Regarding Sleep, Waking Up, Busy Circuits, and Vitamin Interactions (Blue, Page 3):

Page 3:

Regarding Sleep, Waking Up, Busy Circuits, and Vitamin Interactions:

Waking up from daylight = lower wave state becoming excited.
Same for falling asleep when dark. Growing tired when heat is introduced is a syncopation of excited waves.

This would often happen to me while driving when I was first influencing my circuits. I had done so specifically towards the south pole of the earth, and when I drove along this pole in a lateral direction, my circuit was rectified (tugged on). This is enough to change reactions. I would become tired until I made a turn. Our bodies weren’t build with cars in mind, and they change our polarities as a matter of velocity interacting with polarities. You must understand that even velocity is created by atomic interactions. Nothing is ever done that doesn’t take multitudes of quantum interactions into account.

I could even feel slight changes when turning as I was walking into a new direction. This is the same as how ants build colonies, birds flock and migrate etc. The excitements building on atoms as a result of global warming are affecting everything. The upwards excitements throw off entire atomic ecosystems. The excitements themselves are a buildup of waves in a confined system.

If you were to unwrap the entire bodies atomic structure, you would get a perfect circle.

Cells divide as a need for compatible ratios. When you confine a space, 3rds are created, which must sub-divide into 4ths to create an equal ratio. It can stay a 3rd if the circuit is closed, but there are now 4 divides within the 3rd; and the whole ratio stayed the same. It is important that you have open areas to grow when you do this, otherwise circuits breakdown and cancers, or tumorous buildups can result from competing polarities. Everything can be equalized.

Vit K = Iron filter. Keeps same types together
Vit E = Balance. Puts HCOs on opposite side from K
Vit C = Acts as a mediator
Vit K + E = Blood clots with an IN and OUT

Dated January 14th, 2019

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How to Create Growth, Inflammation, Nervous System, Rectification, Heat/Cold, Scientific Alcohol Use (Resveratrol), Why Coffee Increases Blood Pressure, and Facial Pole Recognition (Blue, Page 2)

Page 2:

How to Create Growth, Inflammation, Nervous System, Rectification, Heat/Cold, Scientific Alcohol Use (Resveratrol), Why Coffee Increases Blood Pressure, and Facial Pole Recognition:

Alcohol rectifies circuit from molecules to brain. Leads to harder to excite states/lower waves.

Excitement allowing circuitry to experience pleasure sensation at less cost/without immediate rectification. Takes prolonged excitement at low levels. Like ecstacy. Drugs in general come from polarizing changes. Even heat transfer from one leg to another is a cross excitation across atoms. You can feel this laying in bed at night if you cross your legs over another, it will build at the feet. This isn’t just heat, but the actual perception of the vibrations along your bodies current (circuit).

Can either direct some excitation or focus on it through nervous system like sending signals for an arm to move.

Being drunk equates to a lower wave so anything syncopated at higher frequency is brought down too. Can then find its way to lower base state items before being brought back up, or some processes will be balanced and harder to move back up because they are kept in a lower state, allowing for specific changes to be made. As alcohol decays, the body is brought back up keeping some of these changes in tact. The same as holding very specific field variations for extended periods, as the body builds around this.

Stretching feels good when you wake up because the nerves are starting in a lower wave state. As they excite, the overall wave for your body has been. This sensation is electricity.

You can even simulate feelings using multiple magnets against specific nerve points. This generates sensations.

  • When you do this, you are polarizing cells, and they need re polarization, as it will excite them. This is done to coax growth, and to allow vitamin structures to combine or move into place. I have created sun burns on locations of my body in the middle of winter in my bedroom just from excitation through magnets.
  • Iron tase in mouth afer = red blood cells being used up (02 coming off). The balance shifts.

Yeast survives from wines chemical Resveratrol because of wave compatibility. You can increase effectiveness in the human body by use of vitamins, and combinations with appropriate ratio consumption. Timing of consumption must also be taken into account as the body has build requirements. This can extend waves in bacteria, and other wave compatible items. Remember, it all scales. When you extend waves, you add to chances of DNA repair and extensions. This leads to growth. DNA repair calls are just old versions of build functions. DNA shortens because waves are rectified. Atoms get weaker because polarities change. This is why ears grow so much even when you are old, and why I was able to reverse this effect seen here: Cataloging Ear Growth Reduction

  • Ease points/guidance is better. Bashing affects too many surrounding things. When you break the circuit, things won’t hold as steadily after. Can help fix pole issues though, inflammation, fertility reversals, etc.
  • Inflammation is excitement, when polarities aren’t able to settle.

If they do get to settle, they settle in opposing locations, which tends to lead to immunity issues, and things around it allow it to stay. This can also lead to cancer.

You can reset this by influencing the circuit to rotate polarities around it (exciting it). When the circuit reaches a general balance you can redirect, and set the polarities as needed.

  • Heat over cold seems to come from sudden changes and central locations not being compatible with lower waves; which are syncopation of multitudes of high frequencies.
  • The first time you try this yourself, you experience many cold sensations and can feel them traveling across the circuit. This is what scientists currently believe is electron transfer.
  • All it really is is vibrational rate changes across space.
  • It can be amplified as stated in last page regarding defibrillators if you close off; or confine specific parts of the body, this also expedites the process at a given location.
  • Atomic growth comes from ease, as a result of force. You will need to confine at least one location to create growth at an ease point. This is due to forced syncopation.

Controlling heat around target location can help to control levels and timing or attack times/sustain of the rectifications within. Colder waves are harder to travel along for excited states. They require excitement before the waves become compatible. Tuning them to reach same temp together causes ease of connection and pole manipulation.

Cold outside to in during cooldown requires a warm up. Results in focus on external areas. Cold inside can focus on internal structures. They need to vary so as to continue adding to the wave using food structures introduced into the body; until we create a method in which to introduce cathode type inputs so as to coax and confine externally.

Pushing or pulling (pulling often preferred) causes high to low frequency change. Allows you to control excitement states so waves can add to at varying frequency rates or amplitudes.

  • Itchiness when healing comes from breaking and binding of circuits. Small releases occurring being transferred to nerves. Coffee excites the waves (atoms) as a result of blockage in the circuit. This is why there is a brief moment of increased blood pressure when coffee is used.
  • Too much O2 in blood (light headed) means either less Fe type, or that it has become to sticky to send current through at same rate, resulting in current build up. Can be from either up or down syncopation.
  • Water can help slow upwards rectification, but doesn’t affect downwards if chilled at same rate. If entered too cold can induce bond breakage or circuit misfires (hypothermia).
  • Semen stays functional because of sodium ionization for O2. If no sodium O2 will attach or rectify its wave. The rest of the materials are just proponents of the wave.

This is the first set of facial poles I will introduce to you. These are not coordinated, but locations.

There are locations at the forehead, brow, eye socket, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, ear. These are the easiest to spot. Ratios from nose to lips indicate reproductive organ growth in all cases; where the lips are further apart or closer together as a result of the DNA instructions (amplifications). There are two types of indicators determined by amplification for each pole, plus one based on more balanced ratios. These same ratios indicate body shapes, and height probabilities. Many growths are reliant on hemisphere location, and diet, but the ratios define what is ultimately going to be possible.

There is no need for DNA restructuring for years. It can all be adjusted after birth using the mechanical properties of cellular structures. The NP formula I have been working on will help to calculate these things, and unfold DNA.

Please ignore pole locators, as they were used in early stages of figuring this out. The balance on our faces and bodies come from competing poles held together inwards. This is why cheeks push out, brows push out, eye socket in, chin, jaw, etc.

Dated January 14th, 2019

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Regarding Biology, Better Ways To Defibrillate, Suspensions, Mercury And Metal Usage (Blue, Page 1)

Page 1

New Ideas Regarding Biology, Better Ways To Defibrillate, Suspensions, Mercury And Metal Usage:

Water suspension is for controlling polarties outside of circuits. Oxygen is good for pulling things apart. It also acts as a wave balancer, and can be used for intermediation. This is why H2O comes in two H, one O. The ratios must syncopate to hold together; and do so within the planetary system. It is also why we consist almost entirely of water; inside and out. The bones to skin are all wave formats.

From bones you have thicker, more populated waves, creating an insulator, which moves outwards to organs, skin etc; with water as the intermediate. These are all circle functions (DNA) folding around and over another.

There are some random thoughts I will include here from time to time.
Emergency ionization = holding your breath

I sometimes refer to blue blood and O2. This just means higher state of excitement to me. Blue blood doesn’t exist technically, but all atoms are color coded in the light spectrum. That’s why we see different colors, which I will get to in other pages. When I say O2, I am referencing oxygenated structures. You oftentimes see HOOC, or vitamin builds which use 2 O’s. This is because as an atomic wave; Oxygen acts as a balancer. It’s nothing more than that, and why it is so easy to remove. It’s one of the waves with the least necessary alignments.

O2 follows the vitamins like small fish flocks following whales.

  • Ionizing is good because O2 can sometimes mask the vitamins, creating less effective connections
  • Salt squares off wave structures. It is in itself a square wave format, due to squared conditions while it was being made.
  • Mercury when excited brings blood/vitamins to the top (outwards) locations in cell structures. Exciting up and back down again keeps all things in line and moving in ways which you can control. When O2 is released from cells which are utilizing mercury, the mercury will stay in place. Over time, with appropriate action against the cells; mercury can be rectified out of the system, or into an alternate metal state/function.

This brings us to Toxic Shock Syndrome:

Toxic shock is due to ease of circuit. This happens because of the different wave scales in atomics. Bacteria is a higher frequency, or more compact wave than many atoms, and syncopates to waves differently than how blood syncopates to veins. It has waves which can attach through filling in missing spots.

When you result in TSS from a tampon, it is due to blood build up. The larger tampons which tend to cause TSS result in more oxidized blood sitting outside of the vagina. Remember that oxygen acts as a wave balancer. When blood comes into contact with new things, it can become excited and the wave state can change.

Oxygen is a fickle object when it comes to biological atomics. It can both keep things from working properly, and keep things moving smoothly, and even keep the body clean. The issue is that it can pull things apart, which lead to new circuits and the allowance of new wave types to fill those circuits in.

TSS from a tampon is the result of a new wave format for the blood built up on the tampon. This does too allow new wave types to find their way through. The blood is both excited consistently due to body heat, and added to through new blood cells as menstruation occurs. This creates a consistent contact wave which leads straight to the nervous system; and one of variance, as a menstration cycle is releasing many vitamin/blood related formats through the recycling of reproductive structures.

What does this have to do with mercury? Bacteria rides the wave just like many things ride on top of mercury, just like water and mercury stay separated. This all ties in with eachother, so things are going to appear that seem out of place. They aren’t, it’s just how things work.

  • Sexual stimulation is a build up of excitements on the atomic waves
  • An orgasm is the release of these excitements when they pass a sustainable threshold
  • This results in a wave traveling through the body for a woman, or a wave pressure being released as ejaculate for a man
  • A vagina is an opposite DNA instruction. The penis is no different other than building outwards over inwards
  • This is due to atomic amplitudes when DNA folds, which provides the body with polarities during growth

When using Mercury, breaking the circuit is also good for keeping the body clean, and keeping it from failing. You need to keep Mercury from pooling, and you need to keep the body from relying solely on the ease of circuit. An easy circuit can produce lazy, less sustainable results.

The reason there are issues with stem cell injections is because there are no pointers. They just go where the circuit tells them to. There is no magnetic (polarity) instruction which allows the cell to differentiate. Just like flu vaccines they may be more effective, and less random if they were given a specific instruction, and then ingested so that the body can build around it rather than use it as a single instance trait. If you inject and they just sit, they aren’t getting any real instructions.

Dehydrated point = circuit touches more things, but those things become too easy to excite/vibrations do not interact but counteract, which results in natural ionization. This deteriorates though, and there are better ways to connect.

Absence in filled inner f shell in zinc/cadmium equals higher melting temp than mercury because it includes a longer wave in which to travel (excite)

There are tons of low waves keeping up the appearance of non-movement; bones-metals-plastics-woods-(syncopation)







Timings and location are important for defibrillators, as you can better influence with an overall +, -. Having a succession if less amplified shocks that are timed with arching syncopation can result in a better compression ratio than the random shocks used today. The need is for a current. If you jump start a car, you are already using alternating timings from the other cars battery as a result of the engine.

It would work better having the heart encompassed by the current rather than being only above, or only below. When you create confinement in the head, it sends the same patterns all the way down to the feet. If you confine on either side of the heart, you send current against the opposite, and you get random amplifications from cell lengths and variants. If you use both ends of the body, you can simulate actual stimulation. Cutting the current at specific points; IE, confining the current sent through to only the upper chest/abdomen – and releasing can send pulses through the entire body and; as a result, further amplify circuits.







Dated 1/14/2019

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Understanding ALS And Identifying Precursers Through Facial Ratios

ALS, MS are both matters of polarity issue within DNA instruction from birth to adulthood. The magnetic instructions given by DNA to cells in the order in which they produce is based on pole locations, and why DNA follows 4 markers no different from atomics; (2, 8, 18, 32). This is how DNA folds; in 3rd and 4th ratios. When folds dictate specific shapes, and those shapes are influenced through diet, and global location within earths magnetic field, the resulting body polarities can be compounded upon or left some room for growth in alternate directions.

The most significant indicator for ALS is within the brow ridge, and follows down to the nostrils. You will find that the majority of ALS sufferers have these same two traits. This is due to electro-magnetic confinement; when the shape of the skull builds in a more squared off fashion over rounded genetics/facial structures; later resulting in a buttoned down nose, with pressed lips; and an overall “m” shape between nose to lip. See for yourself with these two examples.


The immune system does not attack the cells in the body. It is pointed to attach and enact its function based on pole locations within the circuit. I have proven this by curing my chronic Epididymitis using only a couple of magnets. Something I had for years; which is an inflammation. When bacteria or other small wave structures (atoms) attach to parts of the body, the immune system identifies using only the magnetic polarities. It is a deeper function. Nothing at all is a smart cell. Please see my Catalog For Growth, Creating Precancerous (Skin) Lesion Using Cross Circuit Arm To Leg Cataloging Ear Growth Reduction and note these pictures:


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Creating Precancerous (Skin) Lesion Using Cross Circuit Arm To Leg

This is a catalog of reduction of atomic entanglement from arm to leg caused by circuit influencing.

This is ultimately due to a wart found at the cross point on my foot. After I have completed healing this, and some other experiments I will look for a way to recross the circuit and replicate the results without a wart (possible a burn might work). That will be done later as I have a lot of things I am working out. Most recent change has been incredible soreness in my right jaw where I had an imbalance and could not open it all the way without it shifting to one side. It seems to be relocating to a less restrictive connection. Noticing some gum-lines seem to be changing. I have determined that the right side of my face/body did not hold as well atomically as my left during growth as a child, and my body is self-correcting many of these issues now. Growing pains etc follow. This is something which my mother also had (left vs right), and it’s very interesting to wake up to new changes every day. My fingers change ratios daily so I am not really measuring them as often but do have some measurements to put up at some point.

January 3rd
first pictures of indicators of crossed circuit. Had been there for over a week, I just hadn’t taken a picture yet.

January 10th
still there, better pictures to allow you to see what I mean

January 11th
once I had adequately broken down the wart the lesion on my arm began to break apart too

January 12th
Wart has been overall broken apart, you can clearly see the skin lesion is now dispersing as well. Please note that the skin breakage patterns are exactly the same as that of the wart. Think of this as a + pole, and a – pole.

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Cataloging Growth Using Quantum Mechanics

December 30th, 2018 – January 2nd, 2018

January 2nd, 2018

January 3rd, 2018

Please note that these red markings are crossed circuits. The body acts no differently than a closed electrical circuit. I had a wart on my foot, which resulted in an atomic tangle at the same cross point on my arm. The circuits crossover between arms and legs/feet; right arm to left leg, and vice versa. We are malleable.

January 4th, 2018 (growing again)

January 5th, 2018

Same day, later at night.

January 6th, 2018

I would like to mention that it is possible to speed up muscle growth exponentially. I had a dent in my leg (deteriorated tissue) from about 6 years of sitting at a computer desk with one leg crossed under the other; sitting on top of it. I spent a few months stretching and running but could not get the muscle to rework itself back into its original structure. It took me about 2 weeks when I started this to get it into original shape, and until now to see that it holds shape. I have increased arm strength in a matter of days accidentally, and the muscles continue to tone/grow based on what you instruct the rest of the body to do.

My body seems to be growing as a matter of halves (fourths), and should start to change in different increments once I reach third ratios; or it may stay as a ratio of fourths if that is how my DNA is coded. The thing is, you can add to atomic waves if you know how. DNA is nothing more than magnetic instructions which fold over themselves on their third or fourth ratios. You can see it all over the body when you look for different field types. Especially in the face. It would seem that third ratios allow for greater growth spurts, and halves for more balanced growth. Thirds seem to mean shorter and bulkier, and halves seem to equal to rounder and taller bodies. My body will grow in one place, then balance out as a matter of about half in its opposite.

This also says a lot for immune systems and compatible partners for birthing/DNA combinations. I have rarely had issues with sugar, or sickness, and my ratios seem to be that of fourths. This means that my body requires a higher threshold for divisions or production processes to occur. For instance; I can eat a lot more sugar without crossing the threshold and rectifying my entire circuit to now require half more (or third type) sugar balances. The body doesn’t seem to stop producing sugar (glucose) because it is overloaded, but because it is overloaded; and adjusts, and stays that way due to it always being a perfect circle ratio (if you were to undo and stretch all of your atoms out, you would get a circle). It then requires a different threshold to begin processes at that ratio. The waves are constant, and will stay one way until we instruct them otherwise. This is why tetanus happens. Oxidized blood (iron) enters the system, and then adjusts the entire wave state of the closed circuit (body). If we have a predetermined threshold, (vaccine), we now have less of a change if it does happen, because the wave state was already put into a ratio which allows the item to enter without harming, and the wave balances itself out with no perceivable issue.

The method I used to begin this level of ratio adjustment/growth in my body has restored the muscle function, and shape in the leg which I was having issues. Now it is a matter of time to wait and see that the structure holds. I have already found means of enforcing it, or allowing it to fall back into its previous state.

I used this to cure my chronic Epididymitis (inflammation). Inflammation happens because poles are competing and pulling on each other no different than how cancer can form. This has implications for MS treatment, ALS treatment, and fertility treatments, as sperm cells are basically tiny magnets. Polarities are what allow impregnation. This has increased my sight and vision issues, and shown me that vision is not just a result of the shape of the cornea but also the circuits within the brain, and there are cross points just like there are arms to legs from eye to hemisphere. There have been days during this where my vision is perfect and I don’t need to wear my glasses. Vision is not easy to maintain. The way I am doing all of this right now has lead me to believe that I would need to focus more on maintaining circuits to rebuild orders of rectification (adjustment) which occurred due to cornea changes over time.

At some point I will attempt to further prove this using my toes in the left foot. Part of my nerves aren’t operating and allowing them to curl over as seen in the pictures below. I have no pictures before and after for my leg, as I did not expect it to be so easy to fix when I first started this.

My methods will be posted eventually. For now, I intend to continue to correct issues and ensure they hold before doing so.

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