How to calculate the circumference of a circle without using Pi. — The ratios behind cell division and atom creation.

This is Ratio Math, which relies only on fractions of objects to calculate objects. Just like Pi, but more tangible, as the numbers are themselves derived by the circle, and are not random, but wholly circular.

Tl;dr this is the formula:

44 * 360 * 4 / 7 / 8 = 1,131.42_875142_875142 like Pi is a tangible circle ratio, only this ratio repeats itself (just like 22/7).
This is a very specific value.

Divide any circle diameter by 360 and multiply the value by 1,131.42_875142_875142
This gives you the circumference as a value of ratio to the physical decimals followed by the circular value of 857142.

For example, π * 44 = ~138.23
This gives you 138.2_857142_857142

It works for all other values, as long as you use the rule of 44 * 360 * 4 / 7 / 8, and Diameter / 360.

It provides an answer as a ratio to be used for long term; or high value ratio calculations as perfect ratios. The value 857142 is not to be seen as a number, but that of a ratio (circle). I am still working this into ways to bring the numbers up or down for exact measurements and locations, but I wanted to share this now, because I am already finding many links to this and the ratios of cells, vitamins, and DNA.

This explains how cells divide and atoms formed. I have a somewhat tangent based explanation of it on the right side of this sheet, which I used to figure this out.


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