Understanding ALS And Identifying Precursers Through Facial Ratios

ALS, MS are both matters of polarity issue within DNA instruction from birth to adulthood. The magnetic instructions given by DNA to cells in the order in which they produce is based on pole locations, and why DNA follows 4 markers no different from atomics; (2, 8, 18, 32). This is how DNA folds; in 3rd and 4th ratios. When folds dictate specific shapes, and those shapes are influenced through diet, and global location within earths magnetic field, the resulting body polarities can be compounded upon or left some room for growth in alternate directions.

The most significant indicator for ALS is within the brow ridge, and follows down to the nostrils. You will find that the majority of ALS sufferers have these same two traits. This is due to electro-magnetic confinement; when the shape of the skull builds in a more squared off fashion over rounded genetics/facial structures; later resulting in a buttoned down nose, with pressed lips; and an overall “m” shape between nose to lip. See for yourself with these two examples.

from: https://news.microsoft.com/features/people-living-with-als-share-their-data-in-extraordinary-effort-to-end-the-devastating-disease/

The immune system does not attack the cells in the body. It is pointed to attach and enact its function based on pole locations within the circuit. I have proven this by curing my chronic Epididymitis using only a couple of magnets. Something I had for years; which is an inflammation. When bacteria or other small wave structures (atoms) attach to parts of the body, the immune system identifies using only the magnetic polarities. It is a deeper function. Nothing at all is a smart cell. Please see my Catalog For Growth, Creating Precancerous (Skin) Lesion Using Cross Circuit Arm To Leg Cataloging Ear Growth Reduction and note these pictures:


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