Creating Precancerous (Skin) Lesion Using Cross Circuit Arm To Leg

This is a catalog of reduction of atomic entanglement from arm to leg caused by circuit influencing.

This is ultimately due to a wart found at the cross point on my foot. After I have completed healing this, and some other experiments I will look for a way to recross the circuit and replicate the results without a wart (possible a burn might work). That will be done later as I have a lot of things I am working out. Most recent change has been incredible soreness in my right jaw where I had an imbalance and could not open it all the way without it shifting to one side. It seems to be relocating to a less restrictive connection. Noticing some gum-lines seem to be changing. I have determined that the right side of my face/body did not hold as well atomically as my left during growth as a child, and my body is self-correcting many of these issues now. Growing pains etc follow. This is something which my mother also had (left vs right), and it’s very interesting to wake up to new changes every day. My fingers change ratios daily so I am not really measuring them as often but do have some measurements to put up at some point.

January 3rd
first pictures of indicators of crossed circuit. Had been there for over a week, I just hadn’t taken a picture yet.

January 10th
still there, better pictures to allow you to see what I mean

January 11th
once I had adequately broken down the wart the lesion on my arm began to break apart too

January 12th
Wart has been overall broken apart, you can clearly see the skin lesion is now dispersing as well. Please note that the skin breakage patterns are exactly the same as that of the wart. Think of this as a + pole, and a – pole.


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