Rebalancing Systems & Modulating Cell Size Through Electrical Current & Apoptic Behaviors

Please reference pictures for recent results in cell modulation below as needed:


It is now hypothesized that this method can be improved upon and added to in order to completely reform or repopulate an environment of cells.


This is a second step in a series of experiments conducted over the course of the past 4 months.


As determined during apoptic behavior in my previous study / results, cell states are enforced upon by the vibrational rate (frequency) of the introduced current; or in other words, size is restricted by the rate at which a current is oscillated, which is a factor of capacitance or allowed space.


If the threshold for a cell is breached in a stable and consistent manner it will die or divide. Upon death, reformation is possible.


Previous hypothesis:

With relation to self regulated apoptosis as a result of the introduction of current; it had been hypothesized upon findings and within the bounds of variable cell theory that the matter of blood (cells) is strictly an outcome of two – to many point differences upon a wave (pressure) and as a result of time; frequency.


These findings have been expanded upon:

As hypothesized to now prove the regulatory capabilities of the size of cellular structures, and that cell size by frequency will have a limit. Due to correlation between these binary ratios: link. It is also hypothesized that these findings will be replicable by reducing frequency.


As frequency is increased, allowed space is also decreased; resulting in smaller cells. As frequency is decreased space is increased between wave positions; resulting in larger cells. Due to scalar possibilities, there are thresholds where these rules are hypothesized to invert. Those thresholds are still yet to be determined.


The cell combinations to form molecules are variable as a result of this, and smaller cells may result in capabilities for growth due to spacings and allowance; along with alternating pressure. Larger frequency rates (longer waves) are likely to result in smaller molecules if a structure is already formed, as the structure will be required to adhere to the wave, and if it is not large enough already will be enforced upon to react and find ways to fit into this instructed state. This is already seen to happen in males if testosterone levels are too high, and the testes shrink.


A modulation between the two frequency states and cell sizes over time may influence cells to enact specific behaviors. Besides the growth and size reduction in both Red Blood Cells (RBC), and Phagocytes which I have documented; those behaviors are also yet to be determined, and will require more study along with replication of results, some of which I will be able to determine in the coming weeks.


I am also beginning to find that some wave forms seem to affect cells more effectively than others. Square waves for example (100% on 100% off – not to be confused with duty cycles) seem to enable apoptosis at higher rates, likely cause is there is no slope contained in a square wave. Sine waves are expected to result in better buffering or over-all less invasive technique.


This was the first noted change in cell sizes. It has been found that smaller cells will gather outside of larger cells; apoptic cells will gather outside of healthy cells, and healthy cells will gather towards the middle of each slide and in places with more space. Sometimes visually healthy cells appear to become apoptic within about an hour of spending time in a confined space indicating again that this is a result of cellular and environmental pressures; where the instability becomes apparent without movement, and the cell itself was not stable to begin with.


These images are all taken immediately after blood withdrawal. It is very difficult for me to show what I am seeing as the microscope I am using has a very short battery span, and terrible storage. Now that I know what I am looking for I will be able to better document the changes, but there were points where the cells which were clustered were just fractions of the other cells in size. You can see this yourself in the images. Often they were embedded into the larger apoptic cells as shown in the video on April 8th.


This was the first indication of cellular size differences, which took place after 2 weeks of documented apoptic behavior. It is possible that it is first required to reset or “reboot” the system via cell death in order to instruct the cells to build at a different size. Or at the very least that apoptosis will aid in the frequency at which these changes occur.


Images 100-004 8th is where this is visible. I also found that within days Phagocytes were no longer exponentially enlarged and reduced to regular size. You can see these changes over time in comparison to the previous pictures found in Microscope Journal.


Take note to Phagocyte size in relation to RBC changes.

Monday, April 8th 2019 (∿ LH(1)15.38Mhz (Static) ⎍T(4)3.764Mhz)


Nothing much changed visually here, and I am still waiting on the calibration slide I ordered.

April 10th (∿ LH(1)15.38Mhz (Static) ⎍T(4)3.764Mhz)


Most recent visualization.

April 11th (∿ LH(1)15.38Mhz (Static) ⎍T(4)3.764Mhz)



I will continue to document changes. As soon as I feel the cells are stable and consistent I will start to use Hz values again to see if the cell sizes increase.

Points of interest:

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This is what makes waves (Unified theory Pt. 2)

This is a continuation of Unified theory here

This will have to be considered in the context of binary numbers (down to the quantum fundamental)

What is needed?

An understanding of basic switch logic, and the operations for the 555 timer.


Here is what this looks like as a translation of elements from the Periodic Table:


Where do we begin? With the number 16:


16 = 12/3 = 4

  • 4 = 16


What? This is somewhat confusing at first I know. This tells us we have a 16 mid-point to simulate a universe; as a value of bit depth operators (registers). We need to be able to fit both 3 and 4 into the whole simply. 16 (12) is the only way we can do that.


But that isn’t 16? You’re right, but neither is any number when you value them as ratios against a larger piece. 16 is seen as a value or portion of the whole.


Where am I going? So we know there can be 16 bits here, and that 16 can be half of 32 (the final atomic shell value).

But don’t atoms go 2, 8, 18, 32? Yes – they do. You’ll see why soon.


As previously discussed, the universe has registers, which compound upon one another and divide into eachother based on voltage, or pressure values (wave peaks). There are point values which must meet or exceed thresholds in order to create new atoms, combinations of atoms, or cell divides, and we need to go a little bit off base in order to come to the accurate conclusion.


Since there are bit values that must be defined to complete one specific function; which is to transfer a bit to the next register, there are some missing links. For example, 11 at the end of the register will enact a transfer, so those numbers are never truly used and are transitional numbers, like 9. This means we have 14/16 possible bits we can use, because at the end of each register we have a reserve value.


When we are using for example 6/8 bits, we know that the number 12 will cause a divide, but the total depth of the registers was actually 16. Just like you see above. Now this should be slightly less confusing, and as we work with these types of operations more and more the numbers become intuitive, as the relationships are seen over and over again. Especially in real world calculations.


So what about the 555 timers? This is where it gets interesting.


Knowing there are computational values to each provisional point across the universe, and that these values are inflating to create peaks and divots, we can conclude that there are sub-divides. When you introduce a voltage into a circuit, you enter 1 whole value. Introduce a transistor, and you can gate the value to inflate other values when thresholds are reached.


So we have 1 bit + 1 bit



Now we connect these bits using an AND gate; which reads specific values (11, 01, 10). When the 11 is triggered, it opens a new gate, and pushes the 1 outwards. This then closes the gate until another 11 is received:







That’s pretty cool right? It definitely is, but let’s add a 555 timer to that.


These timers open and close gates based on voltage values, of 1/3, and 2/3. If for example 1/3 voltage is received out of the total circuits input, a gate will remain closed. If a threshold value of 2/3 is reached, a certain gate will open. — So preferably at the very start, we gate each bit individually. When the first bit reaches 2/3, a movement occurs. This is basically saying are you 0 or 1?


If 1 (2/3 or more) then current is allowed into the AND gate through the 555 timer, and the first 2 bit allocations are interlinked. This can happen in succession numerous times to end in a fully linked register of 8 total bits, and you can then use the 555 in conjunction with a second, third, or fourth register to continue the pattern. This introduces scalar results and universal values.


It happens in such a way that later on 1/2 is used too, and the excess values get pushed outwards and balanced. The use of AND gates can allow redirection of current back into open bit locations which have moved into 0 states. (we see this in atoms when d orbitals begin to fill)


We can route all of the registers into another 555 timer to create a whole new register as well.


So now we have 1 universal bit, and that is two 1’s (11); or an output. Which is the trigger for an AND gate. This is what a wave looks like:



Each 2 bits connect through AND gates to other fractions of the next register

They are themselves also connected through AND gates, and controlled by a 555 timer.


But that isn’t how binary works right now? No it isn’t and neither is the universe.


Some notable values in this are 16 / 3 = 5.33, and 32 / 6 = 5.33. You will find that dividing element values by 118 also tend to end off in .333 and .666 values. Just like the operation of these gate and timer types.


Now how can we apply that knowledge to build a computer which has the same aspects of the space which we frequent?


We have to either realize that 8 can’t be a value; due to the final bit restriction (11), or we need to use 9 bit registers. I am going to use 2’s now. Consider these to be already formed atoms. Each two is made up of two 1’s (11). It is essentially an AND gate connected to more AND gates.


We have

2 _ 2 _ 2 _ 2

With a 555 connecting each, we get these necessary values to push the bit into the next gate;

2_ 3 _ 4 _ 6


That means for each atomic first shell, we need 6 minimum AND thresholds to be reached through the use of 1/3 sub-divides in order to begin the next shell.


There are 3 good ways to visualize this. The fundamental, the group, and the orbital. I will start with the fundamental, move to the group, and then show orbitals. The fundamental is the base 101 format. The group visualizes the total amounts of 1’s as separations; factors of 2 (1/2). This works because of the rule of ratios and their separations within the register. Finally I will show orbitals which visualizes how these spacings look in real life application.




So for shell 1 (2);

We get 1_1_0_0_0_0_0_0 (takes 2 bits to flip (think in terms of voltage for the timer)

You must understand now that 0 is a value. Electrical gates can close or open if 0 is applied; so in binary, this is actually a number. It is more like 1 and 2. I’ll show you that in the group explanation. It’s actually easier to understand than this one, but this is how it really works.


This gives:


That is 2 bits total to pass into the next sub-register (through the gate).

This creates Hydrogen. With a nucleus, and an electron. See how there are 4 total sub-registers though? That’s where Helium comes from. It’s also where groups (shells) come from. It’s also where orbital patterns are derived.


For shell 2 (8);

Now we have 1_0_1_0_0_0_0_0

It takes 1 bit to flip again (3 total bits) then it balances – We’re making isotopes here.





Now we have 1_0_1_0_1_0_0_0_

It takes 1 bit to flip again (4)

Isotopes occur until you reach that point (7 total) – then Helium exists






Now we have 1_0_1_0_1_0_1_0 (Helium)

You can see right away why there are only 4 total Isotopes of Helium

We have to visualize two registers now.

It takes 2 more bits to pass through the next gate (6)


moves to

(1_0_)(1_0_)(1_0_)(1_0_) AND (1_0_)(1_0_)(0_0_)(0_0_)

These are always moving by the way. + and –

Now we have Hydrogen + Helium. See why Isomers occur?

We have an AND gate connecting another register, but the voltage is sometimes too low to surpase 2/3. You have to remember now that each separated bit is linked by a 555 timer which requires 2/3 threshold to be breached in order to pass the next gate. Some numbers move around depending on what’s outside of them. We’re only two elements in.

So this really looks like this; with the values passing back and forth in the first register like a wave:

(1_0_)(1_0_)(1_1_)(1_1_) AND (0_0_)(0_0_)(0_0_)(0_0_)

but the good news is we hit 6 bits, so that AND gate opened up when 11 hit, because the 555 timer opened its gate. We just needed the right moment. The gate was open due to voltage but we were waiting on the numbers to shift into place.

(1_0_)(1_0_)(1_0_)(1_0_) AND (1_0_)(1_0_)(0_0_)(0_0_)



Add 2 bits, and you get a working wave which has held itself in place.

(1_1_)(1_1_)(1_0_)(1_0_) AND (1_0_)(1_0_)(0_0_)(0_0_)


These numbers now pass themselves around without exceeding the second registers 6 volt threshold. Unless something comes along and inflates it by introduction. You need either 11 volts (bits) for a full shift to two new registers, or 2 more bits to move along. The thresholds grow and it takes more to change things as they are passed. It’s actually probably easier to do all of this with 9 bits rather than 8;


(1_0_1)(0_1_0)(1_0_1) AND (1_0_1)(0_1_0)(0_0_0)

That is because each register timer requires 12 bits or volts exactly instead of just over 10. Otherwise it’s all generally the same, the ratios are just slightly different. The computational world is based on 8 bits, but that isn’t a universal rule. We just never tried it this way. You can look for ways to use the 9th bit as a non voltage required (single digit) pass, or rework the ratio sets to operate in the same way.


It gets really dizzying after all that, and I am still working my head around how to do each atom individually, but you can see that we broke through the second ratio eventually and they work for both atoms, and the shells. All of the atoms in our universe are basically circles stacked on top of circles. This is why everything is always moving, and flying through space. I’ll come back to that as I build a physical computer model that can use this system. For now it’s much easier to use the group setting. As you can see, there were 2 total registers with 8 total sets. We’ll start along those lines.





Use this to view things in a simpler format. The other way isn’t needed to calculate things right now, but as soon as you get the hang of it, start to take things further and use the foundational values.

So for shell 1 (2);

we get 11_0_0_0 (takes 2 bits to flip)



For shell 2 (8);

Now we have 1_0_0_0

It takes 2 bits to flip again for a higher tier 11 (4 total)


It takes 2 bits to flip again, and 3 bits to exceed 2 by 2/3 (3/4)


It takes 2 bits to flip again and open the next gate (8 bits total)




For shell 3 (18);

Now we have 2_2_0_0

It takes 2 bits to flip again


It takes 2 bits to flip again


We start to fill into the next register now though because we broke the 6 threshold, so things equalize. (this is why you see orbitals skip around)

That was because of the 555 gates. Remember? 2, 3, 4, 6? Those are all the threshold values to surpass or meet 2/3. Add them all together and we get 18. Individually there are 16 total bits needed to reach 2_2_2_1, plus 2 to fill the register.

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_0_0

2_2_2_0 – 2_0_0_0

2_0_2_2 – 2_0_0_0

2_0_2_0 – 2_2_0_0

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0


But something is off? That isn’t 18? It’s not, and this is the halfway point for the table.


In reality this actually happens twice as a matter of balance (syncopation), so you see two sets of 2, 8, 18, 32; and the higher you go in elemental values, the more thresholds you have sitting inside one another, which brings up compression, and magnetism. This is the hardest one to comprehend. You have to keep in mind that it takes 16 volts (bits) to flip the 3rd register, and it also takes 18 bits to get the 3rd register to read 2 at its end.


This means we have a lot of intermediates.


2_2_2_1 isn’t balanced. We need to keep going.

2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 – 2_0_0_0

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_2 – 2_2_2_2

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_2


I can’t stress enough how important it is that you write all these things out on your own. You can’t really grasp this without doing so. It is up to you to complete that chain by filling in what I left out from the middle. I am also going to add a more definitive list of these to this spreadsheet as they just repeat themselves over and over and need to be written down.


Now we have one full register. It seems like there are more there, because I didn’t double the 2, or 8 shells (syncopation). This makes it significantly easier to read at first, and I went into more detail on that later.


For shell 4 (32);

It’s the same thing. We add another register, but we reached half of 360 with 18. At this point we are capped out, and filling the final half with the remaining thresholds. We are doing the same thing we did from Atom to Group. We are re-evaluating the ratio:

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0

Which is equivalent to 16 – 16; for 32 total bits instead of 36.


This is the simplest way to put it right now. Each of those 2 values in the final shell are constituted as 8 total bits.


This explains why we cap out at 32, and have H and He as balancers. It quantifies atoms, groups, and their orbitals into measurable, and calculable bits.


But what does this look like with the group syncopations?


So for shell 1 (2);

we get 11_0_0_0 (takes 2 bits to flip)




For shell 2 (8);

Now we have 1_0_0_0

It takes 2 bits to flip again for a higher tier 11 (4 total)


It takes 2 bits to flip again, and 3 bits to exceed 2 by 2/3 (3/4)


It takes 2 bits to flip again and open the next gate (8 bits total)


Plus the syncopation (another 8)

2_0_2_0 AND 2_0_2_0



For shell 3 (18);

We start to fill into the next register now because we broke the 6 threshold, so things equalize. (this is why you see orbitals skip around)

That was because of the 555 gates. Remember? 2, 3, 4, 6? Those are all the threshold values to surpass or meet 2/3. Add them all together and we get 18. Individually there are 16 total bits needed to reach 2_2_2_1, plus 2 to fill the register.

2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 – 2_0_0_0

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_2 – 2_2_2_2

2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_2


For shell 32:


2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0 – 2_0_2_0


2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2

or 2_2_2_2 (scaled)




These are pretty straightforwards. The same rule, though it seems they are determined inside of the group/atom ratios, as they are lower voltage values held in place, less gating allowance. This shows their spin changes.


2_0_0_0 (2)

fills like




2_2_2_2 (8)


Remember the 1’s in this case are equivalent to 0’s. The thresholds are reached, but the atoms are still rules, and we know there are other atoms around them as excess thresholds are required in order to hold them together. Electrons are a visualization of the movements which fall in between. We can look at these a little more openly than when we were setting up the rules of the atoms and their behaviors.


2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 (18)

It fills like this

2_2_2_2 – 1_1_1_1 – 1_1_1_1

We know there are things outside of it, because it is needed in order for this to exist, so we aren’t making any assumptions by inferring that the end point is actually a bounceback from other atoms. At its syncopation point (1), there is at least 1 bit. That means the values are coming inwards.

2_2_2_2 – 1_1_1_1 – 1_1_1_2

2_2_2_2 – 1_1_1_1 – 1_1_2_2

2_2_2_2 – 1_1_1_1 – 1_2_1_2


2_2_2_2 – 1_1_1_1 – 2_2_2_2


2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2 – 2_2_2_2


That’s also been shown already by the threshold example where the value began to rise and hold pieces in place:

(1_1_)(1_1_)(1_0_)(1_0_) AND (1_0_)(1_0_)(0_0_)(0_0_)


So that’s how it works. In 3d space this happens back and forth all around us. We are a part of it ourselves, and it all happens so quickly. Computers already do this in a rudimentary way at magnitudes of Mhz.


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Microscope Journal

These experiments were done in vivo on my body.

Please refer to this spreadsheet for the experiment methods. Please refer to molecule syncopation, FAQ, notes and positive results in the same sheet for detailed explanations and hypothesis.

As I become more experienced with blood and blood artifacts I will be able to better identify methods for manipulation. This is far from ordinary in the modern biological context. These results were obtained using methods not present in current biological physics, and it is necessary that you comprehend the subjects within this website in order to understand why this works on a physical level.

First measurements of apoptic behavior

Thursday, March 28th 2019 - First measurement of apoptic behavior (⎍ LH(18)428 (Static) T(16)118.5)


Friday, March 29th 2019 - Allowing the system to rebalance (No sessions)


Saturday, March 30th 2019 - System has reached a balance (No sessions)


Points of interest:


I will be keeping my diet generally restricted to these items so as to ensure as stable as possible a level of results

Because it is likely this concept is going to become adopted as a standard in later years, I am removing meats from my diet.

I do not wish for any animals to be specifically sought after for the sake of an individuals personal gain. Eggs were not removed, because there are humane ways to raise and cultivate an egg from a chicken. They also are a prime source of sulfur which is needed. As is protein. I may come to remove eggs as well as I learn which foods can be better substituted.

2-3 Eggs with butter

1 Piece toast

Peanut butter

1 Apple


Vitamin C

Vitamin B12 (when states of apoptosis are high)

Greek yogurt

1 Piece toast

Protein Shakes (on occasion)

I also drink on occasion or diverge from the diet, but the overall is within these parameters. It is also intended that a way is found to do these types of things without too much worry towards diet as long as some specific needs are met.


Replicating results

Everything has re-balanced to a relatively typical state; can enable apoptic behavior within about 30-50% range within 1 hour 1 session. Experimenting with different frequencies at end of day to see if any reduce amounts. Seems that some do, but need to see more results to show this.

Sunday, March 31st 2019 Morning (After) (⎍ LH(18)428 (Static) T(16)118.5) - Used KHz & Hz


Sunday, March 31st 2019 Night (After) (∿ HEME(6)644 (Static) CValue540) - Used KHz & Hz


Cells have already reset

Monday, April 1st 2019 Morning (Before)


Monday, April 1st 2019 Morning (After) (⎍ LH(18)428 (Static) T(16)118.5) - Used KHz & Hz


Monday, April 1st 2019 Night (After) (⎍ LH(18)428 (Static) T(16)118.5) - Used KHz & Hz


Some significant changes seen today after first session. There were some enlarged phagocytes to such a degree that it required multiple images to capture the entire structure. There are also dislodged tissues. I am hoping this is scar tissue from a site I have been affecting purposely, will see. I plan to continue this for at least a month.

I am learning how to calibrate my microscope to give this a measurement but have to purchase a calibration slide first. I’m not sure if I will have any money left to do that, so it might have to wait.

Points of interest:

April 3rd – 3 videos of movement observation. One in open space, one confined healthy – one confined apoptic.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 Morning (Before)


Wednesday, April 3rd 2019 Night (After) ⎍LH(/1)7704 (Static) ⎍T(/4)474) - Used KHz & Hz


Friday, April 5th, 2019 Night (After) (⎍LH(/1)7704 (Static) ⎍T(/4)474) - Used KHz & Hz


Not a whole lot is different besides some noticeable structures showing up. Cells still reacting the same way. It has become apparent that apoptic behavior is not just cell age, but due to structural integrity as a result of its electromagnetic capacities. The cell will loose stability, and become apoptic as sugars deteriorate and other portions of molecule chains begin to fall out of sync. This happens over time as pieces are pulled and the cell is pushed and tugged on. Apoptic cells tend to congregate together and away from healthy cells – as opposed to intermingled/without reason; which is a clear indication of pressure stabilities and the cells capability to follow the whole of the body. They are often found towards the ends of the slide where healthy cells will gather in open space and towards the center. This reminds me of the “skin effect” in electricity; which is also pressure reliant.

It is incredibly time consuming taking pictures of my blood 4 times a day, so I am going to stop taking as many images, and stick to only taking blood after the night session unless something drastic changes.

Points of interest:

Rebalancing Systems & Modulating Cell Size

Monday, April 8th 2019 (∿ LH(1)15.38Mhz (Static) ⎍T(4)3.764Mhz)


Nothing much changed visually here, and I am still waiting on the calibration slide I ordered.

April 10th (∿ LH(1)15.38Mhz (Static) ⎍T(4)3.764Mhz)


Most recent visualization.

April 11th (∿ LH(1)15.38Mhz (Static) ⎍T(4)3.764Mhz)


I will continue to document changes. As soon as I feel the cells are stable and consistent I will start to use Hz values again to see if the cell sizes increase.

Points of interest:

Continuing results

My cells are changing in size (getting smaller). I see this to be a good indication of potential for enforced change. I am learning ways to guide pressure through the body with a combination of electrical oscillations, magnetic coils, and believe it or not; sound waves. Why is that good? It indicates divisions are happening, and that cells could potentially be reforming within my marrow where blood is formed. There are notable changes in platelet counts which would be hypothesized to coincide with change in bone openings. It may also just be due to the fact that I am using significantly higher frequencies now. There are many things I want to talk about but just can’t yet without the proper results. I don’t plan to post any more updates until I refine my methods.

Two main points. Take note of how controlled my phagocytes have become, and become aware of the uses for this beyond cancer. Especially platelet increase/phagocyte adjustment. Each date is 1 slide/sample. Each slide will have multiple self separated environments as mentioned above.

Monday, April 15th 2019

Tuesday, April 16th 2019

Friday, April 17th 2019

Tuesday, April 21st 2019


From here on you can see things starting to settle out. I had begun to use a better system of influence by this point. Less sporadic changes.

Sunday, April 26th 2019

Wednesday, April 29th 2019

Friday, May 3rd 2019

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Self Programed Apoptosis Through Use Of Magnetic Current & Electricity

Tonight while viewing my blood for the first time since I began these experiments something very informative occurred. Here is my blood almost entirely in apoptosis. As theorized, this was a result of many months of consistent magnetic interference. The fields themselves act as waves; or you could think of two fields as two bubbles/balloons pressing against one another. If you do this long enough and at the right frequency you can ensure the cells conform to what is needed. This is expected to lead to cancer dispersals, polarization techniques and ultimately growth and nervous system aid.

At this stage I will be halting all further experiments to monitor how these changes decay into renormalized systems. As I feel there are significant changes I will begin again to adjust them and see if any body manipulations through the recycling of these cells is possible upon cell death or via pointing to specific locations.

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Theoretical Equations – 1

Regarding potential of decay, or decided matter capacities:


R – Resistance
Input – Change Value, Voltage, or Current; though voltage would be ideal to test first

Let (R / Input)R evaluate for potential of resistance decay in a moving system

  • Where the answer is a rest point and a new input can be inserted

This is theorized to work as a calculation for total atomic syncopation capabilities, as Resistance in a circuit is the measurement of vibrational pressure divided by its rate; which is a frequency value measuring spacial distances at its fundamental.

This is the only reasonable use I can find for power to functions, as it gives you a total divide value.

  • I would point to the fact that should this be a usable equation, it would allow us to measure maximum distances between two bodies as resistance can be defined as an atomic count and generalized vibrational frame; where the input is a threshold test value to determine ease points.



Frequency Sync Between Two Points


V – Voltage

F – Frequency

R – Resistance

As you increase V; you increase frequency between two conductors; as a factor of introduced current (refer to resistance as a potential measurement for atomic value and frequency)

IE: V * F / R

Resulting in a value for Hz as a result of spacing

To visualize this, imagine a coil placed on a typical copper plate, inducing a current into the coil, allowing the coil to lift as a result of the resistance to vibration given off by the fields within the copper plate; thus showing the vibrational decay of those atoms.


This gives the formula

Hz(static) / Hz(induced) / (Vi / VoF)


Where Hz(static) – the static frequency value (copper plate)

Where Hz(induced) – the induced frequency value (coil)

Vi – Voltage induced

VoF – Frequency of voltage oscillation


  • This formula is intended to determine potential for lift or distance allowed between two vibrational points, be it groups of atoms, or single waves.
  • In a completed form it should divide the distance between both points to determine syncopation capacity, this giving all possible fraction increments, capable syncopation/travel points, the exact distance between the two points, potential for temperature fluctuation etc – as a matter of frequency
  • This being where a sun is to be considered an induced value, and a planet or stationary object to be the static value

This requires us to determine the frequency values of all atoms, as we would use their static values to generalize the copper plate, as well as to generalize what would be considered the induced voltage of a planet; or the pressure values in which it operates under until we are capable of computing all vibrations within a single molecule, planet, or sun individually.

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Something of note:

Lowest audible frequency is around 20hz
Highest frequency I am able to visualize oscillations at is 40hz

Above 40hz I can no longer see blinking oscillations in an LED. It appears to be a steady stream of light and the oscillations are indiscernible at this point.

I will need to experiment with variable current applied to my body/brain (IE FM Synthesis) to determine whether there are ways to perceive interval frequencies/wave-cycles at higher rates. I am hypothesizing that with the right carrier frequencies the brain can make out oscillations which are not normally perceived.

Some of the things I am doing aren’t exactly safe if you aren’t aware of the reason why or how it works, so if you happen to be reading this without any electrical experience and opt to try yourself, please research all safety precautions first. I suggest that you begin strictly with magnets only to work out their properties and the wave relationships to your body.

My goal here is to influence ratios and experiment with my bodies interactions to waves. I expect that we can influence things like vein and nerve (re)growth. I have already found that bone is possible. I suspect that it is due to the atomic combinations which make up the bone structure, and their frequency relations to a standard magnetic wave.

The body will see an exponential increase in voltage at under 1v, so you really don’t seem to need much more than that. Gigantism comes from tumors across the brain, which tells me voltage/pressure plays the largest role in gate switching, or hormone/protein activation. I have settled at .42v because this is a value which divides down to 6, or 1/2 of 12, and is an imbalanced number against whole values. The body, or at least mine seems to tie in to 1, or .18 values across the chest; which is a starting point. This is something that I need to work out better, as voltage can change drastically depending on grounding method, and the circuit you use to generate a signal. I will see voltage values rise to 2v, or 60v given specific grounds and whether I am running the ground through a power source or not.

I suspect that voltage coming from something as simple as a mobile phone is enough to influence functions, meaning such devices should they become proven will be portable.

Please be careful. If you are generating current when you do this from anything other than a small battery, it can result in death.

If I have spent long enough polarizing my body on a given day, I will find electronic oscillations from appliances like my refrigerator, or the heating unit to be significantly more distracting, or in some cases almost overbearing if there is a change in environment. Some oscillations enact a pleasant feeling across the body not unlike a soft electrical field. This is how our nerves perceive touch/feeling anyways.

Another observation:

If you have a magnetic field applied to your body at sync points, you can feel audio frequency adjustments across the body. For example; solfeggio frequencies. These can be interchanged, and the bodies reaction to it can be felt. It is not my belief that they are exactly accurate frequencies due to standardized scale values, but are actually very close to real atomic structural operations; as shown in calculation of molecules here.

With these frequencies, I don’t notice any difference normally, but with magnets involved I do. Higher frequencies seem to actually have more effect on brainwaves and are felt towards the head as compared to lower frequencies; which would be expected given bass vs mid-to-treble notes and the role of syncopation for a high value wave to fill in carrier gaps.

I would like to point out that frequency modulation very closely relates to cell division factors and planetary orbitals in that on an up or down stroke for a given modulator, you will see compression or decompression in the higher frequency wave.

In this example, the modulator is actually the carrier. So in all cases, when I reference a carrier from here on, please consider it to be the modulator; or the lowest possible frequency wave of the wave group. We must determine the high to be more of a drift, as it will follow the rules of the low wave, and fill in its values.

We know this, because light lensing happens around gravitational waves. As shown here. Think of gravity as the low wave carrier, and light as the drift, or higher interval vibrations along the wave:

Same thing here. Notice the compression and decompression as compared to orbital locations or body and face ratios. More specifically, chin to lips to nose ratios and how they will also align from brow to eye to nose. These ratios found on the face give you the growth indicators and ease point values for all parts of the body. This is yet to be mathematically refined but has already been started as a part of the NP calculator found on this website.

This is also how DNA operates and instructs growth. Each function has an amplitude as noted by differently positioned ATGC values.

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Unified Theory Of All Things

From computer to computer:


Our universe operates at a specific bit depth. Through use of 2 registers we can conceptualize this:

000000000000 : 000000000000


One register is always on:

011101000000 : 000000000000


One register is a reaction to the other (AND gate)

011101011011 : 010011000000


What is happening? The last possible factor on the first register, or set is rated at 11. When all possible locations for register 1 have filled, and 11 is read by set 2, a division occurs.

This division resets register 1 to a value reliant on the parameters allowed within it

110110110000 : 110100000000


Both registers use the same parameters, and read off of one another. This is what is called syncopation.


If one register far exceeds the limit of its parameters, a division occurs in such a way that it balances itself until there is a series of numbers left over.

These numbers aren’t as stable, and can be used elsewhere. At billions or even trillions of registers, there is plenty of room for things to reorganize.


We can build computers with bit depths far in excess of 64 and put all of these values to use. Each register can have sub-registers, tiers, and set pieces.


What does that look like to you?


It is a sine wave.

What is that a picture of? It is a picture of a DC voltage source.


Let’s take a step back here so I can explain why that is so important.


If our universe operates at the finest point on registers; as pointed out above, we know now that it is all divided from a start point. At the very fundamental operation, it is all 0’s lined up around another. As you begin to inflate the zeros with ones, and each register fills, you develop a pattern, and they all start to interact with another. You have a very balanced and stable sine wave happening. This is the base of all matter and space.


You can visualize this in this video, by watching the waves propagate across the oscilloscope.


Once you have the base state of space, you can inject a series of seemingly chaotic values (big bang) to trigger limit breaks, or values far in excess of the allotted AND gate threshold in such a way that it occurs so quickly that there are consistent inflated values at very high interval. All of these gates have a decay only based on what is injected into it, and what the final bit depth of the system is.


Now that these numbers are interacting and are no longer balanced, we can think of them as waves. This is space and matter. There are amplifications across them now, just like the waves moving across the screen. With more surrounding values they interact differently, as there are many tiers of divisions and registers within each; but they all follow the same general rules. They just scale up and down.


At the very basic level, atoms begin to form. Each atom is a peak on the wave, where many other waves have pressed against one another because the register rules did not exceed a threshold value; but they were themselves other registers.


Each electron is a series of compressed waves. Particles are the visualization of waves, and they are the result of registers and gates. Each atom is a group of electrons, and in between two atoms it is possible to house many smaller wave groups (electrons). This is why things decay in space and excited states are released back down into base states (cold).


So what is electricity? It is the visualization of this happening. It is vibration happening all over again at the capacitance of the sub-register (atoms). Did you notice how the sound made in that video above sounds just like a high current high voltage electrical wire? Were you able to make out the different oscillations in each passing second?


What is magnetism? It is just amplified vibrations. Nothing more.


When you rotate a magnet against copper you generate electricity. The magnet itself is in a state of confined atomic structure. Its “field” is not a field but part of its register : interacting with the other registers. Rotation is required in order to create frequency (1 hz). If you spin the magnet fast enough you generate frequency by interval (60 hz). All that is is bumping the copper vibrations with the magnets vibrations. These vibrations then move across other like atoms which were close enough in register values to syncopate.


This is why there is electrical decay or “resistance”; it is absolutely not resistance, but the capability for the wave to dissipate. And what is all of that? It is just a reset from the start of the universe at a bigger scale. The wire is the base state, the magnet creates an interval, and the amplifications move across the wave (wire).


Fig 1 = wire / space

Fig 2 = amplifications coming from rotating magnet over time ; or the injection of numbers – both the same function

Fig 3 = visualization of the amplifications in an oscilloscope as a sine wave


This image sums it up perfectly. Follow the red square to understand that electricity itself is the set of syncopated vibrations which are seen as more frequent, and the “Group Velocity” is the representation of electrical current. The atoms and electrons are themselves the more frequent variables.

This is how it all works. Cell division, frequency, everything. Nothing changes.


This is how it all works. Cell division, frequency, everything. Nothing changes.
When we see a particle, we see group behavior. Those group behaviors interact with other groups, and structures are formed like the wire that carries the electricity, and the electricity comes from pushing a magnetic field against the field of each atom, sending vibrations across each syncopated atom (vibration). The field itself is an extension of vibrational rate. The atoms only exist because of the compartmentalization of all other surrounding atoms and space.
You could say it is like string theory, but string theory uses particles. In reality, all evidence points to the fact that particles are phase points along the wave (which is what we consider to be space) interacting with one another. This being quantifiable by the registers we discussed above.
This also explains how a wave can have a ceiling, and a floor in which the threshold cannot be surpassed without collapse, but I will refrain from talking about that now, as it takes time to understand this concept first.


Note how the human body operates at 60hz, which is also Carbons 6 electron ratio. What did I explain earlier? That each electron is a result of amplifications happening at specific interval. They are groups of waves in between more groups of waves. In this case they seemingly fall at exactly 10hz apart from one another as a rule of ratios. So this means we can use frequency to determine temperature thresholds, computational possibilities etc.


I am working on a list of all molecules I can find here:

This is how our body works.


Notice the timing in the memory and how it relates to a heartbeat, or low wave; with the bus operating at higher interval not unlike brain synapse firing back and forth.


Build one of these and you will begin to understand it all.


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Creating Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions, and Dispersal Through Biological Induction

Final Day (January 31st)

January 23rd:

January 21st:

January 19th:

January 18th:

January 14th:


The formation of interference in biological circuit is due to a wart found at the cross point on my foot. This would be from beginning of cancerous formation on the arm to the final day. It took about a month to disperse and was directly correlated to the circuit blockage from the plantar. This began as a result of induction experiments on my body, through which daily excitement on fields were applied, using nothing but kinetic movement and significant time intervals.

There were moments where electricity was generated within my body (felt), not measured. Feel free to try it yourself. Simply applying pressure across two fields on your arm can give you physical sensation. However you choose to act with this information, I expect you will be excluding my own discovery for your own desires, as this has broken down into an all out clusterfuck of scientific ignorance. I have my entire life to continue to prove such things, but I do not believe those dying of cancer right now will feel the same way about your actions.

I will look for a way to recross the circuit and replicate the results without a wart (possible a burn might work). There are still other experiments in effect which must wait. I have increased hip width on accident, my hands and fingers have bulkened, and at times grown in length.

This is a result of ratio balancing, and I am now aware that osteoclasting is easily influenced; especially when there are unbalanced values.

My jaw filled in some locations and there are specific spots and conditions on the body which can be met to point to specific areas. The process can be felt. At times there are clear pains while polarities shift. These changes follow ease points and less restrictive connections. Noticing some gum-lines seemed to be change, which stopped.

Eye vision can be influenced. I still have not come up with a way to get it to stay, but have had days where I didn’t need to wear my glasses at all.

January 12th:

Wart has been overall broken apart, you can clearly see the skin lesion is now dispersing as well. Please note that the skin breakage patterns are exactly the same as that of the wart. Think of this as a + pole, and a – pole.