Calculating Alchohol Conversion To Glucose and DNA Folds

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This quantizes how and why the folds occur. It is not the matter of new, but the unexpanded. The internal format is simple, and reliant strictly on the balance of 1/3 and 1/4 ratios for the sugar base and allowance to fold not unlike a bone joint.

The body builds in layers, and DNA is a blueprint in that it compounds on each ratio inwards to out, where bone equates to a polar opposite for vein to skin ratios. None of them are actually different, only offset from the prior, within a whole ratio. — This is why we see things like veins become cartilage and cartilage becoming bone.

If you were to unwrap your whole body the numbers would all add up to one whole circle with 360 degrees; or 360 / 2 / 100 (18) which equals the 3rd energy level (1/3) ratio for maximum atomic electrons; or the end of the 4th line of the periodic table; and is so also the location in which the human body generally caps out for safe allowance of atomic introduction. Which follows the 2, 8, 18, 32 rule of atomics in that for the human body, 18 takes the place of the 32nd place, allowing 1/3 * 4 to equal a quarter.

This shows that we are in-fact a continuous line folded over on itself in 3d space or one single positive and negative pole (sine wave) where the ratios interact in such a way so as to cause divides at places which compress and allow for phase type differences, equating to said bone structures, and differing atomic combinations.

Thus being the acquaintance to life.