Syncopation Examples Through Exotic Metals; Tin, Uranium, and Noble Gases

Today while experimenting with elemental combinations, I came across some interesting information. See for yourself:

When you combine the elements:


Carbon, Helium, Argon (Noble Gas), Iodine, Sulfer, Titanium

You result in an atomic or electron balance equal to that of two Argon compounds, plus one Xenon, plus one Titanium compound, in that the bonds would follow one another to reach the equivalent to a noble gas state, hence 2 Ar + Xe + Ti. Note that Argon is used to create Titanium, as it ensures no Oxygen pollution.

Now, moving down the table, we can use the same rule (Christ); weird isn’t it?

And we get:


Carbon, Helium, Radon (Noble Gas), Iodine, Tin, Tellurium

What’s the link? Well to start, the same format is used; and we get the exact same result, at a completely different point on the table, with much heavier elements. Now we have a Tin based syncopation (note the link between Uranium and Titanium, to Tin), using elements that combine to complete a typical Noble Gas format by matter of electrons. This is so in that you now have one Xenon syncopation through Helium and Iodine, plus one for Tellurium and Carbon. That’s two Xenon now.

What is syncopation? It is when electrons push or fill against one another to literally sync up in their timings inside of an allowed space. In other words, they move in line with each other.

Why is that? It is because things push and pull against another because we aren’t in open space. Atoms don’t behave the same way in open space as they do inside of a planetary atmosphere. When there are other vibrations around, they are forced to work into non-competing orbits in all cases, or disperse. This is a sound rule, used in music. As stated before, a huge amount of the terms I use are music oriented; because these are wave instructions we are dealing with.

  • So with that out of the way, we have two Noble Gases now. What next? We have Tin; and Radon. Radon is already a Noble Gas, so this leaves us with only Tin. The exact same pattern was used for the first half of the table and CHArISTi – Only with that one, we resulted with Titanium remaining. Who would have thought we would find science references in the bible? I wonder where they got that from?

Ok then, what’s the link now? We have Titanium, and Tin. Titanium has a direct link to Uranium, as does Tin. Tin (Cassiterite) will release Radon when broken down, and Radon is the result of wave space and compression equalizing to a potential balance (Noble Gas). In other words, as pressure builds naturally, and items like Tin start to form, there is also an offshoot, or excess wave count created (extra electrons). This happens while elements are pressed into each other.

That excess is generated from change and waves being forced against each other until they become compatible. You also result in the excess elements becoming balancers for the less balanced wave types. That would be Ionic vs Covalent bonds. Each group of these has potential to house other types. (Syncopation). This is how we get Noble Gasses which are stored/contained inside of the deposit. Over time and with enough pressure the process can continue over and over again creating heavier and heavier elements.

There is also Uranium contained in these types of deposits. This matters, because we have an exact balance of an additional 6 electrons from Xenon to Uranium; as Carbon between its Noble Gas; Ne, and S; following to Titanium; or the real link being its balance between base structures and their intermediates; Sn Te Xe U. With U, you can cut out Te Xe. Now we have the same rule at two points in the periodic table; which link to each other across the table through Noble Gas balance types and their metallic or alloy counterparts. Showing that syncopations equalize across ratios; due to allowed wave variants.

Here’s a reference sheet:

I have yet to discover what further uses this will have, but this tells me we’re going to be able to take things much further with experiment through non conventional atomic combinations and methods.

Here’s something that showed up on my counter today by means of light seeping through the window:

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Discovering The Meaning Behind Swastikas, and Why They Were Not Intended for Use as a Symbol of Hate

The Swastika originally interpreted as; “su” (“good” or “auspicious”) united with “asti” (“it is”), along with the diminutive suffix “ka.” The swastika literally means, “It is good” or”all is well”.

With all that is said and seen within this website; and with atomic relationships in mind, this can further be refined to symbolize the atomic wave formats in that each electron can be seen as a + and – pole, located on a sine wave or (wave_cycle); resulting in perceived orbits. Further visualized here:

This represents atomic orbits, and bond potential; where for example, Carbon + Oxygen (above) results in a cross like structure, with a covalent sharing of two electrons.

This contains what some may consider offensive imagery, and may not be suitable for opening in a location where this can be viewed out of context



This would be visualized (in what is considered current standard format like this):

This is further represented by the simplified visualization of an atomic structure:

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Racaman Sequence

This is what the Racaman sequence sounds like played out using scale intervals following 1/12 increments as a frequency ratio over a base of 300Hz to equate a 360 degree (circle) ratio, or one full rotation to 3600Khz. And played along-side with the typical A440 concert pitch tuning sequence:


This is what the Racaman sequence sounds like played out using scale intervals following 1/12 increments as a frequency ratio over a base of 300Hz to equate a 360 degree (circle) ratio, or one full rotation to 3600Khz:


This is what the Racaman sequence sounds like played out using typical concert tuning:


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Creating Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions, and Dispersal Through Biological Induction

Final Day (January 31st)

January 23rd:

January 21st:

January 19th:

January 18th:

January 14th:


The formation of interference in biological circuit is due to a wart found at the cross point on my foot. This would be from beginning of cancerous formation on the arm to the final day. It took about a month to disperse and was directly correlated to the circuit blockage from the plantar. This began as a result of induction experiments on my body, through which daily excitement on fields were applied, using nothing but kinetic movement and significant time intervals.

There were moments where electricity was generated within my body (felt), not measured. Feel free to try it yourself. Simply applying pressure across two fields on your arm can give you physical sensation. However you choose to act with this information, I expect you will be excluding my own discovery for your own desires, as this has broken down into an all out clusterfuck of scientific ignorance. I have my entire life to continue to prove such things, but I do not believe those dying of cancer right now will feel the same way about your actions.

I will look for a way to recross the circuit and replicate the results without a wart (possible a burn might work). There are still other experiments in effect which must wait. I have increased hip width on accident, my hands and fingers have bulkened, and at times grown in length.

This is a result of ratio balancing, and I am now aware that osteoclasting is easily influenced; especially when there are unbalanced values.

My jaw filled in some locations and there are specific spots and conditions on the body which can be met to point to specific areas. The process can be felt. At times there are clear pains while polarities shift. These changes follow ease points and less restrictive connections. Noticing some gum-lines seemed to be change, which stopped.

Eye vision can be influenced. I still have not come up with a way to get it to stay, but have had days where I didn’t need to wear my glasses at all.

January 12th:

Wart has been overall broken apart, you can clearly see the skin lesion is now dispersing as well. Please note that the skin breakage patterns are exactly the same as that of the wart. Think of this as a + pole, and a – pole.

January 11th:

once I had adequately broken down the wart the lesion on my arm began to break apart too

January 10th:

still there, better pictures to allow you to see what I mean

January 3rd:

first pictures of indicators of crossed circuit. Had been there for over a week, I just hadn’t taken a picture yet.


I would like to mention that it is possible to speed up muscle growth exponentially. I had a dent in my leg (deteriorated tissue) from about 6 years of sitting at a computer desk with one leg crossed under the other; sitting on top of it. I spent a few months stretching and running but could not get the muscle to rework itself back into its original structure. It took me about 2 weeks when I started this to get it into original shape, and it has held its shape. I no longer point to it. I have increased arm strength in a matter of days, and the muscles continue to tone/grow based on what you instruct the rest of the body to do.

It is very easy now to choose which muscle locations to grow, and unnecessary to work out to get it to happen anymore.

The body seems to be growing as a matter of thirds, where you pass a threshold and a cell divides. Compression leads to coaxing this to happen, exciting a face and settling it. This push pulls parts of the cell and enacts an excitement or bond breakage. When you excite and settle you set the need. It is painless when you do it correctly. The main factor is Oxygen and how much conditional metals you have in your body. Syncopation leads to cold sensations. Too much excitement leads to hot, and the wave will re-sync, dropping temperature again. Sounds like global warming doesn’t it?

I no longer have an irritable stomach, and all body functions feel much better than before starting all of this. There are a lot of side effects at first which are similar to high blood pressure (which is what keeps us dividing) but they go away. This is like forcing current through a blocked path until the path is no longer blocked.

DNA is nothing more than magnetic instructions which fold over themselves on their third or fourth ratios. You can see it all over the body when you look for different field types. Especially in the face. This is what allows all of this. It is a crude instruction on the cells functions. This can be improved so much with proper induction techniques and specific items and methods which I choose note to share at this moment. I would have gladly done so if I was not being called crazy, etc. Nobody really deserves this information if they aren’t going to start including others. I’ve given too much proof now and require a life of my own. There are many things which are keeping me trapped from doing what I am meant to do.

This also says a lot for immune systems and compatible partners for birthing/DNA combinations. Along with diabetes and allergies. The bodies atomic waves are consistent, and will stay one way until we instruct them otherwise; because they are a part of a closed system. Just like radiation has an incredibly long decay time, so do processes in the body. This is why tetanus happens. Oxidized blood (iron) enters the system, and then adjusts the entire wave state of the closed circuit (body). If we have a predetermined threshold, (vaccine), we now have less of a change if it does happen, because the wave state was already put into a ratio which allows the item to enter without harming, and the wave balances itself out with no perceivable issue.

I used this to cure my chronic Epididymitis (inflammation). I also found I can bring it back by changing polarity for a long enough time.

Inflammation happens because poles are competing and pulling on each other no different than how cancer can form. This will cure MS, ALS, and fertility issues. It’s already been proven that it will cure cancer, and can absolutely be improved upon. Polarities are what allow impregnation.

I have issues with nerves in the toes of my left foot, and I cannot fold them over. As I complete other experiments on parts of my body, I will find a way to fix that. There are more documentations of growth under “biology”, “cataloging growth using quantum mechanics.

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Calculating Alchohol Conversion To Glucose and DNA Folds

Found in sheet:
You can also Download here


This quantizes how and why the folds occur. It is not the matter of new, but the unexpanded. The internal format is simple, and reliant strictly on the balance of 1/3 and 1/4 ratios for the sugar base and allowance to fold not unlike a bone joint.

The body builds in layers, and DNA is a blueprint in that it compounds on each ratio inwards to out, where bone equates to a polar opposite for vein to skin ratios. None of them are actually different, only offset from the prior, within a whole ratio. — This is why we see things like veins become cartilage and cartilage becoming bone.

If you were to unwrap your whole body the numbers would all add up to one whole circle with 360 degrees; or 360 / 2 / 100 (18) which equals the 3rd energy level (1/3) ratio for maximum atomic electrons; or the end of the 4th line of the periodic table; and is so also the location in which the human body generally caps out for safe allowance of atomic introduction. Which follows the 2, 8, 18, 32 rule of atomics in that for the human body, 18 takes the place of the 32nd place, allowing 1/3 * 4 to equal a quarter.

This shows that we are in-fact a continuous line folded over on itself in 3d space or one single positive and negative pole (sine wave) where the ratios interact in such a way so as to cause divides at places which compress and allow for phase type differences, equating to said bone structures, and differing atomic combinations.

Thus being the acquaintance to life.

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Magnetic Attraction

Magnets work because of a compressed (closed) combination of syncopated atoms. They are themselves a blockage on the wave of space which we are built upon. Not unlike the earths reliance on the vibrations of the sun which surround it.

A magnet will attract other metals, because a metal has the closest level of confined syncopation to it as compared to biological structures. If a metal does not attract, it can often become attracted by rubbing and pressing a magnet along its surface. This is because the magnets wave is affecting the space around all objects. The “locked” atoms inside of the ferromagnetic material now syncopate, and have a greater extension of group vibration across the space in which it is immediately interacting with, because the group syncopation for the magnet pressed against the semi-compatible syncopations within the ferromagnetic material.

External waves will absorb some of any field, or expand it through additional syncopation.

This is why melting an item down, and rebuilding it within a magnetic field can increase its magnetic properties, as atoms will align to their possible electron specifications within the field. As such, you can create 3rd under 4th locations where fields may vary as the atoms fill back in while excitement settles. Unless the field is an exact match to the atomic compatibility for an element or molecule, not all syncopation will be equal, but they will generate a prime function of fractions within fractions to equalize.

This is also why it is possible to affect biological structures with a sound understanding of these properties. Affecting a face and applying a field while settling the excitements can have profound effects on not just solid objects, but also the body.

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Intro To Molecular Topology And Calculating The 1/4 Sugar Ratio (DNA)

I have included an in depth explanation within the .py/txt files here:
Py File – Updated 01/24/19
Txt File – Updated 01/24/19

Please see “Glucose” for instruction on calculating DNA entry ratios

'Third Type Vitamins'

'You can find these patterns in things like muscle twitch timings and other natural

#Third Type Vitamins:

Vitamin_D = "C27_H44_O3"
Vitamin_D_3_3 = "C81_H128_O9"

# This Vitamin is created through sunlight excitment (syncopation,subdivision)
# H128 / 4 = 32
# This is the type of wave which excites due to squaring off, 
in that it is not easily rectified

# This is why it works so well with calcium relocation 
(bone excitement, Osteoclasts)
# Osteblast, or bone building through Calcium 
is also due to its ability to create square type waves
# In that it causes excitement which allows attachment and division

'Half Type Vitamins'

#Half Type Vitamins:

Vitamin_C = "C6H2O6"

# This vitamin as a half is C3H1O3
# Or doubled is C12H4O12
# This plays a large role in deoxidizing through push -> pull on HOOH
# It acts as a "lubricant" for virtually all functions which use HO

'Closed/System Required Vitamins'

Vitamin_K1 = "C31_H46_O2"

# As you can see this vitamin is not the most stable.
It is a result of closed systems, and would be if it were:

            #These (K and A) are intermediate type vitamins, which act as carriers 
            #or housing units
            #As a function of waves

'You can then take the electron counts into consideration'

#C31 = 186 + H46 = 232 / 3 = 77.333 (remember how the sun uses this very same ratio?)
# 186 / 3 + H46 / 2 = 54
# 54 / 18 = 3 (Shell 3)
# The distance to Sun ratios use this series as well.
# See
visualizing_whole_to_fractional_ratio_a = 1392000 / 72 * 4 #= 77333.333


Vitamin_K2 = "C31_H64_O2"
Vitamin_K3 = "C11_H8_O2"

# Closer ... but still imbalanced
# This is why the K and A vitamins have sidechain functions.
They are synthesized in the body
# Because they can't exist without other objects. 
If they are doubled, or host other elements
# They become balanced

Vitamin_A = "C20_H30_O"

# Samne thing, different wave


Vitamin_E = "C29_H50_O2"

# This vitamin interacts with Testesterone based systems differently than Estrogen
# There are noted differences through SELECT research, and comparisons vs smoking 
and non smoking environments
# Generally those who smoked (excited the bodies system regularly)
received more benefits
# Free radicals are imbalanced waves, These types of vitamins keep them balanced
# In that they allow movement without deterioration

# Regarding Testosterone vs Estrogen, Vitamin E as a circulatory aid, 
and Breast Cancers:

Testosterone = "C19_H28_02"
Estrogen = "C18_H24_02"

'Vitamin_E has 174 + 50 + 4 = 228 electrons'
#When you divide 228 by 3 you get 76.
#When you divide 228 by 4 you get 57.

'Testosterone has 114 + 28 + 4 = 146 electrons'
#When you divide 146 by 3 you get 48.666.
#When you divide 146 by 4 you get 36.5.

'Estrogen has 108 + 24 + 4 = 136 electrons'
#When you divide 136 by 3 you get 45.333.
#When you divide 136 by 4 you get 34.


# E can sometimes thin blood in males and cause higher risk of stroke. 
# These numbers tell me that
# It is due to closer ratios; in that there is a whole 3 difference for men
# And a whole 6 difference for women
# 3 is more restrictive, leading to higher levels of excitement 
caused by the closed system requirement

# Which leads to easier to excite blood
# Which is caused by half bond coagulation. 
# Too much E has been linked to blood issues in animals
# E can help coagulate, but it isn't building long enough chains 
# so it just bonds blood and then releases
# This prevents K and A from working properly

# You would need to increase K intake for E to be as effective as possible
# These are barrier type vitamins due to the sidechain, 
# where they add to waves to keep them together
# Until something arrives to break the syncopations into two separte bonds
# Might prevent breast issues in women.

# Calcium can concentrate even if not lactating which means more HOOH requirements 
# at these locations
# Calcium syncs with Fe
# E works to ensure these deposits are bonded and released by Vitamin C

# Overall the balance for E tends to be preferential 
towards the base ratio for a female body.


Sugar = "C12_H22_O11"

#That is 72_22_88 electrons. Hydrogen22e is 1/4 of Oxygen88e, 
and Carbon18e is 1/4 of 72
#Carbon72e_ is holding 4 groups of Hydrogen/Oxygen together.

#Carbon_18e + Hydrogen/Oxygen_22e/88e = 1/4 of C72_H22_O11 (electrons)
#This also means that 1/4 of 22/88 is 1/8 of the whole molecule (electrons)

Sugar_e         = "C72_H22_O88"
Sugar_e_integer = 72 / (22/88) or 72 / 4
"therefore ..."
#Sugar = 18 multiplied by 4
#Which is 4/4 or 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 1 + 1/3
                                  #or subdivide_4_13

'Where (e) is an abbreviation for electron count'

#So this means sugar is an ROS with a 1/4 potential for bonds
#H is only an intermediate, where 22 balance 88 as a matter of 1/4
#With Carbon acting as a cap - The ratio over all is an equal 1/4, 1/4, or 1/2.


#It is my expectation that the role of glucose (Lactose) 
#found in breast milk plays a role in
#The level of protein malfunction which results in negative breast developments 
#at an adult age
#Where the carbohydrates within the milk itself lead to bonds broken
#And the 1/4 sugar function is used far too early on

#Leading to attachments on protein strings ending in HOOH
#This activates a calcium bind, and the bind is not broken without proper chains
#Vitamin E may help to maintain said chains.

DNA has 4 bases:

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