Regarding Sleep, Waking Up, Busy Circuits, and Vitamin Interactions (Blue, Page 3):

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Regarding Sleep, Waking Up, Busy Circuits, and Vitamin Interactions:

Waking up from daylight = lower wave state becoming excited.
Same for falling asleep when dark. Growing tired when heat is introduced is a syncopation of excited waves.

This would often happen to me while driving when I was first influencing my circuits. I had done so specifically towards the south pole of the earth, and when I drove along this pole in a lateral direction, my circuit was rectified (tugged on). This is enough to change reactions. I would become tired until I made a turn. Our bodies weren’t build with cars in mind, and they change our polarities as a matter of velocity interacting with polarities. You must understand that even velocity is created by atomic interactions. Nothing is ever done that doesn’t take multitudes of quantum interactions into account.

I could even feel slight changes when turning as I was walking into a new direction. This is the same as how ants build colonies, birds flock and migrate etc. The excitements building on atoms as a result of global warming are affecting everything. The upwards excitements throw off entire atomic ecosystems. The excitements themselves are a buildup of waves in a confined system.

If you were to unwrap the entire bodies atomic structure, you would get a perfect circle.

Cells divide as a need for compatible ratios. When you confine a space, 3rds are created, which must sub-divide into 4ths to create an equal ratio. It can stay a 3rd if the circuit is closed, but there are now 4 divides within the 3rd; and the whole ratio stayed the same. It is important that you have open areas to grow when you do this, otherwise circuits breakdown and cancers, or tumorous buildups can result from competing polarities. Everything can be equalized.

Vit K = Iron filter. Keeps same types together
Vit E = Balance. Puts HCOs on opposite side from K
Vit C = Acts as a mediator
Vit K + E = Blood clots with an IN and OUT

Dated January 14th, 2019


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