Propulsion/IN Mag Entry

This is how you understand electric propulsion and self powered engines. It is due to fluctuation on space, and the magnetic currencies through which induction processes follow:

I must remind you on A/RES/41/128. Declaration on the right to development; of the indecencies which are being shown, and the overall disregard for our species placed forth by the governing bodies which are meant for scientific advancement, and progress as a whole.

These entities are all human beings. You would expect that such beings would act accordingly.

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Wave Cycles

These are some wave periods/cycles for basic magnetic shapes. You can think of this as your second legend. The combined tauros’ will have a rectification at its touch point. You can view this yourself with iron filings. You will need to draw your own on your own paper so that you can visualize the two.


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Double Slit Questions Answerable

You have just proven that light is in fact a wave. The reason that this doesn’t work for different spectrums is because you are enacting upwards rectification (excitement) of the wave state of the atoms. The higher spectrums don’t interact, or have a compatible phase (frequency) with the atomic wave states of the material. This is just like how we can’t see higher spectrums. It is a wave, and the higher frequency propagation points are due to the wave-cycle for the emitter, where the phase points, or locations in cycle show up on the sheet just as you would expect a sine wave, or similar wave to behave.

This is provable with sound waves, where they stop interacting once you reach higher frequencies, because the combined, or interacting phase states allow the waves to as perception would have it pass through each-other; the truth is we don’t even know if they even really fully pass through each-other without interaction yet. Regardless, the frequency intervals are too high, or incompatible to really do anything with regards to measurable interaction. Here is a video representation of this, proving that light is in-fact a wave.

You can skip to about 1:20 in that link to watch the same non-phase interaction occur because the channel has been switched to a higher frequency interval (octave), but I would suggest that you watch the whole video.

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A Different Way To Look At Things

I have recently gotten into a discussion about wave functions with someone on reddit (Electro Boom), who is actually working on an experiment that is proving what I am saying, and it lead to a better explanation of some things, so I wanted to share it:

This is the video

This is the reddit discussion

Dr. Water Lewin replied to me that he isn’t interested in watching the new Video due to this reason… from ElectroBOOM

Here is a different way to look at it. This is in fact “new” physics to you and basically everyone else. We don’t have the correct understanding of physics in the first place. Please don’t get defensive. I’m trying to help you. There is no superposition. I have proven this, and yes. You do have to take quantum mechanics into account.

This is a video in the link below creating the wave state of a sphere using only sine waves. If you need me to explain exactly why this means there is no superposition I can. Please watch both in that link. It will change your understanding of things. Especially when you see that a water drop (field) can be made in such a way. Fields interact or combine based on their timing, phase, amplitude, and frequency, not superposition.

At some point this will become accepted information.

-I would suggest that you take this opportunity to experiment yourself and get ahead of the curve. You may even be able to help set us on the correct course as it is nearly impossible to get anyone to listen.

The field does in fact interact, and is constantly changing whether we perceive it or not. The difference in voltage is coming from opposing slots (read points) in comparison to the peaks of the wave-cycles for the field. A magnetic field has a wave cycle. Even if it is very fast. It is even possible that introducing a current affects it in such a way that the peaks will change as the atomic structures around it or in the circuit are influenced. A wave-cycle is the function of a sine, with peaks and drops, the read point is dependent on timing of the read, and the peaks and drops location on the circuit.

First video:

-You have both proven that this does take quantum mechanics into account.

Proof That There Is No Superposition (Dual State)

I don’t like the current language, because it is not overall correct.

If you were to do this experiment on a giant scale, say with the earth for the magnetic field, and a circuit around it, you would be able to actually see the peak timing changes if you kept introducing new reads, because it takes longer for larger fields to complete their cycles. This is the same reason that we can visually perceive movement of the aurora borealis.

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What is superconductivity?

Superconductive materials (cold) materials, act in such a way because there is no inherent blockage of path (electricity). It is comparable to a standing wave; or a series of atomic waves which are at such a state in which vibration rates are non-interferent. This allows for electrical interfacing; or better phased current paths (vibration). It is entirely based on transfer through wave (phase) states. In the natural world; more excitement leads to more vibration; and a longer overall path in which to follow. In some cases, no path (phase possibility) at all. Cold is a rectifier, in that is affects excitement states. The rectification is the alignment, or ease of path. Similar to turning a winding wave into a straight line.

Here is a video (wave) representation of what is happening. This is a brief visualization of what causes superconductivity. Think of lower frequency as the less excited electron state (cold). Note the waveform is a representation of a combination of atomic structures (group function). It is similar to building a wall out of moving bricks. It is going to be easier to find the appropriate path between all bricks if you were to slow down their movement. The size of the brick (structure of the atom) will affect how the path is found.

We should be able to use combinations of materials which are both superconductive at higher and lower temperatures in order to transfer with consistency the superconductive states; without the use of excessive coolant; an expulsive liquid membrane would be required (just like how heat is released through our bodies); as it would act as an insulator, and conductor itself, in which it would allow electron flow through all of the combined materials; or the electrons to find the most conductive path as each conductive state alternates. There should in time be a discover-able way to do so without the use of coolant at all, but strictly through the use of feedback circuits.

To add, superconductivity is the 0hz equivalent to conversion from AC, to DC current; where the current threshold has reached a point in which all current points are a positive value in relation to the currents ability to pass through. Here is additional proof of this:

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