this code with the intent of enterprise
or individual gain

If that gain is not a direct benefit to a human instinct
or rather for the benefit of an group entity or corporation

All individuals contributing to this system feel free to sign your name
handle or monicker to this preamble of code.

Until a point in which the Operating System this is intended to found
is reached; all individuals contributing are free to advertise
and to separate their works
herein, and not-with-standing until the end of time: for contribution
as a matter of salary or support by donation only

No rights are given to sell that which is not ours to keep.

-First signature to the new constitution of our Independence:
Eric C. Dee May 22nd, 2019


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How To Comprehend Atomic Shell Ratio Steps And Atomic Syncopation (2, 8, 18, 32)

This is a guide to understanding cellular and atomic growth through division. The growth is a function of groups through combinations of partial atoms. (2, 8, 18, 32)

Python File – First Syncopations

Text File – First Syncopations

This explains why Mitochondria still exist, as they are DNA instructions lead out through amplification over time. The cell builds around the magnetic instructional format of the DNA. What you see is an enlarged version of the DNA strand itself.

This continues until whole organs are made.

The first biological entities which were formed as a result of mitochondria are a result of our systems 3rd ratios where 1 became 2, became 8, became 18, became 32 until the mitochondria became an inside function of the new organism, where it was itself the new blueprint. This happened over and over again as a matter of subdivides spawning more and more new DNA instructions.


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