A Doubt Which Has Traveled

I would fear discussing with rationality any scientist willing to converse physical endeavors on any network built to entertain. More-over, those who would do so with confidence that their method is correct –


Or to reference any other moment in their life while doing so, as an adherence to the variables which put them there. Let alone the news outlets which believe to be the deciders; when large companies use the face of a scientist who was unrightfully denied any true credibility; and has yet to be redeemed.


To understand is to feel the sheer force of an unintelligible mind pressed against you, it is no more to your comprehension than an opposing phase, but to your knowledge, only a means of reinforcement – though you only wished for the mind to see as you had; but yet still, the path was too narrow, or did not look like society had told them it would. It has not understood it is in itself a series of variables and memories, paths of electricity; and insets of a biological circuit; or that you have understood this to be true; even when entering into the path of the moment, in the notion that you were too a part of the flock. Only has it understood what it has known; and nothing more. To break outside of that in this present day and age is by far one of the most difficult things for any being to do.


We have apparently done everything that we can to ensure this remains to be true. Still there is the possibility that it could change. We are no different from the dog on the leash; walking in front of you, besides the waves which brought us there, and the format for the insulator which keeps the current in place.