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Light Buildup, Light Definition, Black Holes, Confinement:

Space is heavily syncopated, so it appears to be black. Light coming out of space, is light traveling along the syncopations. Our eyes see vibrations on space. Light does not actually travel as a particle, but we visualize the movements across space. Light speeds are the measurements of how forgiving a plot of space is for the excitations at lights wave frequency.

Light rays in clouds come out brighter than surrounding space because of allowed vibrational buildup. What you are seeing is amplification where buildup (vibration) emerges. The emergence is amplified by refraction and direction through water formats, and located in a more forgiving or influencable plot. The refractions and deflections made elsewhere are less compatible waves, which squares off the “field” found at the atomic level, acting out the same functions of a mirror over and over again until the wave either makes it through with less build-up, or with more. It is the timings and wave-cycles of the amplitudes which you are seeing coming through.

Only white light makes it through clouds. Blue can too. That’s why cloudy rainy days are colored dully. The rain droplets can stop it in a direction entirely. This is why grey is also seen on these types of days. There are gaps in the wave syncopations which are visually represented by the colors your brain perceives.

  • Lens flares: curved appropriations build differently.
  • Deflecting: Light from elsewhere reaches a squared point (sun) and is not deflected but phasings (polarity amplifications) change all around and combine, the same with lensing.
  • If a star spins, it is the result of a release in confinement and a cascade effect across waves mixed with momentum. When a star dies and the result is a spin, this is due to a release of directional confinement (polarity) from a layer of decayed waves in a closed system. This results in neutron stars

Black Holes:

  • A black hole is birthed as a result of closed balanced systems, where the ratio is forced back into a 1/2 by 64-xx-128 ratio. It will brighten as the final stages of syncopation are reached, and then slowly fade as the excitations syncopate into higher states (x-rays, gamma rays).
  • The birth of a black hole is due to atomic combinations no longer allowing visual spectrum reactions. This reaches a 64 fill base in that the 32 electron atoms now syncopate in such a way that there is a base 1/2 going from 8; 18; 32; 64, 64; 32; 18; 8.
  • 8/32/64 is the balancer now. 18 is the intermediate. This scales. It can even be done as factors using 50, but those are whole different systems. We would almost need to go out into space and start creating our own atoms to do that.

Neutron Stars:

  • A neutron stare is birthed as a result of closed unbalanced systems, or those with less influence; as it is the result of a less impactful system, and syncopating at a 1/2 by 72 (3) ratio. It will brighten as the final stages of syncopation are reached, and then fade quickly as the excitations syncopate into higher states (x-rays, gamma rays).
  • This is why it spins. There is too few an amount of items in the system to keep the object in check. The build-up is released and spin occurs due to one polar location in the system being more influential than the other. It is never rectified, or takes a very long time for this to occur.
  • This reaches a 72 fill base in that the 18 electron atoms now syncopate in such a way that there is a base 1/2 going from 18; 32; xx, 72; 72; xx; 32; 18.
  • 18/xx/72 is the balancer now. With 32 being the intermediate. xx is still being determined.

These do not equate to larger items. Only ratio balancers. This is why there are black holes inside of so many galaxies. They balance the entirety of syncopations. They also require balanced systems. Neutron stars should be found mostly on outliers with this understanding, but I would not be surprised if there are some fluke systems which have 3rd ratio centers. These would be remarkable to investigate.

Faster than light travel is possible when you have a stream of light vibrations which you can syncopate over. There must be a connection from one point to another, and it will require an extensive and practiced knowledge of wave manipulation. This is going to happen one day for us. It depends entirely on how quickly this information is adopted and accepted. This is extremely upsetting to me, because I am currently forced to watch science fail when I know that this can be done. It is a forced life because of multiple poor decisions made by the community. This doesn’t even extend to just science.

With regards to extending shell capabilities; this is why we see rings of light around black holes. There are syncopations (sequencings) for atoms in such a way that light does not excite the wave anymore. It can only travel around it, as the gaps are all filled. Once the wave reaches a frequency variant which can fill gaps (x-rays, gamma rays), they can do so, but this is not visible. It is why we see pulses coming out of new star deaths. These are syncopation rates being measured in real time.

This is also why there is a perceived disc shape around black holes, as syncopations don’t happen in 3d open space. Persistent spin keeps the galaxies and systems in check, in that the wave must consistently travel in one direction in order to keep all objects interactive within the system. When you add a 3rd dimension, you no longer have a balance and the system pulls itself apart. Now you see why there are disc galaxies, and nueral type nets for the galaxies themselves in relation to another. This proves both string theory, and dark matter theories obsolete. Unfortunately, because it of this, it is being rejected over and over again – yet I see things being posted like this, which are practically a generic version of what I am saying:

Something to note when watching a star change states; when you see it brighten for 2 + 16 days, that equals 18, and indicates a 3rd ratio; neutron star. There may be a new event at that location following 3 days by 29 or (32) – once you reach 4 days by x (after the following 32), you can tell exactly what it is based on whether a 3rd or 4th ratio comes out.

Dated January 14th, 2019