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New Ideas Regarding Biology, Better Ways To Defibrillate, Suspensions, Mercury And Metal Usage:

Water suspension is for controlling polarties outside of circuits. Oxygen is good for pulling things apart. It also acts as a wave balancer, and can be used for intermediation. This is why H2O comes in two H, one O. The ratios must syncopate to hold together; and do so within the planetary system. It is also why we consist almost entirely of water; inside and out. The bones to skin are all wave formats.

From bones you have thicker, more populated waves, creating an insulator, which moves outwards to organs, skin etc; with water as the intermediate. These are all circle functions (DNA) folding around and over another.

There are some random thoughts I will include here from time to time.
Emergency ionization = holding your breath

I sometimes refer to blue blood and O2. This just means higher state of excitement to me. Blue blood doesn’t exist technically, but all atoms are color coded in the light spectrum. That’s why we see different colors, which I will get to in other pages. When I say O2, I am referencing oxygenated structures. You oftentimes see HOOC, or vitamin builds which use 2 O’s. This is because as an atomic wave; Oxygen acts as a balancer. It’s nothing more than that, and why it is so easy to remove. It’s one of the waves with the least necessary alignments.

O2 follows the vitamins like small fish flocks following whales.

  • Ionizing is good because O2 can sometimes mask the vitamins, creating less effective connections
  • Salt squares off wave structures. It is in itself a square wave format, due to squared conditions while it was being made.
  • Mercury when excited brings blood/vitamins to the top (outwards) locations in cell structures. Exciting up and back down again keeps all things in line and moving in ways which you can control. When O2 is released from cells which are utilizing mercury, the mercury will stay in place. Over time, with appropriate action against the cells; mercury can be rectified out of the system, or into an alternate metal state/function.

This brings us to Toxic Shock Syndrome:

Toxic shock is due to ease of circuit. This happens because of the different wave scales in atomics. Bacteria is a higher frequency, or more compact wave than many atoms, and syncopates to waves differently than how blood syncopates to veins. It has waves which can attach through filling in missing spots.

When you result in TSS from a tampon, it is due to blood build up. The larger tampons which tend to cause TSS result in more oxidized blood sitting outside of the vagina. Remember that oxygen acts as a wave balancer. When blood comes into contact with new things, it can become excited and the wave state can change.

Oxygen is a fickle object when it comes to biological atomics. It can both keep things from working properly, and keep things moving smoothly, and even keep the body clean. The issue is that it can pull things apart, which lead to new circuits and the allowance of new wave types to fill those circuits in.

TSS from a tampon is the result of a new wave format for the blood built up on the tampon. This does too allow new wave types to find their way through. The blood is both excited consistently due to body heat, and added to through new blood cells as menstruation occurs. This creates a consistent contact wave which leads straight to the nervous system; and one of variance, as a menstration cycle is releasing many vitamin/blood related formats through the recycling of reproductive structures.

What does this have to do with mercury? Bacteria rides the wave just like many things ride on top of mercury, just like water and mercury stay separated. This all ties in with eachother, so things are going to appear that seem out of place. They aren’t, it’s just how things work.

  • Sexual stimulation is a build up of excitements on the atomic waves
  • An orgasm is the release of these excitements when they pass a sustainable threshold
  • This results in a wave traveling through the body for a woman, or a wave pressure being released as ejaculate for a man
  • A vagina is an opposite DNA instruction. The penis is no different other than building outwards over inwards
  • This is due to atomic amplitudes when DNA folds, which provides the body with polarities during growth

When using Mercury, breaking the circuit is also good for keeping the body clean, and keeping it from failing. You need to keep Mercury from pooling, and you need to keep the body from relying solely on the ease of circuit. An easy circuit can produce lazy, less sustainable results.

The reason there are issues with stem cell injections is because there are no pointers. They just go where the circuit tells them to. There is no magnetic (polarity) instruction which allows the cell to differentiate. Just like flu vaccines they may be more effective, and less random if they were given a specific instruction, and then ingested so that the body can build around it rather than use it as a single instance trait. If you inject and they just sit, they aren’t getting any real instructions.

Dehydrated point = circuit touches more things, but those things become too easy to excite/vibrations do not interact but counteract, which results in natural ionization. This deteriorates though, and there are better ways to connect.

Absence in filled inner f shell in zinc/cadmium equals higher melting temp than mercury because it includes a longer wave in which to travel (excite)

There are tons of low waves keeping up the appearance of non-movement; bones-metals-plastics-woods-(syncopation)







Timings and location are important for defibrillators, as you can better influence with an overall +, -. Having a succession if less amplified shocks that are timed with arching syncopation can result in a better compression ratio than the random shocks used today. The need is for a current. If you jump start a car, you are already using alternating timings from the other cars battery as a result of the engine.

It would work better having the heart encompassed by the current rather than being only above, or only below. When you create confinement in the head, it sends the same patterns all the way down to the feet. If you confine on either side of the heart, you send current against the opposite, and you get random amplifications from cell lengths and variants. If you use both ends of the body, you can simulate actual stimulation. Cutting the current at specific points; IE, confining the current sent through to only the upper chest/abdomen – and releasing can send pulses through the entire body and; as a result, further amplify circuits.







Dated January 14th, 2019