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Leukemia Causes, More Bacteria, Building Properties:

Blood forms in bones because it has a place to square off. Leukemia is from polarity issues near creation points. You see it in kids more because their bones are not fully developed or set in polarity yet. It is cause and effect where the issue can spread due to softer bonds. Should be one of the easiest to fix in children.

Bacteria is the same function as O2 at a different scale. When introduced to a compatible system, it can attach to many things and comes off with little effort. It’s how it travels so well. This is due to wave compatibility because of wave differences.

In this video you can even see bacterias bouncing around trying to find a compatible polarity. The cells have poles that direct it, and even the white blood cell is generally pushing it away. It isn’t consumed until it reaches a point of confinement enough to halt polarity shifts, so the white cell can attach. This happens when it reaches the red blood cell with a less uniform body type (pole changes).

  • The white cell follows inconsistencies in the system, which is also due to confined space.


Alcohols breakdown proteins. Acids separate calcium from water (milk + orange) + (wine) + primary food source. Beer has many building properties if utilized properly (yeast); along with the cultures in yogurt. These are all items which when used in combination, and appropriate ratios can increase lengths of vitamin combinations and waves. Having enough metals to carry the waves (fish, and greens) is also necessary.

  • Alternating circuits can be used for equal growth only when understanding that the growth itself comes from imbalance. It would be used to equalize through swapping of imbalances.
  • If you want to grow something, fill its vein with O2 then deox with Fe through confinement. H2O can be used as the intermediate, and vitamin proponent/carrier. H2O will fill in gaps first.
  • Can target specific areas using poles. Have to polarize to one around location in order for it to remain arial.
  • Mags work by confining one area to affect all others in a closed circuit.
  • Mercury = battery through non-osmotic membrane. It allows ease of travel (current) for extended periods of time when introduced into biological systems.
  • All humans follow the cycle of the system. Not the perceived poles. This is why Mexico/China have similar traits, American Indians, and those Indigenous to Australia, why Africa led to more balanced ratios, and why Eastern/Western countries have a tendency for mono-pole strengths. These are all reliant on the sequences from Sun to Earth to Jupiter and outwards; and the Earths location and face/axis value for a given period of time.

Fats and saturated fats aren’t helpful because they are just excess waves which serve no syncopation purpose. The body does not have anything to use them for unless the wave has nothing else to use. Having a small storage of fat will be healthy in that you are consistently providing the body with enough atomic waves to take and build from, without an excessive overload. You must use up these storages regularly.

Whole grain fibers are not needed. There are studies which see the small picture in that they are a substitute which will help for extended life only when the diet is not balanced to provide more large type waves. It acts as a literal substitute. Until we can properly synthesize proteins, we really shouldn’t stop eating them.

  • Your body can use it, but you would be better off on meat/protein heavy diets.
  • Our measurements for calories are off, and all proteins are different. Even vitamins are different. Vitamin supplements right now are a shooting in the barrel type thing, with so many random wave sizes; but still beneficial
  • Calorie intake does not matter if the circuit is working properly.
  • I have been surviving healthily on approximately 500 calories a day with no loss in weight for almost 2 months now because I have increased the efficiency of my bodies circuitry; with the understanding of wave formats and electro-magnetic interactions (vitamin structures/building).
  • It is somewhat frustrating, because if I overeat now, my body will increase fat stores very quickly. Things become incredibly efficient when the body has been manipulated properly.
  • The body is just an input with a bunch of diodes. (organs)

Organic fruits are in-fact better and less cancer prone because they have natural atomics. Altered atomic structures do not aid us in any way in the way we are influencing fruit at this moment in time. This is done with no understanding of what it is affecting. Larger fruits are not better. They have poor structures which don’t break down properly in the body. Creating large yields of crops using gene editing is not the appropriate way to do this either; https://www.sciencealert.com/researchers-boost-plant-production-by-40-percent-through-a-photosynthesis-shortcut

In this article, this is not a “glitch”, and its not “crucial” it’s a misunderstood choice made without taking deeper functions into account. When you modify the RuBisCO function, you are telling it that it is a different wave than it actually is. It effectively shortens the system, causing improper building tools. The Oxygen is not “mistaken” for C, but the syncopations occasionally line up. If you would like to do this right, you need to not alter food DNA yet, but build in polarity focused environments, so that the syncopations consistently match up. If they begin to apply this technique to foods, we will wind up with generations of imbalanced fruits and vegetables.

It’s more beneficial to find a way to speed up growth using poles only, than to alter DNA to increase yield.

People should stop having children with partners who look like them. This results in imbalanced genes. It is a necessary adjustment until we get a handle on birthing changes and DNA/disease adjustment. There are going to be ways to determine likelihood of issue based on face ratios alone.

We didn’t start with perfect circle atoms. They had to form as a matter of confinement; from secondary syncopations being filled in by smaller atoms.

If you lengthen one permanent wave, you lengthen all of them.

Base atom wave differences are hugely flexible. This is shown in body capabilities. Should be able to find new combinations for carbon based structures through syncopation.

Dated January 14th, 2019

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