Self Programed Apoptosis Through Use Of Magnetic Current & Electricity

Tonight while viewing my blood for the first time since I began these experiments something very informative occurred. Here is my blood almost entirely in apoptosis. As theorized, this was a result of many months of consistent magnetic interference. The fields themselves act as waves; or you could think of two fields as two bubbles/balloons pressing against one another. If you do this long enough and at the right frequency you can ensure the cells conform to what is needed. This is expected to lead to cancer dispersals, polarization techniques and ultimately growth and nervous system aid.

At this stage I will be halting all further experiments to monitor how these changes decay into renormalized systems. As I feel there are significant changes I will begin again to adjust them and see if any body manipulations through the recycling of these cells is possible upon cell death or via pointing to specific locations.


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