Cataloging Growth Using Quantum Mechanics

December 30th, 2018 – January 2nd, 2018

January 2nd, 2018

January 3rd, 2018

Please note that these red markings are crossed circuits. The body acts no differently than a closed electrical circuit. I had a wart on my foot, which resulted in an atomic tangle at the same cross point on my arm. The circuits crossover between arms and legs/feet; right arm to left leg, and vice versa. We are malleable.

January 4th, 2018 (growing again)

January 5th, 2018

Same day, later at night.

January 6th, 2018

I would like to mention that it is possible to speed up muscle growth exponentially. I had a dent in my leg (deteriorated tissue) from about 6 years of sitting at a computer desk with one leg crossed under the other; sitting on top of it. I spent a few months stretching and running but could not get the muscle to rework itself back into its original structure. It took me about 2 weeks when I started this to get it into original shape, and until now to see that it holds shape. I have increased arm strength in a matter of days accidentally, and the muscles continue to tone/grow based on what you instruct the rest of the body to do.

My body seems to be growing as a matter of halves (fourths), and should start to change in different increments once I reach third ratios; or it may stay as a ratio of fourths if that is how my DNA is coded. The thing is, you can add to atomic waves if you know how. DNA is nothing more than magnetic instructions which fold over themselves on their third or fourth ratios. You can see it all over the body when you look for different field types. Especially in the face. It would seem that third ratios allow for greater growth spurts, and halves for more balanced growth. Thirds seem to mean shorter and bulkier, and halves seem to equal to rounder and taller bodies. My body will grow in one place, then balance out as a matter of about half in its opposite.

This also says a lot for immune systems and compatible partners for birthing/DNA combinations. I have rarely had issues with sugar, or sickness, and my ratios seem to be that of fourths. This means that my body requires a higher threshold for divisions or production processes to occur. For instance; I can eat a lot more sugar without crossing the threshold and rectifying my entire circuit to now require half more (or third type) sugar balances. The body doesn’t seem to stop producing sugar (glucose) because it is overloaded, but because it is overloaded; and adjusts, and stays that way due to it always being a perfect circle ratio (if you were to undo and stretch all of your atoms out, you would get a circle). It then requires a different threshold to begin processes at that ratio. The waves are constant, and will stay one way until we instruct them otherwise. This is why tetanus happens. Oxidized blood (iron) enters the system, and then adjusts the entire wave state of the closed circuit (body). If we have a predetermined threshold, (vaccine), we now have less of a change if it does happen, because the wave state was already put into a ratio which allows the item to enter without harming, and the wave balances itself out with no perceivable issue.

The method I used to begin this level of ratio adjustment/growth in my body has restored the muscle function, and shape in the leg which I was having issues. Now it is a matter of time to wait and see that the structure holds. I have already found means of enforcing it, or allowing it to fall back into its previous state.

I used this to cure my chronic Epididymitis (inflammation). Inflammation happens because poles are competing and pulling on each other no different than how cancer can form. This has implications for MS treatment, ALS treatment, and fertility treatments, as sperm cells are basically tiny magnets. Polarities are what allow impregnation. This has increased my sight and vision issues, and shown me that vision is not just a result of the shape of the cornea but also the circuits within the brain, and there are cross points just like there are arms to legs from eye to hemisphere. There have been days during this where my vision is perfect and I don’t need to wear my glasses. Vision is not easy to maintain. The way I am doing all of this right now has lead me to believe that I would need to focus more on maintaining circuits to rebuild orders of rectification (adjustment) which occurred due to cornea changes over time.

At some point I will attempt to further prove this using my toes in the left foot. Part of my nerves aren’t operating and allowing them to curl over as seen in the pictures below. I have no pictures before and after for my leg, as I did not expect it to be so easy to fix when I first started this.

My methods will be posted eventually. For now, I intend to continue to correct issues and ensure they hold before doing so.


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