Card play in the shelter
Here hiding in the sands
Might bring you under
Picture in your head

She would offer you with malice
Hand not bleeding blue or red
Going out there to show you ya
Hey looking right again

Will you wake within free birth, beginning to believe in story, let to live and not to hide

No money, need or power, but searching
Dirty weary draped in dread
Soft she cries, ha
For we have lost our cosmic wonder

Seeing pictures or riddles giving life new presentation
Not really he or she
Or here behind your head
But in your dreams to bring you under

Can we get you to the point?
North or south boy
Listen to where it lives
Aren’t you hungry, let you eat

Cornerstone of tears, a bone, a builder
To break the need for fear, and listen

But thought of that in distance
Space new to ships
A death which had no reason
Or hand a tool and listen

Take from this it was offered
Following iron or picture your path
But sorrow which was left, not to work within or forgotten
Hey moving on again

Wisp will give you, you can have it
Remembering is different
Gentile ears, odd behavior
Tomorrow is preferring to hide

Now picture in your head

Albino but is colored
Contrast or conspirator
What is it, what does it matter?
When a life is lost of wonder

Bring in another morning
Hey looking right at you
Bring in laughter bring it under
Life in cosmic order

Under this recipe, did you earn it
Fought to find will you always wonder?
Knowing you are free when you choose to be forgotten
New superstition with a fate to identify another